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About Hansen Wholesale

Our Motto: "Real People, Great Products"

Unlike other websites that prefer to automate the sales process and minimize their payroll, we have a staff of real people who are experts at the products we sell and who's main goal is to provide you with an unparalled level of knowledge and customer service. Most of our experts have been with us for 10 to 20 years or more, so we trully are professionals at what we do. In addition, many of the products you will find on our site are not run of the mill items found at home centers and department stores, but quality items found at a few high end specialty stores and botiques across the country. If you appreciate great customer service and want quality products in your home, you will enjoy the benefits of doing business with Hansen Wholesale. Hence our motto: "Real People, Great Products".

The Worlds Greatest Ceiling Fans!

Our History - "Online Since 1994!"

We originally started our business in 1976 operating several exclusive ceiling fan specialty stores in the Southern California area. Over the years we added lighting, gas logs, fireplace accessories and many other home decor products to our showrooms. When we launched our first website in 1994, we were the very first company to sell ceiling fans and gas logs online. We have literally been on the internet longer than Google or Bing! Because of our success online, we eventually closed our retail showrooms so we could focus exclusively on making this website the very best of its kind. We have poured our decades of knowledge and experience into this website and you will find information and resources here that you cannot find anywhere else. Yet after all is said and done we have not forgotten our roots...we truly are "The Worlds Greatest Ceiling Fans" (see picture at right).

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Meet Some of The Team

Some of the Hansen Wholesale Team - Real People bringing you Great Products

Most of our team have been with us for many years, creating a strong backbone for our in versatility, knowledge and experience. Here is a short bio of some of our key employees:


Jeff Schreiber - CEO

Jeff Schreiber is our CEO and overall Captain of our team. Jeff's greatest passion as a professional is to treat people with respect, and he has helped to create a family-like environment at Hansen Wholesale. He has been at the helm of Hansen Wholesale for 12 years now, and believes there are no such things as problems, just challenges that need to be overcome as a unit. Bottom line, Jeff is a caring individual who gets stuff done.

When he's not working, you'll find him watching and coaching his kids in their activities. He spends a great deal of his time working with kids in sports. Jeff believes that 80's music is man's greatest contribution, and simply could not live without iced coffee (even though his favorite food is pizza). His favorite movie is Last of the Mohicans, and his favorite book is No Easy Day. Jeff is most proud of the Hansen Wholesale family and loves to rock out to The Beatles' Blackbird.

(Greg also loves to play golf)
Greg - Webmaster and Executive VP of Marketing

Greg is our Webmaster and Executive VP of Marketing and has been with our company the longest. In 1986 he began working in a retail showroom we operated where he was our top salesman for many years. His motto was "If I don't believe in it...I won't sell it". Back then, it would not have been odd to see Greg tinkering with a ceiling fan he bought from a competitor, literally cracking it open to show his customers how the guts compared to the fans he was selling. There's no mistaking how similar that behavior was to some of the comparison tools and other features he has incorporated into our website today. Having previously worked at a mom & pop fireplace shop, he also brought tremendous growth to our fireplace department. He measured and installed fireplace doors, mantels and gas logs for thousands of our local customers, which is where he gained a lot of the experience and knowledge currently published on our website. Greg has always been our "go-to" resource for product knowledge and expertise and continually provides training and support to our staff.

On a whim, in 1994, Greg developed our first website in his spare time from home, which at that time was the only ceiling fan and/or fireplace website to be found on the Internet. He has been our webmaster ever since. With over 28 years in the ceiling fan, lighting, and fireplace business, Greg possesses a unique blend of hands on experience, product knowledge and creativity unlike any Webmaster in this industry. Greg is driven by a desire to continue "being the first to do it", which is why our website has so many unique features you will not find anywhere else. Greg is also a musician who taught himself to play the piano. That first website he created for us in 1994 was undeniably a byproduct of his passion for composing music, which is a somewhat whimsical story you can read more about here: "How Greg Created Our First Website".

