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Gas Logs / " Charred Grizzly Oak Gas Log Model
Top 10 Best Selling Vented Gas Logs...

Peterson Real Fyre inch Charred Grizzly Oak Outdoor Gas Logs
Guaranteed Lowest Price Includes: Vented Certified BTU Burner Kit Manual Safety Pilot for Natural Gas

Gas Logs Model

R. H. Peterson " Charred Grizzly Oak Real Fyre Gas Logs with Stainless Steel Outdoor Burner Kit and Ignition System for Vented Wood Burning Fireplaces retrofitted with Natural Gas. Talk about a realistic looking gas log, the Charred Grizzly Oak is a testiment to the skilled craftmanship and attention to natural detail the artisans at R.H. Peterson are so well know for. This rugged looking oak log set looks absolutely real down to the deep bark detail and charred edges. If you are looking for the most realistic looking gas logs, then Grizzly Oak is at the top of the list.. Most of our log sets are pictured in either 18" or 24" size. The number of logs may vary based on the size you choose.

IMPORTANT INFO: This is a vented gas log burner system designed to be installed in a wood burning fireplace retrofitted with Natural Gas and burned with the damper open. You cannot install this gas log set in a ventless firebox, type-b vent (natural vent) gas fireplace or direct vent gas fireplace or any gas or wood burning stove. It burns Natural Gas. To make sure you have the right type of fireplace to install this gas log, please read this page: Where can gas logs be installed?

Talk about a realistic looking gas log, the Charred Grizzly Oak is a testiment to the skilled craftmanship and attention to natural detail the artisans at R.H. Peterson are so well know for. This rugged looking oak log set looks absolutely real down to the deep bark detail and charred edges. If you are looking for the most realistic looking gas logs, then Grizzly Oak is at the top of the list.

There are no MatchLight burners for Charred Grizzly Oak logs in this size.

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All R. H. Peterson Gas Logs and Burner Systems are Proudly Hand Crafted in the USA!

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Answers to Recent Gas Logs Questions Posted To This Page
  1. Question #9527 - Posted: 2/2/2017 8:52:54 PM

    Gas Logs Question Model PL-CHCRG46-30-17P

    QUESTION: 1. How large in diameter will the vent hose need to be for this type of unit?...Thanks, Frank

    ANSWER: I am assuming that you are referring to the size of the chimney. This gas log is designed to be installed in an existing wood burning fireplace that is capable of burning wood. If you do not already have a wood burning fireplace, then you cannot install this gas log without one. With that said, the minimum required vent depends on the height of the chimney. Please refer to this chart copied from the installation manual for specifics:

  2. Question #9516 - Posted: 12/29/2016 6:46:51 PM

    Gas Logs Question Model PL-CHRRSOG4-24

    QUESTION: Do you need a grate for the logs r s one included.

    ANSWER: Yes, you do need to stack the gas logs on a grate. If you purchase a complete gas log set from us (including a burner), you will receive a grate because the grate is included with the burner system. If you just buy the logs only, you will not receive a grate. We do not recommend ever purchasing the logs without a burner system unless you know that the burner system you have is compatible with the logs we sell. If you have any questions about this, then you should give us a call us at: 1-800-201-1193 or email me some pictures of your fireplace:

  3. Question #9515 - Posted: 12/29/2016 6:41:22 PM

    Gas Logs Question Model PL-SDPG4-24

    QUESTION: when I use this vented gas logs, should I open the chimney? There is a lot of smoke.

    ANSWER: Absolutely yes, you should open the chimney when you use a vented gas log. That is why the are called vented, because they require to be vented. Ventless or Vent Free gas logs are the only ones you can burn without opening the flue.

  4. Question #9513 - Posted: 12/29/2016 6:33:37 PM

    Gas Logs Question Model PL-MBWG4-24

    QUESTION: do white birch logs turn black after you use them?

    ANSWER: The truth is, ALL vented gas logs will blacken in the areas where they are in constant contact with the flame. So yes, parts of the birch logs will blacken, just as if you were burning real birch in your fireplace. We like to say that it adds character and realism to the logs.

  5. Question #9512 - Posted: 12/29/2016 6:31:21 PM

    Gas Logs Question Model PL-CHDG46-24-17

    QUESTION: What is the difference between the RH petersen gas logs APK-17 and APK-15

    ANSWER: The APK-15 is an older version and will likely be phased out. It is a little more heavy duty that the newer APK-17, but the APK-17 is a little less expensive, has a lower profile and can handle a more BTUs than the APK-15. Although both have proven to be reliable, we have had fewer issues over time with the APK-15 due to its sturdier construction. We still offer both because Peterson still offers both, but we recommend the APK-17 since it is a little less expensive and is less obtrusive in the fireplace.

  6. Question #9479 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:36:59 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I am looking for Peterson Model # SDPG46-18-17, but I do not see it on your web site. Do you carry it?

    ANSWER: Yes, we do carry it. Here is a link: Peterson SDPG46-18-17 Split Oak Designer Plus

  7. Question #9475 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:29:42 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: On a RH Peterson burner, what is the difference, or pros and cons from a G45A Burner and a G45 Triple T Burner? Is it just the certification or is there a performance difference as well?

    ANSWER: The G45A has a manual safety pilot that is factory installed and tested to meet ANSI approval. The G45 is a match-light burner with no safety pilot. If you purchase a G45 and add a safety pilot it will not be installed and tested at the factory. Otherwise, both burners are identical and both are Triple T. Many cities and states require ANSI approval, so if in doubt, it is best to purchase an ANSI approved burner.

  8. Question #9474 - Posted: 4/7/2014 1:30:01 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I have a zero clearance fire place that had the chimney removed when the house was re-roofed. I never intend to burn wood in it again. It never worked very well burning wood. Ventless is an option, but what are my options for a vented log? I would not want to take the vent through the roof. Can it be vented to a side wall? What are the limitations for running vent horizontally (how long)? I live in St. Louis, MO. Firebox can handle a G10 18

    ANSWER: There are no options to vent a previous wood burning fireplace out a side wall, it must be vented through the roof as it was before in order to burn any gas logs, vented or ventless. Please do not burn anything in your fireplace without having he chimney installed as it was will not be safe.

  9. Question #9467 - Posted: 4/3/2014 7:53:00 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I am looking at model HRG45-24-P-SS. the gas line comes into the fireplace from the left side (looking forward at the fireplace). Will this burner-log set work? When I looked at the instruction manual, the diagram shows the gas line on the right.

    ANSWER: You can easily reroute the gas line to the left side using a longer flex tube or black pipe. Often times, depending on the location of your gas line, the flex tube that comes with the burner will reach the other side. If it does not, then you can purchase a longer flex tube from us or from a hardware store or home center.

  10. Question #9449 - Posted: 2/1/2014 3:26:13 PM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I have a Peterson 18" gas log set I'm installing myself. The installation manual shows a right hand gas supply. My fireplace has a left gas supply. Can I just disassemble the burner pan and convert it to a left gas input and put the cap on the right? Or do I need to run a lot more pipe all the way from the left side to the right side? Thanks

    ANSWER: If you have a matchlight system (one without a safety pilot) then you can switch the plug and orifice from one side to the other to convert it to left gas input. If you have a safety pilot, it depends on the pilot system you have: some of them can and other cannot be will be obvious because the pilot mechanism would be upside down when reversed. If such is the case, then either get a longer flex tube from a home center, or reroute the gas line using black pipe and elbows.

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