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Pictured: 24 Inch Peterson Charred Frontier Gas Logs Model CHRFGF-24-11.

Charred Aged Split

Charred Frontier
About the Peterson GF Series Gas Logs

Revolutionary New Gas Logs that Can be Burned with your Glass Doors Closed!

The GF series gas logs from R. H. Peterson feature a revolutionary new burner that allows you to burn the gas log set with your fireplace glass doors closed. Almost all other gas logs cannot be burned behind closed doors, but rather must have the doors opened. This exclusive new design gives you much more flexibility in the way you can use your gas logs, and allows you to provide additional safety when children or animals are present.

How does it work?: The problem with burning gas logs with your fireplace doors closed is that too much heat is built up inside the fireplace and the safety pilot system will quickly overheat and melt, rendering your expensive gas log burner system useless. Peterson has designed this burner to operate at a slightly lower BTU output than other vented gas log burners. But what really makes it different is that Peterson has incorporated a heat sensor that will automatically shut the system off it it starts to overheat. There is no other gas log burner system on the market designed in this manner.

GF Series Gas Log Models and BTUs

Charred Aged Split Models

Size Gas Model No Min. Width Min. Depth Min. Height BTUs Price  
16 NG CHASGF-16-11 19 15 17 35000 $979.00
18 NG CHASGF-18-11 21 15 17 35000 $979.00
24 NG CHASGF-24-11 27 15 17 45000 $1,035.00
30 NG CHASGF-30-11 33 15 17 55000 $1,131.00
16 LP CHASGF-16-11P 19 15 17 31000 $979.00
18 LP CHASGF-18-11P 21 15 17 31000 $979.00
24 LP CHASGF-24-11P 27 15 17 41000 $1,035.00
30 LP CHASGF-30-11P 33 15 17 51000 $1,131.00

Charred Frontier Oak

Size Gas Model No Min. Width Min. Depth Min. Height BTUs Price  
16 NG CHFRGF-16-11 19 15 17 35000 $953.00
18 NG CHFRGF-18-11 21 15 17 35000 $953.00
24 NG CHFRGF-24-11 27 15 17 45000 $1,005.00
30 NG CHFRGF-30-11 33 15 17 55000 $1,100.00
16 LP CHFRGF-16-11P 19 15 17 31000 $953.00
18 LP CHFRGF-18-11P 21 15 17 31000 $953.00
24 LP CHFRGF-24-11P 27 15 17 41000 $1,005.00
30 LP CHFRGF-30-11P 33 15 17 51000 $1,100.00

How to interpret the above info:The above table shows the minimum space required inside your fireplace for each of the log sizes. The "Min. Width" is not the width of your fireplace opening, but rather the width inside your fireplace where the logs will be placed. Generally, this will be the width of your fireplace measure in the middle...or at least 7" back from the opening. This allows some additional space between the burner and side wall of your fireplace so that the burner system does not constantly overheat.

Call so we can make sure you get the appropriate size:

Peterson GF Series Size Chart
What's Included?

  • ANSI Certified special GF burner system
  • Pre-assembled safety pilot with remote control valve
  • Basic On/Off Remote transmitter and receiver
  • PIEZO ignitor for easy lighting of pilot
  • Heat sensor with Thermo Switch
  • Easily to access hidden controls
  • Special Log Grate
  • Individual logs
  • Easy to install Bendable Connector Tube w/Brass Fittings
  • Glowing Embers realistic glow
  • Available for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (specify when you order)
  • Individual logs
  • Remote systems include basic transmitter and receiver
  • Damper clamp
  • Complete installation and operation instructions
  • Free Technical Support from our gas log experts to help you overcome any difficulties you might have trying to get your gas logs installed properly

Limted Time Offer
15% OFF
Peterson GF Series Gas Logs

Model CHFRGF-24-11
24" R. H. Peterson Charred Frontier Logs with Special GF Remote Control Burner System. Specify gas type when you call

Normal Price:$1,035.00
15% Discount:$155.25 OFF
Current Shipping Cost:FREE SHIPPING*
Special Price: $804.75

Talk to a Gas Log Expert
Call: 1-800-201-1193

Order Other Sizes and Models Below

Strong Recommendation: Do not order gas logs anywhere online without first speaking to an Expert. You may end up with logs that are not safe for your fireplace or simply do not fit!

Please Call to Order!
In order to give you the Best Deal Possible, we take all Gas Log orders over the phone. Our Experts will remove the risks of purchasing gas logs online by making sure the logs you pick are safe and appropriate for your type of fireplace.

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions

A. Minumum Center Width = See BTU & Size Chart
B. Minimum fireplace depth = 15"

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Answers to Recent Gas Logs Questions Posted To This Page
  1. Question #9479 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:36:59 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I am looking for Peterson Model # SDPG46-18-17, but I do not see it on your web site. Do you carry it?

    ANSWER: Yes, we do carry it. Here is a link: Peterson SDPG46-18-17 Split Oak Designer Plus

  2. Question #9475 - Posted: 4/8/2014 1:29:42 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: On a RH Peterson burner, what is the difference, or pros and cons from a G45A Burner and a G45 Triple T Burner? Is it just the certification or is there a performance difference as well?

    ANSWER: The G45A has a manual safety pilot that is factory installed and tested to meet ANSI approval. The G45 is a match-light burner with no safety pilot. If you purchase a G45 and add a safety pilot it will not be installed and tested at the factory. Otherwise, both burners are identical and both are Triple T. Many cities and states require ANSI approval, so if in doubt, it is best to purchase an ANSI approved burner.

