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Gas Logs / 18" Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Gas Log Model ECVG18-2-18-15P

ECVG18-2-18-15P Peterson Real Fyre 18 inch Ventless Evening Fyre Charred See Through Gas Logs
Guaranteed Lowest Price Includes: Vent Free ANSI Certified 38000 BTU G18-2 Burner Kit Adjustable Flame Remote Safety Pilot for Propane Gas

Gas Logs Model ECVG18-2-18-15P

R. H. Peterson 18" Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Real Fyre Gas Logs with G18-2 Burner Kit and Adjustable Flame Remote Ignition System for Ventless See Through Wood Burning Fireplaces retrofitted with Propane or a UL approved ventless firebox. The Real Fyre Ventless Evening Fyre Charred vent free gas logs look just like real wood that has been burned. These are some of the most realistic ventless logs ever. For Vent Free applications only.. Most of our log sets are pictured in either 18" or 24" size. The number of logs may vary based on the size you choose.

IMPORTANT INFO: This is a ventless (or vent-free) gas log burner system designed to be installed in a wood burning fireplace retrofitted with Propane and burned with the damper closed or in a UL approved ventless firebox that does not have a chimney. You cannot install this gas log set in a type-b vent (natural vent) gas fireplace or direct vent gas fireplace or any gas or wood burning stove. It burns Propane and is for use indoors only. To make sure you have the right type of fireplace to install this gas log, please read this page: Where can gas logs be installed?

Important Note: Professional Installation is required for all ventless products. Check local building codes for any restrictions or conditions regarding ventless logs before you purchase or install them. Use of a Carbon Monoxide Detector is recommended with ventless products (Read more Warnings & Precautions below!).


Ventless Gas Log BTU Calculator!

Ventless gas logs MUST NOT exceed a certain BTU rating based on the size of a room. The formula for calculating the maximum BTU allowed is: Room Width x Room Length x Ceiling Height x 20. You can use this tool below to perform the calculation. Find out why it is important to limit the BTU output of ventless gas logs based on the size of the room!

Width x Length x Height x =
????? BTUs Max
Important Note: Professional Installation is required for all ventless products. Vent Free gas logs are not recommended for use in elevations over 2,000 feet. We advise that you install a high quality Carbon Monoxide Detector if you install a ventless gas log. Some cities do not allow vent free gas logs to be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms or other confined spaces, others do not allow ventless gas logs to be installed at all (California for example). Check local building codes for any restrictions or conditions regarding ventless logs before you purchase or install them. You may also view this: USA Map of Ventless Code Status.

What's included?

Includes G18-2-18-15P Burner Kit
18" Propane Burner
Minimum Space Requirement:
22" Center Width x 18" Depth

ANSI approved See Thru vent free gas log burner system with Variable Flame Remote Capable Safety Pilot. For approved ventless fireboxes or wood burning fireplaces burned the damper closed. Includes VR-1 transmitter and receiver.

Includes Adjustable Flame Remote Ignition System
Variable Flame Remote Control Safety Pilot with Piezo Starter included with G18-15P Ventless Gas Log Burners. Includes Basic VR-1A On/Off variable flame height remote control transmitter and receiver. Uses a standing pilot that stays lit. As long as the safety pilot is lit, you can turn the burner on and off or adjust the flame height with the included remote control, or manually by turing a knob attached to the pilot valve inside the fireplace. You can upgrade to VR-2A Deluxe Remote Control system with Variable Flame, Thermostat, Timer, Clock and Room Temperature (sold separately). Designed for average to smaller size gas logs.
Includes VR-1A Variable Flame Control
Basic On/off variable flame remote control transmitter/receiver for APK-15 and APK-17 pilot systems. Uses radio frequency.

Installation Resources:
Installation manual not available!

Locate a Gas Log Installer

(Hand Crafted in the USA!)

Prices for Burner and Logs if purchased separately:
Model ECV18 - 18" Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Logs Only: $332.35 (Order Separately Here!)
Model G18-2-18-15P Complete Burner Kit: $938.40 (Order Separately Here!)

