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Ceiling Fan Reviews:

Introducing The Emerson ECO Fans
Environmentally Friendly - Up To 400% More Efficient!

Revised March 28, 2014
by: Greg Tillotson

Super Efficient Ceiling Fans for 2014

Emerson continues to increase their offering of super efficient ECO Ceiling Fans with DC Motors The Emerson Eco fans are some of the most efficient ceiling fans on the planet with an EPA efficiency as high as 359 CFM/Watt compared to about 75 CFM/Watt for the average ceiling fan. CFM/Watt is how the EPA has defined ceiling fan efficiency, which is the Cubic Feet Per Minute of Airflow the fan produces for each Watt of electricity it consumes. In other words, the more air you get for every watt you use, the more efficient (and desireable) the fan is. Emerson achieves these super high efficiency ratings with their EcoMotor, which incorporates cutting edge DC motor technology that uses a fraction of the electricity while producing more power...a total win-win. Read more about the Emerson DC EcoMotor below or, read this article about Ceiling Fans with DC Motors.

Since Emerson Introduced their ECO Fans nearly 5 years ago, other manufacturers have scrambled to produce their own fans with DC motors. So even though Emerson is still the leader in DC motor technology, you can view fans with DC motors from other brands by clicking on the green button below.

More about the Emerson Eco Ceiling Fans

Eco Ceiling Fans - ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014
ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient is a new program that identifies and advances highly efficient products in the marketplace. This effort identifies the most efficient products among those that are ENERGY STAR certified in particular product categories. Product categories were selected and recognition criteria were established to ensure that products that receive this recognition demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional, inspirational, or leading edge consistent with the interests of environmentally-motivated consumers and early adopters. This designation has been given to a hand full of fans that far exceed ENERGY STAR standards. Using 75% less electricity than other fans, ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient fans can cost less than $10.00/year to operate!

Here are the Emerson ECO fans that are have been given the "ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014" designation by the EPA:

Midway Eco
Brushed Steel

345 CFM/Watt
Midway Eco
Oil Rubbed Bronze

345 CFM/Watt
Midway Eco
Appliance White

345 CFM/Watt
Avant Eco
Brushed Steel

345 CFM/Watt
Avant Eco

345 CFM/Watt
Avant Eco
Golden Espresso

345 CFM/Watt
Avant Eco
Oil Rubbed Bronze

345 CFM/Watt
Avant Eco
Venetian Bronze

345 CFM/Watt
Carrera Grande Eco
Oil Rubbed Bronze

359 CFM/Watt
Carrera Grande Eco
Oil Rubbed Bronze

359 CFM/Watt
Lux Eco - Super Efficient (not ENERGY STAR qualified)
Although the Lux Eco includes the environmentally friendly DC EcoMotor, the fan is NOT ENERGY STAR qualified. One of the biggest complaints about ENERGY STAR qualified fans from consumers is that the lighting is insufficient or not dimmable. It is for this reason that Emerson has chosen to include two 50-Watt mini-candelabra base halogen bulbs, which are dimmable and provide excellent lighting. These bulbs do not meet ENERGY STAR standards, but can potentially be changed out for LED or CFLs for those who are concerned about the energy consumption of the light.

Luxe Eco (NEW)
Oil Rubbed Bronze

210 CFM/Watt
(not Energy Star)
Luxe Eco (NEW)
Oil Rubbed Bronze

210 CFM/Watt
(not Energy Star)
Luxe Eco (NEW)
Oil Brushed Steel

210 CFM/Watt
(not Energy Star)
Luxe Eco (NEW)
Brushed Steel

210 CFM/Watt
(not Energy Star)
Emerson ECO Motor - Super Efficient
The Emerson EcoMotor represents the latest innovation in ceiling fan technology. Although the fan connects to normal 110V household wiring, it incorporates sophisticated technology that converts the AC current into DC. DC motors can use permanent magnets that always have a magnetic field as opposed to AC motors which have electromagnets that require electricity in order to create a magnetic field. Because the EcoMotor does not use electricity to create a magnetic field it operates at a lower temperature, which gives it more torque and less wear along with increased efficiency. Ultimately, the EcoMotor uses about 75% less electricity than the average AC motors used in typical ceiling fans.

What does it cost to operate an Emerson Eco Fan?