  3. Question #9474 - Posted: 4/7/2014 1:30:01 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I have a zero clearance fire place that had the chimney removed when the house was re-roofed. I never intend to burn wood in it again. It never worked very well burning wood. Ventless is an option, but what are my options for a vented log? I would not want to take the vent through the roof. Can it be vented to a side wall? What are the limitations for running vent horizontally (how long)? I live in St. Louis, MO. Firebox can handle a G10 18

    ANSWER: There are no options to vent a previous wood burning fireplace out a side wall, it must be vented through the roof as it was before in order to burn any gas logs, vented or ventless. Please do not burn anything in your fireplace without having he chimney installed as it was will not be safe.

  4. Question #9467 - Posted: 4/3/2014 7:53:00 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I am looking at model HRG45-24-P-SS. the gas line comes into the fireplace from the left side (looking forward at the fireplace). Will this burner-log set work? When I looked at the instruction manual, the diagram shows the gas line on the right.

    ANSWER: You can easily reroute the gas line to the left side using a longer flex tube or black pipe. Often times, depending on the location of your gas line, the flex tube that comes with the burner will reach the other side. If it does not, then you can purchase a longer flex tube from us or from a hardware store or home center.

  5. Question #9455 - Posted: 2/17/2014 9:10:47 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: Cn I just order the burner since I already have a 24 " split oak log set? My existing burner is leaking. Am looking at the G46-24 SPK.

    ANSWER: Yes, if you already have Peterson logs, we can supply you with the correct burner that is matched to them. The G46-24-SPK is one of the burners that is compatible with your logs. Give us a call and we will process your order over the phone. Call: 1-800-201-1193.

  6. Question #9454 - Posted: 2/17/2014 9:09:00 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: Hello, Thank you for taking my question. We have install installed a ventless fire place Patterson.. The unit was complete but had no logs supplied. Bought new logs. Can any ventless log be used with the burner. Or are the logs and burner sold only in sets?

    ANSWER: Warning: Do not use any logs other than those designed for the particular burner you own. The logs are in fact specific to the burner. It is critical that you get the right logs because if the flame hits the logs differently than the original design it can cause the gas to burn incompletely. Incomplete combustion of gas results in the additional byproducts of soot and carbon monoxide (lethal and odorless), which will be introduced directly into your home.

  7. Question #9449 - Posted: 2/1/2014 3:26:13 PM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I have a Peterson 18" gas log set I'm installing myself. The installation manual shows a right hand gas supply. My fireplace has a left gas supply. Can I just disassemble the burner pan and convert it to a left gas input and put the cap on the right? Or do I need to run a lot more pipe all the way from the left side to the right side? Thanks

    ANSWER: If you have a matchlight system (one without a safety pilot) then you can switch the plug and orifice from one side to the other to convert it to left gas input. If you have a safety pilot, it depends on the pilot system you have: some of them can and other cannot be will be obvious because the pilot mechanism would be upside down when reversed. If such is the case, then either get a longer flex tube from a home center, or reroute the gas line using black pipe and elbows.

  8. Question #9448 - Posted: 1/30/2014 9:12:57 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: We have a "Fire-Gear" vent-less propane fireplace. It gives off a noxious odor. We had it service but to no avail. We are thinking of replacing it w Peterson brand. Will this take care of our problem?

    ANSWER: Fire Gear is not a top quality brand like Peterson, so it is quite likely that replacing them with a better quality vent free gas log from Peterson will help reduce the odor. But it is important to be aware that ALL ventless appliances produce some odor because all of the byproducts of burning the fire are introduced into the room. Propane can be particularly worse than natural gas because the quality of the propane varies from supplier to supplier. The more impurities there are in the propane, the more potential there is for smell coming from burning a ventless gas log. Although we would love to sell you a new gas log set, we cannot guarantee that it would eliminate or reduce the odor. The only way to find out would be to install them. At least in that manner, you would know for sure whether it is the log set causing the problem, or the gas you are being supplied. Read more about what causes vent-free gas logs to produce a smell:

  9. Question #9447 - Posted: 1/30/2014 8:46:17 AM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: My daughter has vented gas logs in her bedroom which is about 24x36. It is her primary heat system. Recently we noticed that the ceiling and top part of her walls were becoming covered in black soot. Why would the logs start this and is it dangerous to them. They have a 1 month old that sleeps in that room as well. I have noticed that some of the baby toys that are plastic have the black on them also. I am very nervous about this. Would it be better for them to get ventless with a heatalator?

    ANSWER: Please stop using the gas logs immediately, it is dangerous to use them if they are producing soot. Where there is soot, there is also carbon monoxide, which as you know is a lethal odorless gas. You need to have your gas logs serviced or replaced because they are no longer burning cleanly as vent free gas logs should. Some Heating and AC companies are qualified to service ventless appliances, so use your local yellow pages to call around. Or, you can use the resource on this page to locate a professional who is qualified to service your gas logs: Locate a Gas Log Service Professional.

  10. Question #9446 - Posted: 1/26/2014 3:14:39 PM

    Gas Logs Question

    QUESTION: I have a Peterson real fire vented gas log system 18inch in my fireplace for several years and am very satisfied. I would like to change just the burner to make a vent free system for more heat. Is this possible. Thanks

    ANSWER: Unfortunately you cannot change just the burner in order to create a ventless gas log set. The burner and logs must be designed to work together, so you will need to buy a complete setup. The reason is that ventless gas logs must burn in a very controlled manner in order to burn cleanly. Any disruption to the way the flame burns, such as touching the logs in the wrong place, will cause the gas to burn incompletely and produce exhaust...including carbon monoxide and soot. So the flames cannot touch the logs in any manner in which the system was not designed...which means you must have the correct logs and they must be stacked exactly as described in the owners manual.

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