Basic Features:

  • System Type: G18-15P
  • BTUs: 38000
  • Approval: ANSI
  • For Log Size: 18"
  • Fuel Consumption and Cost to Operate (Propane):
    (when operated on highest setting)

  • Consumption: 1.73 Pounds per Hour
  • Consumption: 0.42 Gallons per Hour
  • Cost to Operate: $1.07 per hour (USA average)
  • Calculations based on EIA Nationwide Average cost of propane at $2.54 per gallon as of 1/1/2010. This may vary widely in your local area. Use the consuption figures to calculate your actual cost/hour based on the cost of your fuel.

    Read more about How These Calculations are Performed Here!

    Additional Control Options: (sold separately - Please call to order)

  • VR-1A ($89.25) - Basic On/off variable flame remote control transmitter/receiver for APK-15 and APK-17 pilot systems. Uses radio frequency.
  • VR-2A ($122.40) - Deluxe variable flame remote control transmitter/receiver w/thermostat, timer, clock, temperature for APK-15 and APK-17 pilot systems. Uses radio frequency.
  • Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Gas Log Burner List
    Please Call: 1-800-201-1193 for help with this information

    Below is a list of other burners available for this log set. Since our warehouse is just minutes away from the actual R.H. Peterson factory, we receive special orders "Faster" than any other gas log website and can provide you with any burner and log combination that Peterson offers with "No Special Order Charges". If you do not see a particular burner that you want in this list, we can get it for you quickly...just give us a call.

    Due to required clearances, you must first make sure that the logs you choose meet the minumum "Center Width" and "Depth". The largest size logs that still meet these requirements will usually look the best in your fireplace. However, so that your logs do not look too crowded, you may also want them to be at least 6 to 8 inches less than the width of your actual fireplace opening.

    If this seems confusing to you...don't worry, our experts will help you figure it out when you call.

    *Yellow highlighted row indicates currently selected model
    On/Off Remote Safety Pilot Systems
      Size Model# Price Approval Gas Type Minimum Fireplace Size
      16" G18-2-16-12P $1,429.00 - $1,214.65 ANSI LP SeeThru 20" Wide Center x 18" Deep
      18" G18-2-18-12P $1,429.00 - $1,214.65 ANSI LP SeeThru 22" Wide Center x 18" Deep
      24" G18-2-24-12P $1,548.00 - $1,315.80 ANSI LP SeeThru 28" Wide Center x 18" Deep
    Adjustable Flame Remote Safety Pilot Systems
      Size Model# Price Approval Gas Type Minimum Fireplace Size
      16" G18-2-16-15P $1,495.00 - $1,270.75 ANSI LP SeeThru 20" Wide Center x 18" Deep
    * 18" G18-2-18-15P $1,495.00 - $1,270.75 ANSI LP SeeThru 22" Wide Center x 18" Deep
      24" G18-2-24-15P $1,614.00 - $1,371.90 ANSI LP SeeThru 28" Wide Center x 18" Deep

    Wall Clearances

    Mantel Clearance for G18-2 Burner

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    Ventless Gas Log Warnings and Precautions!

    The information below is not just limited to the Ventless Evening Fyre Charred logs from R. H. Peterson, it is for ANY BRAND OR MODEL of ventless gas logs. Please read this information before you purchase ventless logs from any dealer.

    You probably know better than to use Gasoline inside your home to clean things. This is not something that you learn by experience, it is something that you are taught at a young age by someone whom you trust. But you most likely do not know much about the safe operation of a ventless gas log set...or about the potential hazards that non-safe operation can create. It is also less likely that any other place that sells ventless gas logs is going to be so blatant and up front about these warnings. But our years of experience have taught us that it is best that you know about these things before you make your purchase rather than after you receive your log set and find it all spelled out clearly in your installation manual.