Cost To Run the Midway Eco on High Speed Is Only $18.92/Year
When Left Running 24 Hours for 365 Days!

Use this calculator to figure out the cost to operate any electrical appliance based on the watts consumed, cost of electricity (in Kilowatt hours) and the operational time. The numbers are plugged in for the Midway Eco on High Speed 365 days per year with the national average cost of electricity.

What does it cost to operate this ceiling fan 24 hours per day?
Fan Watts Cost of Electricity/kWh
(Enter your cost per kWh or select your state)
Hours/Day Days/Year
$ hours days
w/Lights (52 Watts) Hourly Cost $ / Yearly Cost $
Emerson Eco Ceiling Fan Video
Emerson Eco Fan Update 2011-2012

Additional Update for 2011-2012

Things have changed a bit since I published the article below last year. Although not all of the data is in for 2012 at this time, the preliminary numbers still show that the Emerson Midway Eco is only surpassed in efficiency by the 2 new Eco ceiling fans that Emerson has introduced.

There are currently 368 different ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan models according to the latest data published by the EPA on 1/17/2011 and 1/18/2011. This includes models from all brands of ceiling fans sold in the USA that qualify as ENERGY STAR (not counting finish variations). You can download the data yourself at www.energystar.gov and take a look for yourself if you think I'm not pulling your leg. The 368 ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans includes models that come with lights and without lights. The average CFM/Watt efficiency rating of all these ceiling fans is a meager 90 CFM/Watt.

Basic Statistics for ceiling fan efficiency out of the 368 models that qualify as ENERGY STAR:

Total Fans Lowest Rating Average Rating Highest Rating
368 Fans 75 CFM/Watt 90 CFM/Watt 359 CFM/Watt
(Carrera Grande Eco)

The new Emerson Eco fans have these efficiency ratings:

  • Carrera Grande Eco (60") - 359 CFM/Watt
  • Midway Eco (54") - 345 CFM/Watt (new figures for 2011 models)
  • Avant Eco (54") - 345 CFM/Watt

Based on these numbers, each of the Emerson Eco ceiling fans is nearly 4 times (or 400%) more efficient than the average ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan. The Midway Eco is approximately 300% more efficient than the next best ENERGY STAR ceiling fan that has a light, the next best having an efficiency of just 114.5 CFM/Watt.

Original Article from 2009
Original article below: Published June 20, 2009
by: Greg Tillotson

Having been in the ceiling fan business for over 20 years, it is rare that a new ceiling fan gets me excited. But while researching the efficiency ratings of the latest introductions this year, one model clearly stood out among all others. The Midway Eco, a new breed of eco-friendly ceiling fans from Emerson Electric that brings new meaning to the concept of efficiency.

Emerson developed an entirely new motor for the Midway Eco fan called the "EcoMotor TM". The EcoMotor TM uses up to 75% less energy compared to other ceiling fans. The blades have an airfoil shape for better aerodynamics and move up to 40% more air than typical fan blades. The fan motor uses only 18 watts and the built-in light uses four 13 watt fluorescent lamps (52 watts total) to provide maximum illumination at a very low wattage.

With these new innovations, the Midway Eco far surpassed the ENERGY STAR testing requirements established by the EPA. As a matter of fact, the test results prove it to be over 3 times (or 300%) more energy efficient than any other ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fan with lights. This means that the Midway Eco will move substantially more air while using a fraction of the electricity making it the ultimate choice for energy conscious consumers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

Although Emerson does not claim that the Midway Eco is 300% more efficient than other fans, I made this observation myself after reviewing Test Results Published by the EPA, for ALL ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans with lights.

In order for any ceiling fan to be ENERGY STAR qualified, it must meet EPA standards for quality and durability. But most important, it must undergo a standardized testing procedure adopted by the EPA to calculate the efficiency of the fan. During the test, sensors measure the CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute) of airflow the fan produces while recording the amount of electricity it consumes.

The efficiency rating is calculated by dividing the CFMs produced by the Watts consumed (CFM/WATTS). This information is labeled on the fan packaging of every ENERGY STAR ceiling fan giving consumers a standardized way of comparing the performance between different models. For such a comparison is critical for those who are energy conscious. As you will see in the data below, there are substantial differences in the efficiency ratings of many ENERGY STAR ceiling fans.

Here are my findings...

