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Pictured above: 18" Peterson Evening Fyre Charred Ventless Gas Logs.

Evening Fyre

Evening Fyre Split

Evening Fyre Charred

Description: The Evening Fyre ventless gas logs from R. H. Peterson are some of the most realistic vent free logs ever made. They produce a more natural looking fire with more yellow than blue flame, and have an intense bed of glowing embers.

Realistic Logs: The logs themselves have a very rustic and natural look to them having been created from hand sculpted originals by artists at the Peteron factory. Each log set is individually hand painted to acheive the most realism possible

Realistic Flame: One of the most common complaints about vent free gas logs is the unrealistic blue looking flame that they normally create. Peterson has addressed this issue and developed a special innovative G18 advanced series burner system that produces a much more enjoyable flame pattern with more yellow in it while still meeting the strict ANSI certification standard required for the best clean burning ventless logs.

Ample Heat Output: If heat is your main concern, the Evening Fyre logs surpass most other ventless logs as well when it comes to warming you up. With a higher than average BTU ratings, nearly 100% of that heat stays in your you will be more than cozy with any one of the Evening Fyre ventless log sets burning in your fireplace.

BTU Ratings

16" to 30" Standard Models = 36,000 BTUs
16" & 18" See Thru Models = 38,000 BTUs
24" See Thru Models = 40,000 BTUs

State of the Are Safety: Safety is always a big concern with ventless gas appliances, because if something ever goes wrong, you do not want to be left with an appliance that starts generating carbon monoxide or depleting the oxygen in your home. R. H. Peterson uses the latest technology to eliminate the possiblity of such issues such as a hyper-sensative ODS (oxygen depletion system) that will turn the logs off if it detects low oxygen levels in the room. The unit will also not operate if for some reason it begins producing an excessive amount of heat.

The Smell: One of the biggest complaints we hear about venltess gas logs is that they generate a smell that some people simply do not like. Some people equate the smell to that of burning kerosene. Although it is foolish for any manufacturer of ventless products to claim that their logs do not generate any smell (because they all do to some degree), we have less complaints from customers who have purchased the Evening Fyre logs than any other Vent Free gas log we have ever sold.

Convenience: The special G18 burner system comes with several control options that will make operating the logs more convenient or enjoyable. We suggest that you call us so we can discuss your choices in more detail, but basically, you can choose between the following control systems:

  • G18 Manual On/Off Knob
  • G18-12 Basic On/Off Remote
  • G18-15 Variable Flame Remote
  • G18-01V Electronic Ignition Remote w/Variable Flame

Sizes: The Evening Fyre logs come in 16", 18" 24" and 30" sizes for standard single sided fireplaces and 16", 18" and 24" sizes for see thru fireplaces.

What size do I choose? Basic rule of thumb...allow at least 4" of space between each side wall of your fireplace and the end of the logs. So, your logs should be at least 8" smaller than the width in the "Middle" of your fireplace (which is where the logs will sit). If you size your logs too big, the system will continually shut itself down automatically as it becomes too hot (which will become very annoying). Constant overheating will eventually damage the controls or gas valve...which can lead to very costly repairs. Although the G18 burner system is more rugged than most other gas burners, it is still prone to failure if you do not make sure you leave the 4" of space as required.

Call us and we will help you make sure you order the right size!

If you are looking for the very best vent-free gas log, either as a heater or just to enjoy your fireplace, then the Peterson Evening Fyre Series can't be beat.


Each Evening Fyre Ventless Gas Log Sets include:

  • G18 Evening Fyre Burner System of your choice
  • Pre-assembled Control Valve and ODS Safety System
  • Custom Log Grate
  • Easy to install Bendable Connector Tube w/Brass Fittings
  • Glowing Embers with special "Bryte Coals for the most realistic glow
  • Lava Granules to fill in around the log set
  • Decorative Wood Chunks to Hide Controls
  • Available for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (specify when you order)
  • Individual logs
  • Remote systems include basic transmitter and receiver
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Complete installation and operation instructions
  • Free Technical Support from our gas log experts to help you overcome any difficulties you might have trying to get your gas logs installed properly


*Free Shipping applies to orders shipped in the Continental USA by standard Fed-Ex ground.

Evening Fyre Model List

(ECV) NEW Evening Fyre Charred Series
Control Type Single or See-Thru 16" or 18" 24" 30"
Single Sided Manual $811 $916 $975
Single Sided On/Off Remote $1015 $1120 $1179
Single Sided Variable Remote $1081 $1186 $1245
Single Sided Electronic Remote $1238 $1343 $1402
See Thru Basic remote $1219 $1325 NA
See Thru Variable Remote $1285 $1391 NA
(EFV) Standard Evening Fyre Series
Control Type Single or See-Thru 16" or 18" 24" 30"
Single Sided Manual $781 $882 $939
Single Sided On/Off Remote $985 $1086 $1143
Single Sided Variable Remote $1051 $1152 $1209
Single Sided Electronic Remote $1208 $1309 $1366
See Thru Basic remote $1186 $1292 NA
See Thru Variable Remote $1252 $1358 NA
(ESV) Evening Fyre Split Series
Control Type Single or See-Thru 16" or 18" 24" 30"
Single Sided Manual $805 $980 $966
Single Sided On/Off Remote $1009 $1112 $1170
Single Sided Variable Remote $1075 $1178 $1236
Single Sided Electronic Remote $1232 $1335 $1393
See Thru Basic remote $1212 $1319 NA
See Thru Variable Remote $1278 $1385 NA

To Order Call: 1-800-201-1193

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Limted Time Offer
15% OFF
ALL Evening Fyre
Ventless Gas Logs!

Model ECVG18-18
18" R. H. Peterson Evening Fyre Charred Vent-Free Logset Complete with w/Manual Control. Specify gas type when you call

Normal Price:$811.00
15% Discount:$121.65 OFF
Current Shipping Cost:FREE SHIPPING*
Special Price: $688.50

See Complete Price List Below

You must call during our normal business hours to place your order and receive your discount!

Strong Recommendation: Do not order gas logs anywhere online without first speaking to an Expert. You may end up with logs that are not safe for your fireplace or simply do not fit!

Please Call to Order!
In order to give you the Best Deal Possible, we take all Gas Log orders over the phone. Our Experts will remove the risks of purchasing gas logs online by making sure the logs you pick are safe and appropriate for your type of fireplace.

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions

A. Minumum Center Width = add 8" to log width
B. Minimum fireplace depth = 12"

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