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Sorry, model 82811 is either Discontinued or no longer exists on our site

Model 82811 is either Discontinued or no longer exists on our site

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Light Bulb Lumen Comparison Chart

LED bulbs are now the best energy saving choice and will soon become your only choice. Here is a quick guide to the equivalent lumens between LED, CFL and Incandescent bulbs based on wattage. Keep in mind that the wattage of a bulb does not necessarily determine the lumens as the chart below suggests, so be sure to check the actual lumen output of any bulb for a more accurate comparison.

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Answers to Recent Lighting Questions Posted To This Page
  1. Question #5077 - Posted: 5/16/2008 2:46:21 AM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-31191

    View  model MY-31191
    MY-31191 -

    QUESTION: I would like to know if product # MY-31191 is in stock. I have contacted several places that tell me that it is in stock, only to find out later that it is not, and will have to be shipped direct from the manufacturer, within 4-6 weeks. Please let me know if you physically have the item in your warehouse. I only need a quantity of one. Thanks. Ryan 310 801 7065

    ANSWER: I am not actually aware of any online dealers that stocks much of any Meyda tiffany products since the manufacturer will in fact drop ship the item directly to you once your order is placed. So unfortunately, the 4 to 6 weeks quoted from other resources is a pretty realistic lead time, although they have been known to take as long as 8 weeks since many of their items end up being made to order. Please call us, we will treat you with respect and make sure you are not mislead...we also guarantee our prices.

  2. Question #4049 - Posted: 1/23/2008 3:34:18 PM

    Lighting Question Model MY-30989


    QUESTION: What's the width?

    ANSWER: The correct dimensions are 27.5" Wide x 28.5 "H. We have made the appropriate corrections to our site.

  3. Question #2192 - Posted: 9/30/2007 7:04:59 PM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-48927

    View  model MY-48927
    MY-48927 -

    QUESTION: Can anyone buy from your company? Can I order only three of this particular light?

    ANSWER: Yes, we deal with wholesale and retail consumers.

  4. Question #1368 - Posted: 8/20/2007 9:34:07 PM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-26636

    View  model MY-26636
    MY-26636 -

    QUESTION: I am wondering if there is a smaller light like this one.

    ANSWER: There used to be a smaller version, but it has been discontinued. The lamp you are referring to is actually 23" tall. It was posted at 9" tall, which was in fact the height of the shade only. We have corrected this error.

  5. Question #1160 - Posted: 8/6/2007 3:16:16 PM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-56401

    View  model MY-56401
    MY-56401 -

    QUESTION: depth of lamp?

    ANSWER: The fixture is 35" long. the glass is 9" tall and about 10" deep while the hood over the glass is about 16" to 18" deep. I say about, because the manufacturer does not provided the depth specifically, so I am giving it an educated guess. If you must know the exact dimensions, we will need to have the factory pull one out and measure it and get back to you. In this case, you will need to give us a call.

  6. Question #1158 - Posted: 8/6/2007 2:25:33 PM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-24269

    View  model MY-24269
    MY-24269 -

    QUESTION: is this a plug in?

    ANSWER: Actually, none of the pendants or chandeliers that are on our site get plugged in. As with most lighting fixtures on the market, they are designed to be wired directly to a junction box which supports the fixture. In most cities, plugging in a ceiling light is not acceptable for building codes. If you wanted to plug in a light fixture and it is legal in your area, you would need to find a way to install a hook directly into a ceiling joist in order to hang the pendant and then splice in an extension cord. We do not recommend you do this, but that is what many people do anyway.

  7. Question #1097 - Posted: 8/3/2007 9:58:58 AM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-65825

    View  model MY-65825
    MY-65825 -

    QUESTION: Hello, Could I use flourescent light bulbs in this fixture? Also, would you quote me a price. Thanks, Jerri Smith

    ANSWER: Yes. You can use Compact flourescent bulbs in fixtures that use medium based bulbs like this one. You will be surprised at how it brings out the color in the tiffany as well.

  8. Question #677 - Posted: 7/4/2007 10:27:50 AM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-27458

    View  model MY-27458
    MY-27458 -

    QUESTION: I have hunter ceiling fans, does this fit Hunter?

    ANSWER: Some hunter fans will accept this fixture and others will not. You need to make sure that the fan you have has a bottom cap that has a hole in the middle that accepts an all-thread screw. If the bottom cap does not have a hole in the middle, then your hunter fan will only accept hunter fixtures.

  9. Question #372 - Posted: 5/28/2007 10:48:49 PM

    Lighting Question - Meyda Tiffany Model MY-27414

    View  model MY-27414
    MY-27414 -

    QUESTION: Does this Meyda Tiffany model (#MY-27414) come in a 6 light version?

    ANSWER: Unfortunately this tiffany light fixture comes only as a 3 light fixture as shown.

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