There are 126 ENERGY STAR ceiling fans in total, which represents all of the various finishes available for each model. I removed the finish variations to get to the actual base models since each finish is just a duplicate of the actual fan. This brought the total down to 33 ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans with lights available in the USA from all brands combined.

The table below represents my findings sorted by the most efficient to the least efficient. The Emerson Midway Eco is at the top with an efficiency rating of 617 CFM/Watt on Low Speed, 585 CFM/Watt on Medium and 345 CFM/Watt on High.

Ceiling Fan Efficiency data for ALL ENERGY STAR ceiling fans with lights as of 6/15/2009

Emerson made changes to the Midway Eco DC motor in 2011 that improved the efficiency even more. The first line reflects these changes

1 - Midway Eco (2011)617585345
1 - Midway Eco (2009)620.2476.6289

Author: Greg Tillotson
Email: gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Website: Hansen Wholesale


Product details and ordering for the Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fans

ENERGY STAR ceiling fan data at www.EnergyStar.gov published 6/15/2009

US Government Page for ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans.
(although the EPA does not sponsor or promote any brand or product, they used a picture of the Emerson Eco fan on this page)

U.S. Requirements for Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fan Light Kits:

Federal Energy Policy for Ceiling Fans:

The Midway Eco at Emerson Electric's website

Emerson Midway Eco Reviews

Webmaster's Note About These Reviews:

In preparation for the celebration of Earth Day 2010, I personally sent emails to customers who had purchased Midway Eco ceiling fans from us in the recent past. I asked them to send me their comments about the fan both good and bad. I also requested them to send pictures of the fan installed in their home if they were so inclined. If you wish to add your own comments to this page, you can do so by emailing me (Greg Tillotson) at gregt@hansenwholesale.com. If you have some pictures of the Midway Eco installed in your home, please send them along with your email so that I may post them here as well.

  1. Posted: 4/17/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Greetings Greg,

    I am behind in my email! It may be too late, but I will go ahead and give you some comments and two photos.

    We really like our Midway Eco ceiling fan. It is in our dining area, which has a 13 ft ceiling. It hangs at a height of about 9 feet, which is a recommended height for a 13 ft ceiling, so I read. We have a pellet stove in the room (which is visible in one of the photos) which we have used a lot this winter to heat this part of the house. We run the fan in reverse on medium or low and it does an excellent job of bringing the warm air down into the room. We bought the Eco fan for some specific reasons: the fan blades are a high angle (which might be best for running the fan in forward mode for cooling in the summer), the fan has a reverse mode (crucial for circulating the air heated from the pellet stove), and it runs on low power (important because it is on most of the daytime during the winter), the lights are flourescent, and it has a modern style and comes in nickel.

    The fan came with a remote and we also bought a wall mount control. The wall mount control is next to the door to the garage, so it is easy and convenient to turn the light on as we come in from the garage. We keep the remote on the other side of the room on a bureau so it is our control as we approach the dining area from the kitchen.

    The fan has a lot of power and can really produce quite a wind, blowing papers off the table in high forward mode. We don't think we'll need to use that setting much! It is very quiet and my husband frequently forgets to turn it off because it is so unobtrusive. There have been a couple of times when it has made a noise but it has been rare and intermittent and we can eliminate it by changing the fan speed.

    We have received compliments on its style and modern look.

    I spent hours on the internet researching fans, and we visited several high-end stores that carry Emerson fans to see models in person and get a feel of their power and ease of use. The Hansen website was indeed useful. At this point I would have to go and look at it to remember the specifics of how I found it useful. (Later.....)

    (For our bedroom, which has a 15 ft ceiling, we have a Minka Aire fan. We chose this one for the particular style, and I was interested in trying a second brand. This fan gets little use however. The Emerson Midway Eco fan was a must for the dining area for frequent winter use.)

    I hope this helps! Even if you can't use this in time for Earth Day, perhaps it will be useful later.

    Here are the photos sent along with this review...

