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i put a 52 inch harbor breeze armitage ceiling fan in my kids room.the fan is plenty big for their small room,the problem is it doesnt seem to move much air.

How large a fan is compared to your room, or how it looks does not determine how much air it will move. It has to do with the power and quality of the motor that is hidden inside, the pitch of the blades and the RPM at which the fan spins. Unfortunately, many fans sold at home centers do not have the best combination of these 3 elements. More effort is put into making the fan look good than the elements that make them perform good. The marketing department of such large mass merchants is quite aware that most consumers do not know what I just told. Most people simply buy their fans based on how it will look in their home as well as the price. Ceiling fan shops and specialty dealers like ourselves will not hide this information from you. We rate all of the fans on our site from 1 to 5 where 5 moves the most air. If you ever decide to purchase another fan, please bookmark our site or give us a call.

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