    For Your Safety: The list of guidelines below are not just mere suggestions, they are MANDATORY for the safe operation of any ventless gas log. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause any ventless gas log set to operate improperly. When a ventless gas log does not operate properly, it can create a potential safety hazard resulting in physical harm or death. These hazards include (but are not limited to) production of excess carbon monoxide, excessive moisture or the possibility of explosion. Please be very aware that ventless gas logs are to be installed and used carefully. They are not an unattended "Turn it on and forget about it" kind of appliance. Precautions must be taken to ensure your safety!

    If this all sounds to daunting, then you may want to consider Vented gas logs, which have far fewer complications.


    1. You Must: Install the log set in a solid fuel burning masonry fireplace (wood burning fireplace), UL-127 listed factory-build fireplace (prefab or zero clearance), or in a listed vent free firebox enclosure. NO exceptions!
    2. You Must: Check with your local building department to determine if ventless gas logs are allowed in your city
    3. You Must: Make sure the log set has been properly sized for the firebox in which it is to be installed.
    4. You Must: Have your log set installed by a professional.
    5. You Must: Have the operating gas pressure checked by a professional to ensure it falls within the minimum and maximum allowed pressure.
    6. You Must: Be sure the room in which the log set is to be installed qualifies as an unconfined space.
    7. You Must: Permanently close and seal any ash dumps or outside air ducts in the fireplace with a heat-resistant sealant.
    8. You Must: Have a fireplace screen in place during operation of the log set!
    9. You Must: Be sure the gas piping to the fireplace is sized to provide the minimum inlet pressure and capacity required (see owners manual)
    10. You Must: Inspect the product carefully to ensure all parts have been received in good condition.
    11. You Must: Be sure that the burner assembly, logs, ember bed, or embers are installed properly, carefully following the instructions given in the Owner's Manual. Improper installation will create operation problems and may create a safety hazard!
    12. You Must: Make sure the bottom logs are firmly seated on the burner and that the top logs are appropriately placed. Refer to the LOG PLACEMENT section in your main instructions.
    13. You Must: Limit the placement of lava granules, embers, or any other associated parts to those areas specified (see owners manual).
    14. You Must: Center the log set in the fireplace. In a solid fuel burning fireplace, place the log set forward while ensuring that no part of the set extends beyond the face of the fireplace.
    15. You Must: Either install a hood over your fireplace opening to meet the specified clearances to a mantel shelf, or burn your logs with the damper fully open!
    16. You Must: Make sure there are no drafts into or around the fireplace by turning off ceiling fans and floor fans and closing heating and air conditioning vents, returns, and outside air vents


    1. Do NOT: Use ventless logs as a primary heat source!
    2. Do NOT: Burn ventless gas logs for extended periods of time (no more than 6 hours per day)!
    3. Do NOT: Use any type of heat circulating device designed to blow heat from the fire into your room!
    4. Do NOT: Seal the flue damper!
    5. Do NOT: Install the log set in a solid fuel burning fireplace until the firebox, damper and chimney have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected by an authorized service person (licensed chimney sweep).
    6. Do NOT: Install the log set unless the gas supply is the same type as the gas stated on the gas log set rating plate (Nat. or L.P.)
    7. Do NOT: Install the log set if the gas pressure to the fireplace does not meet the minimum required (see owners manual)
    8. Do NOT: Install the log set unless the minimum clearance to combustible materials are met or exceeded (see owners manual)
    9. Do NOT: Attach this log set to an unregulated propane tank or an unregulated high pressure natural gas system...this could cause an Explosion!
    10. Do NOT: Install the log set in high traffic areas or near drapes or other combustible materials as the high temperatures generated by the set may create a hazard!
    11. Do NOT: Install the log set if the operating gas pressure to the fireplace does not meet minimum required (see owners manual). Low pressure will keep the unit from operating properly (nuisance shut down, porr ignition).
    12. Do NOT: Add any additional logs, lava granules, embers, accessories, or any other foreign objects to the log set as this will cause sooting and high carbon monoxide levels. Accessories may be added in the firebox, but must not interfere with the burn of the log set. Granules are decorative and are to be placed on the floor of the fireplace only, not on the burner system or logs.
    13. Do NOT: Close glass fireplace doors when log set is in operation!
    14. Do NOT: Re-light your log set for at least ONE MINUTE after extinguishing the flame!


