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We have nearly 1,000 outdoor ceiling fans to choose from. If you have no idea what type of outdoor fan you are looking for and just want to see what's available, start here. There are many different filters you can use to narrow your search...have fun!

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights

We have many choices of outdoor ceiling fans with lights including single lights and multiple lights in LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent and Halogen. We also have a wide variety of customizable ceiling fans where you can choose what light fixture you want on the fan.

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Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Hugger fans (flushmount fans) are designed for areas where the mounting surface is lower than 8 feet from the ground. Hugger fans are great for high wind locations because they do not sway back and forth like fans that hang from a downrod.

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outdoor ceiling fans

Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans can be installed in open areas directly exposed to rain such as under a gazebo, lanai or laticed covered area. Wet rated fans are also better for both covered and uncovered locations exposed to salt air near the ocean.

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Large Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The BIG trend in ceiling fans is to use larger fans in smaller areas. This is particularly useful in outdoor settings where there is more open area than indoors. We have outdoor fans ranging from 60" to 96" with anywhere from 3 to 9 blades.

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DC Motor Ceiling Fans

DC outdoor ceiling fans run off normal AC household electricity but use about 75% less electricity than typcial fans because they have permanent magnets that use almost no electricity. If you want to save lots of electricity, then choose a DC motor ceiling fan.

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Our Top 10 Recommended Outdoor Ceiling Fans

#1 - Matthews Donaire

WET Rated outdoor ceiling fan. 100% 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel construction. Great for all climates including salt air. Unibody design for windy areas.
Sells for: $765.00

#2 - Emerson Carrera Grand Eco 60

ENERGY STAR qualified highest efficiency outdoor fan with 60" bladespan. Super Efficient DC motor provides 7,000 CFM airflow to help ward off bugs and keep you cooler. Substantial blade holders for mildly windy areas!
Sells for: $544.00

#3 - Emerson Loft

Our top selling DAMP rated fan. High 7,000 CFM airflow to help ward off bugs and keep you cooler with unibody design for windy areas. Excellent value!
Sells for: $251.00

#4 - Emerson Curva Sky

Our top selling WET rated Flushmount outdoor ceiling fan. Wet rated and for all climates including salt air. Flushmount for maximum headroom. Unibody design for windy areas!
Sells for: $299.00

#5 - Minka Aire Traditional Concept 44

Another top selling WET rated Flushmount outdoor ceiling fan. Wet rated and for all climates including salt air. Flushmount for maximum headroom. Less contemporary Unibody design for windy areas!
Sells for: $299.95

#6 - Casablanca Heritage

Large 60" WET rated fan with heavy duty motor, rugged durable finish and ABS blades with extra substantial blade holders for maximum durability in ALL weather conditions. Over 6,700 CFM provides great cooling breeze. Best high quality outdoor fan for ceilings over 9 feet tall.
Sells for: $559.00

#7 - Fanimation Edgewood

Large 60" WET rated fan with powerful motor for over 9,000 CFM of airflow to keep bugs away and cool you off.
Sells for: $334.98
(limited time offer)

#8 - Montecarlo Cyclone

Large 60" WET rated fan with powerful motor for over 6,600 CFM of airflow. Rugged finish for lasting durability in harsh climates. Lower price for decent quality means excellent value!
Sells for: $369.00

#9 - Casablanca Wailea

Best small outdoor ceiling fan for damp locations. 32" blade span for small areas. Superb quality...great little fan.
Sells for: $259.00

#10 - Minka Aire Gyro

This dual headed ceiling fan is actually rated for WET locations. Both fan heads rotate around the horizontal axis while each fan head blows lots of air. Angle of fan heads are adjustable.
Sells for: $859.95

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Ceiling Fan:

Building Code Requirements: There are 2 types of outdoor ceiling fans: those that are UL Listed for Damp Locations and those UL Listed for Wet Locations. If you are installing a ceiling fan outdoors, building safety codes require that you install an outdoor ceiling fan with the correct UL listed approval rating depending on where the fan is installed.

What is the difference between Wet Rated and Damp Rated outdoor ceiling fans? Any outdoor location that is directly exposed to rain requires a ceiling fan that is rated for Wet Locations. This includes uncovered areas, partially covered areas or covered areas where rain (or water from sprinklers) can blow onto the fan. All other outdoor areas that are covered or not exposed directly to rain require an outdoor fan rated for Damp Locations. A wet rated outdoor ceiling fan can be installed in a damp location, but a damp rated fan cannot be used in a wet location. Both damp and wet rated ceiling fans can also be installed indoors, but indoor ceiling fans CANNOT be installed outdoors because they are neither damp or wet rated.

