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The promotions and policies below do not apply to customers who receive special pricing, trade customers or those purchasing for resale. For additional restrictions and policies please read our Terms and Conditions or call: 1-800-201-1193

We are Celebrating our 21 Year Anniversary Online!

Hansen Wholesale has now been online for over 15 years and we are proud to say that none of our competitors have been doing business online as long as we have. You can buy from us with confidence because we know what it takes to satisfy our online customers.

Overview - About Hansen Wholesale

Who is Hansen Wholesale?

Hansen Wholesale was the very first company to bring ceiling fans and fireplace decor to the Internet. We've been in business since 1976 supplying these products to retail customers and wholesale buyers all over the country. But In late 1994, we turned left onto the information superhighway by creating a website using America Online. Early on, we predicted great potential on the Internet, so in 1995 we branched away from America Online and launched this website, which has have been here ever since. Our years of experience dealing with online customers from all over the world at both the retail and wholesale level gives us a sharp competitive edge and has helped us grow into one of the single largest suppliers of ceiling fans, lighting, and fireplace decor on the Internet.

We Believe in Human to Human interaction!

From the outset, we decided that Human Interaction was going to be the key to our success, so early on, we invested vast resources to develop and maintain a large staff of ceiling fan, lighting and fireplace decor experts to answer questions, quote prices, and process orders over the phone. So if you are looking for the best price possible and prefer to purchase from a well established company who has experts you can talk to, then you will enjoy the benefits of doing business with Hansen Wholesale.

"No more 30, 60 or 90 day time limits and NO more restocking fees on qualified returns!"

As an Internet seller for over 20 years, we know how important a return policy is to you when shopping online. So here at Hansen Wholesale, we strive to set ourselves aside from our competition by providing customer service above and beyond what you might expect. Our new "Limited Lifetime Return Policy" is a great example of this. With the introduction of this new policy, as of 11/22/2014, we now have NO time restrictions and NO restocking fees for qualified items that are returned to us in unused resalable condition.

For more details about this revolutionary new return policy, please read our: Terms and Conditions


Hansen Wholesale guarantees to match or beat any competitor's price at the time of your purchase, so if you find a better price for any exact same item displayed on our site, call us at 1-800-201-1193 or email us at: info@hansenwholesale.com. Be sure to include the details about the item(s) in question as well as links to the competitor's site where you found a better offer. This policy is limited by the Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions stated below*

**Excluded Manufacturers: Some manufactures have UMRP (Unilateral Minimum Resale Price) or other pricing policies that dealers must adhere to in order to maintain their status as a dealer for certain products. As a responsible dealer, we will not violate these policies and therefore will not match prices that are below the price defined by the manufacturer if they have such a policy. Such brands include (but are not limited to): Minka Aire, Minka Lavery, George Kovacs and Metropolitan


If at ANY TIME after you make your purchase from Hansen Wholesale, you find a better price from an online competitor for the exact same item, Hansen Wholesale will refund the difference to you upon verification and qualification based on the Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions stated below.

Is the price I see on your website the Lowest Price?

The prices posted on our site are not necessarily what you will pay!

The prices posted on our site are typically the lowest price manufacturers will allow us to advertise online. Although most of the manufacturers we represent do not allow us to publish prices on our website below what you see, some will allow us to offer you a better price if you call to place your order. In most cases, trade customers are entitled to further discounts based on quantities or their relationship with us as a buyer. Ultimately, this is one of the best reasons to buy from us, because we are one of very few websites that actually prefers to take orders over the phone. This affords us greater flexibility in pricing than our competitors. It also allows us to customize many of our products to fit your needs more so than if you were forced to choose options based on the limitations of a shopping cart. The prices we have posted for items made by Minka Aire, Minka Lavery, George Kovacs and Metropolitan are the lowest price we can offer either online or over the phone unless you qualify as a trade account.

To get the best service call: 1-800-201-1193

Read our: Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions below.

Thanks for choosing Hansen Wholesale!


This is an exciting new policy we created and launched on March 31st 2009. This plan is for Ceiling Fans only and applies where indicated on select ceiling fan product pages. This policy does not apply to purchases made before March 31st 2009

Basically, it covers things that are not normally covered by the manufacturer's warranty. These are actually the most common problems that people have with ceiling fans, which is most likely why the manufacturer's don't want to cover them. Here they are:

    - Broken Glass
    - Broken Blades
    - Broken Blade Holders
    - Hand Held Remote Controls (transmitters & receivers)

We are proud to say that we will replace any of these at NO COST to you within the first 5 years after your purchase based on our Replacement Parts Plan!