  2. Posted: 4/21/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    I was enticed by the idea of a high velocity fan that uses only 24 watts of power. I purchased one of the Midway ECO fans to see if I would like the performance. I have only had a winter and a cool spring to try the fan out ,so it has not had much use, but I can tell I am impressed at the amount of air it moves using only 24 watts of power. I did run it during the winter, but as this is a newly built house I don't have a past to compare it to for savings on the heating bill.We had an open and airy house built with lots of windows to open because our family prefers to have the windows open and make it feel like we are sitting outside in the shade of a tree. I liked the performance of the fan with little electricity use so much I bought 4 more to also serve as an investment to help save money for the next 15 or so years. I am looking forward to the 90-100 degree days of summer because we think the fans are going to allow us to have the windows open all summer long day and night and be comfortable

    My personal cons for the Midway ECO... I would like to be able to turn the light on and off at a wall switch in addition to the remote. I prefer to use a 13 watt 5000k light that is much more bright and comfortable than the yellowish 2700k lights packed with the fan.

    I'm sure I will be able to give a better review later in the year like around August. However, I feel we are going to be very pleased with our investment. I appreciate Terry's time and help in making my decision.

  3. Posted: 4/19/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    It's awesome and so unbelieveably quiet. the remote is a great feature and evry intuitive. I could not be any happier with the fan!

    John Keane

    Hudson, NH

  4. Posted: 4/18/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Hi Greg

    I LOVE my Midway Eco Fans! They make no noise! They are so quiet and smooth, you hardly know they are there. My heating bills for the winter were anywhere from $60 - $100 lower than the previous winter’s heating bills. The electricians who installed them were also impressed. They were shocked that the fans required no balancing and that they ran so quiet. They also were impressed by how easily the fans could be programmed with the remote control to operate on different frequencies so that when adjusting the living room fan, the bedroom fan was undisturbed. I put a lot of research into my fan purchase. I chose the Midway Eco because they were extremely energy efficient. I like that in trying to lower my heating and cooling bills, the power I use to run the fans is very minimal and does not offset the power I am saving on heating or cooling. I could not find one complaint or bad review about the fans (unlike other fans that are on the market). I also like the beauty and styling of the fan. I cannot say enough good things about my fans and you can use my comments on your website.

    Thank you.


  5. Posted: 4/17/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Dear Greg,

    We love our Midway Eco ceiling fans. We love them so much we wanted to put one in our kitchen - my only complaint is that it does not come in black so we had to purchase a different fan which is not nearly as energy efficient. The Midway Ecos are stylish (we have had many compliments already), quiet, LOVE the remote controls and we are thoroughly satisfied with our purchase.

    I arrived at the decision to purchase these fans by starting with a search for "energy efficient ceiling fans". That led me to your website and your description of the fan sold me on it. I visited many sites and viewed many many fans. The low cost per hour of running the fan was very appealing. As we expect the cost of electricity only to rise this was very important to us.

    Dealing with your company was easy and efficient.

    I have attached a couple of pictures of the fans in our great room.

    Keep up the good work!



    Here are the pictures sent to us by Noreen...

  6. Posted: 4/17/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    After extensive research on ceilings fans (I'm always looking for the best bang for my buck), I'm very pleased with my Eco purchase for my brand new condo and would do so again. I've received many compliments and it's nice to say it's the most efficient ceiling fan on the market. I must admit I did hire an electrician to install my fans and he even said this one was "sweet". The remote is an added bonus and it's a very quiet operation. Hansen's customer service was superb and even offered to show me how it would look in my room prior to purchase, but I had already made up my mind by then. The only slight negative is that the light cover on the bronze model really limits the amount of light actually produced, but that is an expected trade-off for how good it looks. Highly recommended.

    -Shawn S.

    Here is a picture sent to us by Shawn...

  7. Posted: 4/17/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Hi Greg,

    My husband & I bought this Eco Ceiling fan from your company after much searching & deliberations. We had looked at all the chain stores and many internet sites. We did a lot of comparisons on price, looks, and cost of operation. Hands down the Eco ceiling fan won out. After we received it and installed the fan, we were very pleased. It is so quiet and we really appreciated the wireless operation.

    I am so glad we did not jump into buying a new fan and did the research. We had been without a fan for several years, unwilling to settle for less than what we got! We are in the middle of painting our inside of our home, so my photo would not look the best, but it is commented on by everyone who sees it. I am busy spreading the news about our fan!


    Sandi B.