Examples & Recommendations: Below are some examples to help you choose the right type of fan for your needs. If in doubt, choose a wet rated ceiling fan because they can be used in any location both indoors and outdoors.

Where to install a WET rated fan:

  1. A patio, porch or other outdoor living area with a lattice or screened covering...or no covering at all.
  2. A pergola or partially covered Gazebo.
  3. A narrow porch or lanai where the fan is close enough to the edge for rain to blow on it.
  4. Any indoor or outdoor location close to the ocean (read more below).

Where to install a DAMP rated fan:

  1. A covered patio or wide porch where rain cannot reach the fan.
  2. Screened in porch or sunroom.
  3. A Gazebo that is completely covered and rain cannot reach the fan.
  4. Any covered area over a pool (indoor or outdoor).
  5. Bathrooms that have a tub or shower.
  6. Small enclosed laundry rooms.
Webmasters Advice: Did you know that you can "hose off" a WET rated outdoor ceiling fan to clean it? Well, you can! Outdoor fans can get dirty rather quickly, so being able to hose it off can be a true blessing. You can't do this to a damp rated or indoor fan, so remember this when deciding which type to buy.

Can you install an indoor ceiling fan outdoors? The answer is NO, you should never install an indoor ceiling fan outdoors, even if it is a screened in area. Ceiling fans that are not UL listed for outdoors are not designed to handle excess moisture and harsh elements such as UV radiation and fluctuations in temperature. Simply put, an indoor ceiling fan will not survive outdoors. Even more, they can short out and create a potential fire hazard. So it is critical that the correct type of ceiling fan be installed outdoors.

How are outdoor fans different than indoor fans?

In order for a ceiling fan to be rated for use outdoors it must be built to a different standard than fans made only for indoor use. Some of the differences include additional water resistant shielding around wires and other electrical components as well as the use of stainless steel screws and other hardware. The exposed parts of the fan must have a weather and UV resistant coating or paint. The blades are often made of ABS plastic in order to avoid warping and deterioration over time. Light fixtures used on outdoor fans must also have additional protection from moisture and wet rated light fixtures may need to be completely sealed and water tight. These additional features may add some additional cost to an outdoor ceiling fan, but in most cases, the added cost is minimal compared to the design limitations they create. In other words, some ceiling fans designed for use indoors simply cannot be made for use outdoors because it is not practical or possible to make them water resistant. Some popular ceiling fan styles can be made into outdoor fans with very little additional cost, so manufacturers may choose to make them as wet rated outdoor fans so that people can use them in any location whether it be indoors or outdoors. A great example is the Emerson Curva and Emerson Curva Sky, which are very popular for both indoor and outdoor use..

Salt Air Environments:

Live near the beach? The most durable ceiling fans currently being made for installations in salt air environments are made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Cast Poly Resin. These 3 fans are specifically designed to handle the most harsh exterior applications with excessive exposure to moisture and salt air.

Matthews Donaire
Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Minka Aire Concept Wet
Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Minka Aire Concept
Cast Poly Resin

Minka Aire Concept II
Cast Poly Resin - Flush Mount

Although there is no specific UL listing for fans used in salt air environments, we offer the following advice for those who live near the ocean or a marine environment with salty air.

  1. Choose wet rated ceiling fans for both indoor and outdoor areas that are exposed to salt air.
  2. Fans made from Cast Poly Resin or Marine Grade Stainless Steel are the very best for salt air environments
  3. If the above fans are not for you, be sure to choose a fan that has a powder coat finish with a UV coating as opposed to a polished metal finish.
  4. Darker more rustic finishes will do best. Even if they do begin to show signs of rust over the years, it will only add more character to the finish.
  5. If you must choose a white or off-white fan, more expensive models (over $250) will usually have a special UV coating that helps prevent yellowing and flaking.
  6. If you prefer a metallic finish, make sure you choose a high quality wet rated fan even if it is going into a damp location.
  7. Unless you choose Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Cast Poly Resin, you can expect some signs of rust over the years regardless of the quality.
  8. Avoid cheaper brands sold at home centers, they simply will not hold up in salt air even if they are wet rated.

