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Insulating Liner


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Grill Compatibility

Echelon and Aurora

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Insulating Liner FEATURES

The new insulating liner facilitates installation of built-in Fire Magic® grills into wood, composite or other combustible enclosures when used with non-combustible counter tops. Sizes are available for all Echelon, Aurora and Legacy Deluxe grills as well as Power Burners & Searing Stations.

Feature Highlights:

  • Hanger for easy installationInsulating Liners
  • Reduced clearance
  • No additional support beneath the liner required
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Pre-assembled in box

Available Insulating Liner Models

  • 3185-51-Echelon E1060i
  • 3186-51-Echelon E790i & Aurora A790i
  • 3176-51-Echelon E660i & Aurora A660i
  • 23150-51-Aurora A540i & Choice C540i
  • 23125-51-Aurora A530i
  • 23130-51-Aurora A430i & Choice C430i
  • 3100-51-Deluxe Built-In Grill
  • 3278-51-Power Burner & Double Searing Station
  • 3287-51-Searing Station

Insulating Liner