  8. Posted: 4/17/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    I purchased the Midway Eco for our master bedroom to complete a major remodel. I am extremely happy with the look of the fan and the performance of the fan. The fan itself circulates a lot of air and is very quiet. I love that the ceiling light and the remote, they both make it very convenient when you are too tired to get up and turn off the light! The only drawbacks of the fan are the lights are noisy when on, they make a a high pitch sound and the fact that there is not wall control for the unit, so if you lose your remote you will have to replace in order to utilize the unit. I would highly recommend this fan for it's looks but most importantly the energy saving potential of this fan versus similarly styled fans from other manufacturers.


  9. Posted: 4/16/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    I purchased the Midway mainly because of it's efficiency. I also purchased it because I think it looks cool. It reminds me of an airplane propeller. As a matter of fact, last night I turned on the fan and someone, probably my 14 yr old, had it already set on high. I thought the thing was going to take off.

    The fan, on its lowest setting, is so quiet I can't even hear it. And it puts out. I read a lot about fans and the manufactures behind the products and concluded that Emerson fans are among the best in the market. There are more expensive fans, but I don't think they are any better built.

    I try to purchase products that are made in the U.S.A., not because I am super patriotic, even though I am, I buy them because they are generally better products. I never thought I'd say this, but "now-a-days," you are better off purchasing a Ford than a Toyota. Midways are made in the U.S.A. They are more expensive than what you find at the big box stores, but most high end products are not sold there, anyway.

    Hope this helps.


    Comments from Greg: Emerson Electric has been in business since 1895 and made ceiling fans in the USA for nearly 100 years. However, like ALL other ceiling fan companies in the USA, all manufacturing is now done overseas, so there are no longer any ceiling fans being manufactured in the USA. Unfortunately, that includes the Emerson Midway Eco.
  10. Posted: 4/16/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review


    My experience with Hansen Wholesale was fine but I must say I had to call the helpline since the fan was broken. It wasn't a shipping issue as far as I can tell but something was wrong with the internal workings and only the light worked but no fan. I guess you can say my fan was very Earth friendly since I couldn't use it :)

    I must say I dreaded calling the helpline (I assume this was not related to Hansen Wholesale) but was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't treated as if I didn't know how to install a ceiling fan. The new fan arrived no questions asked in less than a week and it was easy to box up the old and have FedEx pick up the bad fan.

    Now for my experiences with Emerson fans. I purchased this new Eco to replace and older Eco model that died. The fan was 10 years old and had much use so I guess it was time, although the other Emerson fan I have is still running strong. So I guess you can say I'm a loyal Emerson customer based upon the exceptional fans they manufacture. I must say I used to be a Casablanca customer but feel that Emerson is better quality and has better innovation.

    As for Hansen Wholesale, you had the best prices and selection. I spent way too much time trying to find a fan I wanted in showrooms and was tired of the process. Your website was very useful. The only negative was it was not clear from your website that the Eco model would not allow the lights to dim since the lights are fluorescent. This was not an issue with the older Eco model.

    Feel free to use any comments which may be useful. As a summary, I love the fan and would buy another Emerson fan in the future and would certainly purchase it from Hansen Wholesale.


    Comments from Greg: For those reading this review, the "Older Eco" that Ken is referring to is not the same fan. It is the original Emerson Midway. The Midway was the basic shell from which Emerson designed the Midway Eco. The internal workings of the original Midway were completely redesigned. They replaced the less efficient 188mm x 18mm motor with a super efficient DC "EcoMotor". The light fixture previously used 3-60W incandescent bulbs, which were replaced with 4-13W CFLs for increased light output using less than half the wattage. They also changed the blades from a flat curved design to a convex airfoil design for substantially improved airflow. So although the Midway Eco looks similar to the original Midway, it is not the same fan.
  11. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Greg, Happy to help:

    The combined styling and energy efficiency of the new Emerson motor were THE reasons we bought the fan. Of course we wanted to "do the right thing" and get the most earth-friendly fan, but Emerson and Hansen made it so easy. Emerson designed a beautiful fan, and Hansen made it easy to do the research and to make the purchase.

    Because we live in New England and we bought the fan in the winter months, we haven't had much use for it. It looks great in our new room, and it is really quiet the few times we've run it--just to show it off to friends! It is really robust and solid, so we know it is up for the task.

    The only product comment we have is that it would be great if there was an option to have the light capped off. We konw the light can be turned off even when the fan is on, but it would be nice from a design point of view to eliminate the glass cover altogether.