High Wind Locations: Many of our visitors come to us looking for replacement blades or blade holders that were broken by high winds. In almost every case, it was a low quality ceiling fan that had weak blade holders or cheap blades. Unfortunately, replacement parts are not typically available for these types of fans and they end up having to buy a new fan. Although there are no ceiling fans specifically made for windy areas, we have several recommendations that will help you choose from fans that are most likely to survive heavy winds.

  1. Choose a ceiling fan that does not have blade arms, but rather one where the blades connect directly to the body of the fan. These are known as "Unibody Ceiling Fans" in the ceiling fan terminology. Broken blade arms are the #1 demise of a ceiling fan in high winds. The Minka Aire Concept I, Minka Aire Concept II and Minka Aire Traditional Concept 44 are examples of such fans (see examples 1,4 and 5 to the right)
  2. If you have a flat ceiling that is 9 feet high or less, choose a flushmount fan with a Unibody design (Shown to the right). Fans that hang on a downrod can sway violently in strong wind, which can cause the blades to hit the ceiling and break.
  3. If you must choose a fan that hangs on a downrod because you have a higher ceiling, buy a fan with ABS plastic blades that are convex in shape as these will be less likely to break in the event the fan sways too much. All of the Minka Aire Concept fans listed above have such blades.
  4. If you do not like the Unibody style fans because they are too contemporary for your application, be sure that the fan you buy has substantial blade holders like the Casablanca Heritage (#6 to the right). The Heritage ceiling fans are also great for high ceilings because they have a very powerful motor and move lots of air.
  5. No, there are no ceiling fans that are designed with a "Quick Release" type of mounting hardware that makes them easy to remove when winds kick up.
  6. No, there are no ceiling fans that have blades designed for quick removal either
  7. Yes, many people have expressed the desire for such fans...and we have suggested this to ceiling fan manufacturers

Indoor Damp Locations: It is also recommended that damp or wet rated ceiling fans be used in any indoor location that is exposed to excess moisture such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or simply in climates where there is a lot of moisture in the air, particularly in areas close to the ocean or that have tropical climates. The Casablanca Wailea (#9 to the right) is our most popular choice for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Require Higher CFMs (Airflow)

CFM Airflow is a Critical for Outdoor Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans cool you off by creating a breeze that causes a wind-chill effect. They do not change the temperature of the air. The amount of wind-chill that you feel is directly related to the amount of air the fan is capable of producing. Airflow for ceiling fans is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet of Air per Minute). Non-enclosed outdoor living areas require more CFMs than indoor or enclosed areas. In an open area, the airflow that you feel can be easily diluted because the air is not restricted by walls. So it is critical to compare the CFMs that an outdoor fan is capable of producing before you buy one.

1) Keeping Cool in Hot Outdoor Climates requires HIGH CFMs! The hotter it is, the more airflow you will need in order to keep cool. So the amount of airflow that an outdoor ceiling fan generates is critical consideration. The range of airflow that outdoor rated ceiling fans can produce is anywhere from 3,000 CFM to about 10,000 CFM. Ceiling fans that produce 3,000 to 4,000 CFM will not create a very noticeable wind-chill effect, so are actually quite useless unless you are in a very small area that is directly beneath the fan. We recommend fans that are between 6,000 CFM and 9,000 CFM if you want a fan that is capable of creating a cooling breeze. The farther you are away from the fan, the more CFMs it must be able to produce to cool you off, so if you have a high ceiling in an outdoor living area, be sure to buy a larger more powerful fan that produces closer to 9,000 CFM.

2) Keeping Bugs away requires HIGH CFMs

Another advantage of buying a ceiling fan that generates over 6,000 CFM is the ability to help keep pesky flies and bugs away from the area beneath the fan. You will find that fans that produce 8,000 to 10,000 CFM do the best job at warding off bugs. So not only is CFM important for keeping you cooler on hot summer days, it is also a great benefit if you suffer from flying pests.

We Make Comparing Ceiling Fan Performance a Breeze!

Read More

More About CFMs: Our website is the only site online that will show you a graph that compares the most important factors of ceiling fan performance in the search results. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our ceiling fan comparison graphs as you look through our site. For more information about CFM and comparing the performance of ceiling fans, read this page: Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans? The Online Guide to Comparing Ceiling Fans.

Talk to a Ceiling Fan Expert! Because there is so much to consider when shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan, we recommend that you simply call and talk to one of our ceiling fan experts. We will be able to tell you the difference between each of the outdoor fans on our site and help you choose the best fan for your application.

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