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The Most Efficient Ceiling Fans
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Western Ceiling Fans

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Which Ceiling Fans fans are best? Read about our Exclusive Comparison Graphs here!
NOTE: Industrial Fans have been omitted. View Industrial Ceilling Fans Here!

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#1 - 5DOR52WI
Montecarlo  Durango in Weathered Iron

3 Speed Wall and Remote Control
Lights are optional
Breeze Rating: 3 (5 is best)
Above Average Cooling Breeze
Fan Comparison Graph (scale 1 to 5):
Wind Speed Factor: 3.52 MPH
(Read about Wind Speed Factor)
Graph represents 52" blade span
From $578.00

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Blade Span Application Style ENERGY STAR Motor Power Usage Efficiency
52" Indoor Only Rustic/Log Home No
188mm x 20mm 71 Watts 64 CFM/Watt
What to look for in a ceiling fan

About Our Exclusive Ceiling Fan Comparison Graphs

As of January 1, 2009, all ceiling fan manufacturers are required to test and publish data regarding the performance of their fans. Specifically, the CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute of Airflow), the Watts (amount of electricity used per hour) and the Efficiency (EPA defines as CFM/Watts). Our exclusive "Comparison Graphs" use this data in a way that makes it easy to compare ceiling fans at a glance. The 3 examples below show how the graphs differ between the best, average and below average ceiling fans. Read more about how to interpret our exclusive Ceiling Fan Comparison Graphs Here!

The Best

Breeze Rating: 5 (5 is best)
Very Strong Cooling Breeze
Fan Comparison Graph (scale 1 to 5):
Wind Speed Factor: 5.78 MPH
(Read about Wind Speed Factor)
Graph represents 52" blade span


Breeze Rating: 3 (5 is best)
Above Average Cooling Breeze
Fan Comparison Graph (scale 1 to 5):
Wind Speed Factor: 4.25 MPH
(Read about Wind Speed Factor)
Graph represents 52" blade span

Below Average

Breeze Rating: 1 (5 is best)
Very Light Breeze
Fan Comparison Graph (scale 1 to 5):
Wind Speed Factor: 1.89 MPH
(Read about Wind Speed Factor)
Graph represents 52" blade span

Ceiling Fan Size and CFM
Recommendation Chart
6x6 24"-36" 3,000-4,500
8x10 37"-48" 4,000-5,500
10x15 49"-56" 6,200-7,500
15x15 56"-80" 7,000-9,000
The above chart suggests the optimal ceiling fan size and CFMs you should consider for typical rooms. Ceiling height, angle, and room layout may affect these recommendations. For Expert Advice call: 1-800-201-1193.

Room Size and CFM Chart

Although the EPA now requires fan manufacturers to publish the CFM ratings of their fans, there is no standardized scientific method of determining what size and CFM fan is best for any given application. A few quick searches and you will find that each ceiling fan manufacturer interprets this differently. So we created our own size and CFM recommendation chart to give you an idea what we recommend for "typical" applications. We produced this chart based on over 20 years of experience dealing with ceiling fans and the people who we've sold them to. For the most part, this chart will suffice. If you have low ceilings, you can fudge a little on the CFM and use a fan in the lesser range of the room size. If you have high ceilings, you need more CFM and a fan closer to the larger size of the chart. In most cases, the more the CFM the better and the higher the quality score the better!

If you are not sure what to do, just call and talk to our ceiling fan experts at 1-800-201-1193

*Free Shipping applies to select models and is for standard delivery in the continental USA only.

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