About 3 years ago, Terry and Felix convinced Greg to play golf with them on Mondays after work (we work right behind a golf course). Since that first day on the course, Greg was hooked. He says golf offers him a unique challenge that is surprisingly rewarding. 'I love it when I hit a great shot out of a bunker or when I am in the rough and have to hook it 50 yards to get around a tree. It's like art (or composing music), I see it in my mind and I do it (or at least try).' Bubba Watson is one of Greg's favorite professional golfers because he is self-taught and quite unorthodox, yet not has two green jackets. Greg loves spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, especially watching his daughter take horseback riding lessons every Sunday afternoon. Greg loves to cook tacos once a week, often times inviting friends over, asking if they prefer soft or crunchy. He makes them just like his mother taught him as a child, and they remind him of those good 'ole carefree days.

Anna Lee - Executive VP

Anna Lee Schlueter is the Executive VP of Hansen Wholesale and has been with our company for 17 years and in the Industry for 22 years. She has worked in many aspects of the ceiling fan and lighting industry from manufacturing, repairs, warranty, marketing, product development, customer service, sales, motivational training, efficiency analysis, and operations. Before coming to Hansen Wholesale Anna Lee worked with Casablanca Fan Co., where she had the opportunity to work in several departments and really see the manufacturing side of the business. Anna Lee is a Residential Lighting Specialist through the American Lighting Association and has worked on many projects all over the world. Anna Lee has also worked with a local design college and taught a decorative lighting seminar. Because teaching is a passion for her, she has developed a series of training sessions in Customer Service and Sales, as well as Motivational Techniques for Hansen Wholesale.

Anna Lee loves her family most of all. She is a proud Wife and Mother to a future rock star. Anna Lee has sung in bands for more than 20 years. She is also an award winning cook, loves the water, and has been known to bust a move or two or three really, if you are in a dance battle, Anna Lee is the one to call. Did we mention she loves to laugh!!!

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Product Experts - Sales


Erick is part of our outstanding sales team, and has been with the Hansen Wholesale family for some time now. When Erick is not helping customers find the perfect ceiling fan, he loves to spend time with his family.

He is also a freelance web designer based in Long Beach, CA, and loves working with small, focused startups with big ideas. He is passionate about simplicity, ease of use, and aesthetic beauty when it comes to the overall user experience. Design is key for Erick!

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Steve at Hansen Wholesale

Steve is one of our experts on the sales team, and has been with the Hansen Wholesale family since 1999. He's passionate about helping the customer find just the right ceiling fan.

Steve is most proud of his 50's camera collection, which boasts pro quality 50's range finders. His favorite vacation spot is Yosemite Valley, where he imagines himself drinking Dr. Pepper and eating German chocolate cake. A big music fan, Steve thinks the mid-60's thru mid-70's was the best decade in music, and his favorite song from that period is Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys. He's also a Tolkien fan, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is his favorite book. Steve thinks North by Northwest is Hitchcock's best work.

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Andrew specializes in helping you find exactly what you need when you need it. He's been in the industry for the last four years, first as a Customer Service Specialist, and currently as a Sales Representative. When it comes to ceiling fans, it's hard to match his knowledge. Some of his personal favorites include the Emerson Carrera Grande line, the Casablanca Stealth line, and the Fanimation Keistone.

When Andrew is not working, you will find him at California State University of Dominguez Hills, where he is pursuing studies in Psychology. Not afraid of a little sweat, he also enjoys working out at the gym during the week. He's also no stranger to gaming, with personal favorites including shooter and adventure games, as well as puzzle-solving genres. Football and Basketball are his favorite sports, and he follows the New Orleans Saint and Los Angeles Clippers!

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Terry's passion lies in helping people find exactly what they want, and this shows, because customers are known to call back to say how happy they are with his help.

There's a reason Terry has been one of our top salesman over the last 15 years, not only is he knowledgeable about the products, but he's always willing to give the best prices.