And YES...we are referring to cases where you are trying to clean the glass and you accidentally drop it, or you are sweeping the floor and you accidentally hit your fan with a broom handle and break a blade. This is a very lenient policy subject to the following limitations:

For starters, this policy only applies to ceiling fans that were purchased from Hansen Wholesale on or after March 31st 2009. If you did not purchase the fan from us, then please do not try to get parts from us under this policy...we will not allow it as it is only for our own customers.

You can only use this policy 1 time for each of the above listed parts for each ceiling fan that you purchased. That means if you break the glass on your fan, we will replace it free the first time. If you then break a blade or blade holder on a subsequent date, we will replace the blade or blade holder 1 time...etc.

So, for example...let's say you have kids that like to throw baseballs in the living room and...since you know you can get a free glass shade on your ceiling fan if it breaks, you tell them it's ok to aim for the ceiling fan glass and break it. Well, in this case, we will be more than happy to replace the glass the first time for FREE, but only the first time. If they break the glass again, then you are on your own. However, if they aim a little wider and break off one of your blades, then we will replace the blade FREE the first time...and so on. Ultimately, we would hope you would be more careful and never need to use this policy since it does come directly out of our pocket (this is not a manufacturer's backed policy...it is our own).

This policy does not apply to normal wear and tear for items such as changes in the color of finishes, warping or bending of blades...particularly when used in moist areas where they are not recommended (hint...buy the right blades for the application). What does qualify is when you actually break something as described above.

Hand Held Remote Controls: You do not have to physically break your remote control for this policy to apply. This policy does in fact cover the actual remote control transmitter and receiver either one simply becomes defective. Actually, most manufacturer's cover their remotes for 90 days to 1 year. So, by purchasing your fan from us, we extend that coverage to 5 YEARS!

In the even that your remote stops working, there are several steps we will go through in order to determine whether the problem is the transmitter or the receiver or both. We will rarely replace both the transmitter and receiver at the same time, unless the manufacturer suggests that as the best alternative. Before we replace a transmitter or receiver, you must be sure to replace the batteries in the transmitter first. If it still does not work, you will need to change the dip switches on both the transmitter and receiver to a different setting (which usually resolves remote control problems). Our customer service department will walk you through these procedures to try and resolve your problem before we in fact decide to ship you a new control or receiver.

The total retail value of items that we will replace FREE under this policy is $100.00 for each customer or residence. We believe this is a very liberal limitation and will more likely than not cover all of your needs for at least 5 years.

In order to process any claim, you will simply need to call our customer service department so that they can authorize the return of the broken or defective item. Yes, you will need to send it to us so that we can verify its condition as well as make sure we order the correct replacement part. Once approved, you will be given instructions for shipping the item back to us that needs replacement.

In the event that the part you need is no longer available from the manufacturer, we will have no obligation to supply any alternative parts under this policy. However, our customer service department will do everything possible to help your resolve your problem, but we will not be able to fabricate something out of nothing.

We will not cover the shipping charges for returned items coming to us or replacement parts being sent to you. The charge for shipping will be quoted based on current UPS shipping rates at the time your replacement is sent.


This is an exciting new policy we created and launched on September 18th 2012. This plan is for Lighting Fixtures only and applies where indicated on select Lighting product pages. This policy does not apply to purchases made before September 18th 2012

If you happen to break a glass shade or crystal from any lighting fixture you purchase at Hansen Wholesale, we will replace it FREE of charge within the first 5 years after your purchase based on the limitations of this plan. So if some kids get a little too rambunctious and just happen to throw a baseball into your nice beautiful chandelier and break several pieces of glass or crystal, you need not worry. Just send us a picture of the broken fixture and we will be happy to replace the broken glass or crystal under the following conditions: We will cover the cost of the replacement glass piece(s) providing the replacement price is less than 20% of the total price you paid for the fixture and not more than $100.00. If the replacement cost is higher than this, you are welcome to pay the additional. You will be responsible for any shipping costs. Limited to one replacement claim per order. Applies only to cases where the necessary replacement glass are still available from the manufacturer. Applies only to glass or crystals...does not apply to light bulbs and other parts or components.


This is an exciting new policy we created and launched on September 18th 2012. This plan applies to *Complete Gas Log Sets only purchased on or after September 18th 2012

Most of the R. H. Peterson gas logs we sell come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty for the logs, and up to 10 years on the burners. But the actual functional parts such as control valves, remote control transmitters and receivers only have a 1 year factory warranty, which is the industry standard. Although such components used by R. H. Peterson are the highest quality in the industry, there is always the potential for failure and replacement parts or repairs beyond the 1 year warranty period can be expensive. Gas Log manufacturers limit the warranty for these items to 1 year because they do not actually make these parts and have less control over their reliability. When you buy any complete R. H. Peterson gas log set from Hansen Wholesale, we automatically extend the warranty for ALL gas log components for an additional 2 years for a total warranty of 3 years instead of 1. So not only will we make sure you get the lowest price for your R. H. Peterson gas log set, we'll also give you more peace of mind of with an additional 2 years of worry-free warranty coverage above and beyond what you would get anywhere else. Just another reason to buy your gas logs at Hansen Wholesale.