    Good luck. And good idea to reach out to people personally. made the difference for me when deciding whether or not to respond--not a fan of poorly written internet surveys!


    Our Comments:
  12. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    We have been very pleased with our Eco fan and are even considering purchasing a second one for our upstairs bedroom. We bought the fan because we live in a climate that has very cold winters and wanted to improve the heating efficiency of a very nice but poorly-located woodstove in our home. Even at it's lowest setting, the Eco fan moves a great deal of air (silently!) and has allowed us to warm up our entire home instead of just the room that houses the woodstove.

    The light provides a nice ambience, although it's not good for reading. We bought the fan thinking that it was dimmable and were a bit disappointed to find that it was not, but the info has been corrected on the web site. Overall, I've been very impressed with the very low noise level and the power of the fan (on it's higher settings it will dust the room for me!), and with my experience purchasing from Hansen Wholesale.

    p.s. The attached photo (with flash) isn't all that flattering, but maybe it will help someone. It doesn't look quite that big in real life.

    View Enlargement

    Our Comments:
  13. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Dear Greg; Haven't taken them out of the boxes yet. Still working on the ceiling where they are to go. Don't expect to install them until next Fall or winter.

    Our Comments:
  14. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Greg - I'd love to help, but the fan is in a room that's being remodeled and we haven't used it yet. Looks great, though! Kris

    Our Comments:
  15. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Hello Greg,

    We purchased the Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fan this spring to install in our new sunroom addition. We wanted a fan that we didn't even notice, but with great performance and low energy use. This fan is perfect for us. It blends in well with the white ceiling, and when we do look at it, it looks great! So far, the function has been perfect. We are very pleased with our purchase and will definitely get another if the need arises.


    Our Comments:
  16. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your email. We purchased the Emerson Midway Eco ceiling fans for our apartment which is currently undergoing renovations. We have not had the opportunity to install the fans but are looking forward to doing so in the next few weeks.

    As someone who cares about the environment, it was very important to me that the fans we purchased were as energy efficient as possible while being aesthetically pleasing. The Midway Eco achieves this. It is a good looking fan and is rated extremely high on the efficiency scale. Unfortunately, as I said, we have not had the opportunity to use the fan yet but are looking forward to a breezy summer once the fans are installed.

    Regarding your company's helpfulness - we found it very easy to place our order and the fans were delivered in a timely manner, well packaged but not overly so.

    If you feel it will be helpful, I will supply further feedback once the fans are in place.

    Happy Earth Day.


    Our Comments:
  17. Posted: 4/15/2010

    Emerson Midway Eco Ceiling Fan Review

    Hello Greg,

    I would love to write a review for the fans, but I have to say that I have not used them yet. I purchased then fans for use in our country home, which is currently undergoing a renovation. I have seen the box and know that they are there, but I have not experienced them.

    I was recommended them by a colleague who did extensive research about fans and eco-friendly options. He has purchased the fan and been using it for a few months. He really really likes it. He did get it from a "brick and mortar" store.

    I hope to have it cooling me and my family off in the coming months, but I will not be able to give it a full review in time for Earth Day. I hope to have something for you by summer tough.



    Our Comments:
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    QUESTION: The add shows a 4 speed wall control with a lite control. Is that included in the price of the 55061 Casablanca fan?

    ANSWER: The Panama Gallery fan does include the 4 speed wall control at the price published on our site. The optional 99020 hand held remote control is also included FREE for a limited time. (That offer may have expired by the time other visitors read this posting).

  4. Question #9481 - Posted: 4/11/2014 8:28:36 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question


    QUESTION: what is best company of fans

    ANSWER: Here is a link to an article that talks about "Who Makes The Best Ceiling Fans".

  5. Question #9480 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:41:59 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question


    QUESTION: how big of a fan will I need for a room this big 20 feet wide 30 feet long and 26feet hith

    ANSWER: Your room is too large for any single ceiling fan. I would recommend 2 60" to 72" fans and you will most likely need to purchase two 6 foot long downrods and a downrod coupler for each fan so you can join the downrods together to create 12 foot long downrods. If you can only install a single ceiling fan, I would suggest using an 80" fan. Please call us so we can go over your options and help you select the best fan(s) for your application. Call: 1-800-201-1193. You can also email pictures of your room to gregt@hansenwholesale.com.

