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Even More For The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Fire Magic helps you elevate your outdoor grill into a beautiful, complete, high-performing outdoor kitchen, with accessories that do it all. Consider a sink and faucet, flip-door paper towel holder and foot operated self-contained trash container to add convenience. Have you ever forgotten to turn off the gas on your barbecue? Adding a safety timer is a great solution and installs quickly and easily. Chicken and turkey holders, rotisserie basket for fish (or even meatballs), charcoal basket and wok are just some of the items available to cook just about anything on the grill. There’s nothing you can’t do better and easier with Fire Magic accessories.

Protective Grill Covers
Model #: Various “F” Styles

Custom fitted to Fire Magic® grills and accessories, these black covers are manufactured with a PVC exterior and Polyester “breathable” interior providing excellent protection to any Fire Magic® product.

Five-Piece Tool Set
Model #: 3575B

Packed in a handsome zippered nylon logo case, our 5-piece tool set includes stainless steel tongs, meat fork, silicone-tipped basting brush, slotted flat spatula with serrated edges and built-in bottle opener and a two-sided grill brush.

Warming Rack Extender
Model #: 3682A

Add 100 square inches of indirect grilling (or warming) space to 22” deep Echelon and Aurora Grills with the new Warming Rack Extender, simply hook on the rear edge of the existing warming rack.

  • Dimensions: 14”w x 7”d

Charcoal/Smoker Basket
Model #: 3564-1
(Fits 18″ deep Aurora grills)
Model #: 3564-2
(Fits All Echelon grills & 22″deep Aurora grills)

Cooking with wood chunks or charcoal is easier than ever. Basket sits on top of the burner, gas burners ignite the chunks or coals. Includes smoker cover and Bottom tray that catches ashes for easy clean-up. Includes easy to use safety cover lifter.

Stainless Steel Griddle
Model #: 3515
(Fits 18″deep Fire Magic® grills)
Model #: 3516
(Fits 22″deep Fire Magic® grills)

This unique grilling accessory heats up fast and allows you to cook all your meals in your outdoor kitchen.

Cast Iron Griddle
Model #: 3511A
(Fits single side burners)
Model #: 3512A
(Fits 18″deep Fire Magic® grills)
Model #: 3513A (Fits 22″deep Fire Magic® grills and Dbl. Side Burners)

Griddle available for the Fire Magic® double side burner as well as the Echelon and Aurora grills. Perfect for breakfast, grilled or vegetables or fajitas.

Grilling Tray
Model #: 3567

Expand your cooking horizons with the Fire Magic® Grilling Tray. The durable black porcelain finish, angled sides and easy access low profile front makes cooking smaller food on your Fire Magic® grill a snap!

  • Dimensions 13½”w x 14¾”d

FM_3422-E2_Motorized Hood
Motorized Hood Kit
Model #: 3422-E2

Motorized Hood Kit is compatible with All current Echelon Grills.

Cut & Clean Combo
Model #: 53816

Allows you to slice and dice on a Fire Magic® bamboo cutting board, then sweep debris right into the Fire Magic® trash container or basic trash can via a deep stainless steel trash chute. Chute measures 14¾”. Stainless steel lid included.

  • Cut-out: 9½”w x 4½”d x 15”h
Paper Towel Holder
Model #: 53812

Accepts and protects regular or jumbo rolls.

  • Cut-out: 12”w x 8”d x 9¼”h

Blender w/Stainless Steel Hood
Model #: 3284A

Fire Magic’s® Blender is the perfect companion for any outdoor kitchen, bar caddy or beverage center. The attractive and sturdy stainless steel cover protects the 675-watt motor from the elements.

  • Cut-out: 8¾”w x 14¼”d

Trash Container
Model #: 53825-T

Constructed of stainless steel with a hands-free foot lever, the door easily slides open to reveal a 10.5 gallon trash can. Fully enclosed. Great for use under the Cut & Clean Combo.

  • Cut-out: 12¾”w x 20”d x 24”h

Bamboo Cutting Board
Model #: 3582-1

This durable and functional Bamboo Cutting Board is perfect for preparing meats and vegetables for grilling.

  • Dimensions: 14”w x 12″d

Model #: 3572

Hard-anodized stick-resistant lined interior surface measures 14” in diameter.

Grill Light
Model #: 3574

This halogen 10 watt bulb makes evening grilling easy. When using the light on a grill without backburner, a light bracket must be ordered. Aurora Light Bracket: 3600-43, Legacy Light Bracket: 3600-18-SP.

Safety Timer
Model #: 3090 (3 hr. Timer)
Model #: 3092A (1 hr. Timer)

Fire Magic’s® 3 Hour, and 1 Hour, Safety Timers offers additional safety and automatically shuts off gas flow at pre-set times. Easy to install. Great for apartment and condominium use.

Turkey Fryer Kit
Model #: 3570

You’ll be amazed at how tender a deep-fried turkey can be. Kit includes pot, inner basket with sturdy handle and thermometer probe. Great as a crab or corn pot.

Rotisserie Basket
Model #: 3618

A versatile, stainless steel basket for skewers, burgers, ribs or fish.

Turkey Holder
Model #: 3615E

This sturdy holder is also perfect for beef, pork and lamb roasts.

Chicken Holder
Model #: 3617E

Enjoy a golden, succulent chicken the quick and easy way!

Gas Connection Box
Model #: 5520-01T

Gas connection box with quick disconnect and 1 hour timer for safety. Clean and attractive 304 stainless steel box.

Patio Post
Model #: 5110-33

Optional stainless steel LP tank shield for Patio Post Grill.

Stainless Steel Cleaner
Model #: 3581-6

Protect your investment with the Fire Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner. Takes only a small amount to cut through grease and food build up. Removes most heat stains and rust spots.

Straight Gas Line Valve
Model #: AV-30

Can be attached to gas line for additional safety.

Vent Hood
Model #: 36-VH-6,42-VH-6,48-VH-6,and 60-VH-6

The Fire Magic Outdoor Grill Vent Hood quickly exhausts excess smoke and heat from covered patios. From its efficient dual fans (1200 CFM total) to the configuration of the hood itself, the Grill Vent Hood is created specially for your outdoor grilling environment.

  • Available in 36″, 42″, 48″, and 60″ widths
Insulating Liners
Model #:Various Models

Featuring reduced clearance and requiring no additional support panel beneath the grill, the Insulating Liner is constructed of 300 series stainless steel, is pre- assembled and includes a hanger for easy installation.

Buffet Warming Accessory
Model #: 23830-SW-CD

4 Stainless Steel Containers with lids to keep food warm

  • (2) Rectangular Containers Measuring:&nbsp:9½”w x 5½”d x 6″h
  • (1) Large Rectangular Container Measuring:11¾”w x 9½”d x 4″h
  • (1) Medium Container Measuring:6″w x 5½”d x 6″h
  • (For use with Fire Magic Warming Drawers)