*A complete gas log set consists of both logs and a burner system. Purchases of logs only or burner kits only do not qualify for this plan. Limited to one warranty claim per gas log set.


We Pay Your Sales Tax: During this promotion, we actually pay any sales tax that applies to your purchase. So you do not have to worry about additional taxes being added during checkout or when placing your order over the phone. If you live in a location that requires you to pay a use tax, excise tax, levy, duty or any other type of additional fee for having made an online purchase, these are not covered under our "No Sales Tax" promotion and are your own responsibility. This promotion does not apply to trade accounts where items are purchased for resale.

FREE SHIPPING - Orders over $150 $49

Free Shipping sounds great doesn't it?

As of 8/4/2014 our FREE Shipping minimum order has been reduced to orders totaling over $49 (it was previously $150)

FREE Shipping is limited to items that are shipped via standard UPS or FedEx ground in the Contiguous USA (this excludes Alaska, Hawaii). FREE Shipping does not apply to the following: Oversized items or items that must be shipped via common carrier (see "Trucked Items" below), custom items unless otherwise noted on our website, trade account orders that have special pricing, price matched orders where the overall delivered price has been reduced to match or beat a competitors price where the competitor has a shipping charge, and items with unusual dimensions or packaging that require special handling. Multiple orders cannot be combined to meet the over $49 minimum for free shipping. If you need to add an item to an existing order and all or a portion of the order has already shipped, free shipping will not apply for the new item/order unless it is over $49. Call for details!

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii or anywhere outside the contiguous USA

FREE Shipping does NOT apply to Alaska and Hawaii or any other country or territory outside the contiguous United States!

Although our shopping cart allows orders from Alaska and Hawaii to be processed with apparent free shipping, these are exceptions that we must handle manually. If you place an order to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii in our shopping cart, we will contact you with a separate quote for shipping. If you do not wish to pay the shipping cost, we will cancel your order before it is processed. If you live anywhere else outside the contiguous USA, please call us for a shipping quote.

Trucked Items

Items that are shipped via Freight Truck that are indicated as Free Shipping will usually be delivered to your curbside. We allocate $250.00 total for delivery of freight items to the curbside under our Free Shipping policy. If the cost to ship an item to your curbside exceeds $250.00, we may choose to have the item delivered to a freight terminal near you and you will be responsible for either picking the item up from the terminal or contracting with a local delivery service to pick up the item and deliver it to your home. We do not place a restriction of $250 for delivery to a terminal. If the shipping cost exceeds $250 for delivery to a terminal, we cover that additional cost. If there is an additional charge required to deliver an item to your curbside, we will contact you prior to processing your order and give you a freight quote so you can decide whether or not to go forward with your order. The same holds true for any item shipped outside of the contiguous USA. Additional charges can be expected if you live in a remote location, a location with unusual or difficult access, or location that requires a ferry.


These terms and conditions apply both to our Guaranteed Lowest Price policy and our Lifetime Price Protection Plan!

This policies do not apply to items being sold by private parties or unauthorized dealers. We will not price match ourselves. All items must be the identical brand and model number offered by an authorized dealer in an original new unopened factory sealed box.

We will not match or beat prices of discontinued items, liquidations, used or refurbished merchandise, items priced below manufacturer's allowed pricing policies (see below**), items being sold by auction or items being sold at or near our actual cost. Items being compared must be in original manufacturer's sealed boxes and have identical part numbers.

Offer only applies to items that are shipped via standard ground shipping. If an item has a lower price from a competitor, yet shipping charges are higher from the competitor, we will compare the overall delivered price. If a competitor has a lower shipping charge than ours, we may or may not adjust our shipping rate based on the cost to ship to the final destination. Items shipped to California are subject to tax. Price matches are always before applicable California tax. Price match refunds are limited to one refund per item. Offer is subject to change without notice.

**Excluded Manufacturers: Some manufactures have UMRP (Unilateral Minimum Resale Price) or other pricing policies that dealers must adhere to in order to maintain their status as a dealer for certain products. As a responsible dealer, we will not violate these policies and therefore will not match prices that are below the price defined by the manufacturer if they have such a policy. Such brands include (but are not limited to): Minka Aire, Minka Lavery, George Kovacs and Metropolitan

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