  6. Question #9477 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:33:05 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question - Casablanca Model CA-55021

    View  model CA-55021
    CA-55021 - http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/casablanca/model.asp?ProdNo=CA-55021

    QUESTION: will a 1994 wall for a intelertouch and rods work with a new fan ?

    ANSWER: No, the inteli-touch system is antiquated and not compatible with new Casablanca fans. Casablanca has also changed their mounting hardware and downrods, so the older downrods will not work either.

  7. Question #9473 - Posted: 4/4/2014 8:12:01 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question


    QUESTION: We have a small office, 9 feet by 11 feet. We just put in a wall to wall, floor to ceiling built in cabinet. The ceiling fan, which centered in the center of the ceiling, is not now. It is closer to the built in and it seems more air is being pushed toward the built in. Is this the effect of the built in? Can anything be done to push more air to the desk, which is opposite the built in?

    ANSWER: The built in cabinet is likely impeding the natural airflow pattern of the fan, which can cause it to move less air. Several options: 1) Relocate the fan closer to the desk. 2) Buy a larger fan. 3) Buy a more powerful fan of the same size. The amount of airflow a fan is capable of producing is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet of Airflow per Minute). You will find it easy to compare the CFM between all of the fans on our site (where CFM is available). Give us a call and we will be happy to go over these options in more detail. If you can email me some pictures of your room, I will be happy to take a look and see if there is anything else I can suggest. Email pictures to: gregt@hansenwholesale.com

  8. Question #9472 - Posted: 4/3/2014 8:30:36 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question - Emerson Model CF955WW

    View  model CF955WW
    CF955WW - http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/emerson/model.asp?ProdNo=CF955WW

    QUESTION: Is it possible to use dimmable CFL bulgs in Midway Eco and will remote allow them to dim?

    ANSWER: Unfortunately the Emerson Midway Eco remote does not have a dimming function, so although you could install dimmable CFL bulbs, you would not be able to dim them. As I have mentioned previously, the lack of dimming capability is the only complaint we get about this fan...and rightfully so. This is a problem for virtually ALL ceiling fans with lights from ALL brands that meet Energy Star requirements. If you really need dimming capability and are looking for a ceiling fan that has a DC motor, I would suggest you consider the Casablanca DC Stealth. The DC Stealth does not meet Energy Star requirements because it incorporates a 100 watt halogen bulb, but it does have a super efficient DC motor. Casablanca chose to go that way in order to meet the needs of people looking for a high quality contemporary style ceiling fan with a super efficient DC motor and a dimmable light. Here is a link to the: Casablanca DC Stealth Model 59105 in White.

  9. Question #9470 - Posted: 4/3/2014 8:17:20 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question - Emerson Model CF787ORB-72

    View  model CF787ORB-72
    CF787ORB-72 - http://www.hansenwholesale.com/ceilingfans/emerson/model.asp?ProdNo=CF787ORB-72

    QUESTION: Model CF787ORB comes with a 4 speed wall control. How does it reverse the fan blades direction ? It is located at 20feet off the ground

    ANSWER: The Emerson Carrera Grande has a manual reverse switch on the motor housing. Because your ceiling is so high, reversing the fan manually is obviously not going to happen. Emerson makes a special remote control transmitter and receiver that is capable of reversing the fan. This remote can be installed as a wall control and also be used as a hand held remote. Here is a link to the components: SR650-RC212. They also have another remote only option with a receiver that cannot be used as a wall control. Here is a link to that system: SR600-RC212. Although the receiver is not shown in the picture, it is included in the model that we are selling.

    Keep in mind that in order for these to work, you must install the receiver unit in the canopy of the fan when you install the fan. If you do not install it then, you will have to get up there to do it later...so be sure to purchase these components along with your fan. Also, rather than using the links above to purchase these parts, you can simply add them to your original fan purchase by clicking on the orange button labeled "Controls" below the picture of the fan on the main product details page...or just give us a call and we will make sure you get everything you need.

  10. Question #9469 - Posted: 4/3/2014 8:02:18 AM

    Ceiling Fans Question


    QUESTION: Where can I find a replacement globe for my harborside breeze Wakefield ceiling fan?

    ANSWER: Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are sold only by Lowes, so you will need to contact them to see if they can supply you with the globe you need.

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