    1. Ventless gas logs produce an odor and may cause eye irritation or coughing to those that are sensitive (Read more here!).
    2. Ventless gas logs are not permitted in California and other states and cities throughout the USA. (check with your local building department).
    3. Ventless gas logs lower the oxygen level in your home.
    4. Ventless gas logs are required to have an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) that will shut down the system of oxygen starts to become depleted from your home.
    5. Ventless gas logs produce large amounts of water vapor (H20) which can result in mildew.
    6. Ventless gas logs produce large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2)
    7. Ventless gas logs produce low levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and Sulfur Dioxide (S02), but can produce unsafe levels if not burned properly
    8. You cannot use ventless logs as a primary heat source or operate them for extended periods of time (no more than 6 hours/day).
    9. You may need to operate your ventless logs with a window cracked open, which allows cold air to come into your home and diminishes the heat efficiency.

    Not sure if Ventless logs are right for you?
    Read about the differences between Vented and Ventless gas logs here:
    Vented - vs - Ventfree Gas Logs

    18" R. H. Peterson Ventless Evening Fyre Charred gas logs with G18-2 burner and G18-15P Remote Pilot for SeeThru Ventless Wood Burning Fireplaces retrofitted with Liquid Propane. Can be burned with the damper open or closed. Can also be installed in a UL approved ventless firebox made to accept aftermarket vent free gas logs.

    Log Size:
    Gas Type:
    Control Type:
    Standard or See-Thru:
    Indoor/Outdoor For use indoors only | (Reset Above Options)
    FREE w/Purchase of
    Complete Gas Log Set
    Items Reg. Price Sale Price
    G18-2-18-15P Burner $1,104.00 $938.40
    ECV-2-18 Logs $391.00 $332.35
    BONUS GIFT $65.00 FREE
    Shipping: $75 FREE
    Sales Tax (varies) FREE
    Total $1,635.00 $1,270.75
    Your Discounted Price:
    (bottom line delivered price)

    (Save $364.25)
    Shipping Note: Gas logs purchased today will normally ship next Thursday or Friday. Please allow 3 to 5 additional weekdays for FedEx to deliver to your door.
    Gas Log Size Calculator
    (measure to the nearest inch)

    Use this to find the correct size logs for your fireplace based on your currently selected options!

    Front  Back  Depth
    " x " x "
    (numbers only round to nearest inch)

    How do I measure?

    Minimum Fireplace Size Requirements
    for Currently Selected Log Set

    (W) Minumum Center Width = 22"
    D Minimum fireplace depth =18"

    The best "Ceramic" logs you can buy!

    (ceramic logs reinforced with steel rods)

    The Ventless Evening Fyre Charred ceramic logs will "LAST A LIFETIME". They are carefully hand crafted from Peterson's proprietary mixture of clay and reinforced with steel rods to guarantee less chipping and breaking. Because these logs are ceramic, they will radiate more heat into your room and will "Not Crack and Crumble" like other brands made from cement.

    Read more about Peterson Gas Logs here!

    The Best Warranty:

    The Peterson Ventless Evening Fyre Charred Gas Logs are Covered by the Best Warranty in the Industry:

    The durable ceramic logs are covered by a"LIFETIME WARRANTY" for breakage. All burners are warranted for 10 years. SPK-26 manual pilot controls have a 3 year "ALL PARTS" warranty. Remote valves, pilots and controls are covered by a 1 year Limited Warranty (except for batteries).

    About This Special Offer

    *$35 TO $100 OFF applies to any complete gas log set (meaning gas log purchased with a burner system) of any size. The discount is equivalent to 15% OFF the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and the breakdown is shown on our gas log detail pages.

    FREE SHIPPING: Free Shipping applies only to complete log sets that are 30" or less in width when shipped via Fed-Ex ground.

    $100 OFF FREIGHT DELIVERY: Logs that are larger than 30" must ship on a freight delivery truck. We have reduced the shipping cost for freight deliveries from $350 to $250 saving you an extra $100 during this promotion.

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