When he's not at work, Terry loves being outdoors. Whether it's riding his motorcycle, hiking, or hanging at the beach, the outdoors is Terry's second home, and is probably imagining himself vacationing in Maui even as we speak.

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Felix at Hansen Wholesale

Felix is one of our longest-running salespeople here at Hansen Wholesale. Felix thinks of himself as an avid golfer, thanks to his golfing buddy here, Terry.

When he's not here getting great deals for customers or out on the links, Felix is active with his Church, giving back to his community. He won't push his religious beliefs on you, but he's open about the role of Christ in his life. He always goes back to his favorite passage from the Book of John, Chapter 3, Verse 16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life."

Working to help others isn't new for Felix. He gives extra time to at-risk youth.

Felix loves his music, too. All music, really, but he sure loves his Blues. Sarah Vaughan and Etta James can serenade him all day and all night without tiring.

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No picture...
Jillian - Trade Department

Customer Service & Support


Christina Samora is our Customer Service Supervisor, and is closing in on her 5th year anniversary with Hansen Wholesale! She is always dreaming of being in Hawaii. What excites her most about her work is the ability to help our customers with any questions or issues they have with any of our wonderful products. She prides herself on being a great listener and delivering great customer service outcomes.

Christina enjoys seafood and Chinese food more than anything else. She loves spending her weekends with her family, hiking or walking the golden beaches of SoCal. She looks forward to growing with the Hansen Wholesale family for years to come.


Marnie is one of our fantastic Customer Service reps here at Hansen Wholesale. Besides being an incredibly helpful and kind individual, she has a life outside the office!

Marnie is a dedicated mother of two and wife to a loving husband, who is also a member of the extended Hansen Wholesale family. She loves her dark chocolate because it energizes her tappy toes when she's in the mood to dance!

Her kind and generous nature is duplicated in the way she looks out for and takes care of furry creatures of all kinds. If she could get away from here, it would be to a beautiful green mountainous location close to a paradise-like beach.

If you're ever mean to Marnie on accident (it happens, but remember we do all we can and anything we can't do is unfortunately, genuinely out of our control!) - the way to make it up to her is a Starbuck's Gift Card or the same for Total Wine, well-loaded with plenty of cash.


Ryan - Director of Marketing

Ryan is the Director of Marketing as of October 2016, and the first thing he did was try to get to know us all and how we get to know you. Ryan is a keen student of the sales process and a total data nerd, making him just about perfect for this position - leading an online company in its marketing efforts. Other professional interests include finding the customer's story and determining the actions we need to take to ensure we're working to be consistent heroes in each plot arc.

He's also a coin nerd and a motorsports enthusiast. His great numismatic treasure may someday be a Libertas Americana medal, though for now he loves his more modest Fugio Cents, too. Among the greatest of his motorsports memories is participating with his father in the Historic Monaco Grand Prix, an event he first photographed for magazines then returned to participate in a vintage Tyrrell Formula One car. As most Hansen Wholesalers he's an avid music fan, plunking away at an upright piano when he has time to spare and being enthralled by the visual storytelling of Paul Simon and the fraught intricacies of Rachmoninoff.

Accounting and Human Resources

Lori - Controller

Lori Rieder is our Controller here at Hansen Wholesale. She began working with us in March of 2013 and loves her job! She handles all accounting functions, and in addition to this, serves as the Human Resources Coordinator. Lori is a degreed accountant, and received her B. S. in Business/Accounting (with honors in the major) from California State University at Dominguez Hills. She brings an extensive and diverse background, including experience in the aerospace, entertainment, medical, and manufacturing industries.

Lori is a huge music enthusiast. Her favorite bands include The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Styx, and Queen! Lori loves to sing, so if you're stuck in traffic, you might catch her singing in the car. Otherwise you can find her singing at the local karaoke night. Charlie Chaplin is her favorite entertainer of all time, and she boasts a collection of all of his films. Lori also enjoys going to the movies, traveling, and eating out.

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