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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Recommendations From Our Ceiling Fan Experts

Updated 4/14/2023

Looking for an outdoor ceiling fan but don't know which to choose? No worries, we have taken a look at all the major brands on our site and selected the ones we know are the very best. You cannot go wrong with any of the fans on this page. If in doubt, please call and talk to one of our ceiling fan experts, we are here to help: 1-800-201-1193

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Salt Air Locations - 2023

Matthews Donaire Stainless Steel Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Matthews Donaire: The Donaire is the ultimate outdoor ceiling fan and actually survived hurricane Irma when other fans in the neighborhood were demolished (see picture to the right). As one of very few ceiling fans made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, it is made to better to withstand the cruelest punishment mother nature has to offer from wind, sun, rain, sleet, snow and most important, salt air. Although much more costly than the typical steel used in other fans, Marine Grade Stainless Steel is highly resistant to corrosion and is the same type of material used in high end barbecues as you see in the picture above. The Donaire comes with a remote control and built-in dimmable LED light kit and includes a bottom cap if you want a super clean look without the light. The Donaire comes in the stainless steel finish shown here, but is also available in bronze or white (still made of stainless steel).

The Best Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan - 2022-2023

Modern Forms Wynd Stainless Steel Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Modern Forms Wynd Outdoor Wet Rated Smart Ceiling Fan

The Wynd is built with the outdoors in mind. Available in stainless steel and other weather resistant finishes, this high quality high tech fan can be operated from a number of different types of controls, including Alexa and Google Home. The Wynd does not lack in performance boasting 7,516 CFM on high speed, and an Wind Speed Factor of 3.39 MPH, which is enough breeze to help keep you cool on those hot summer days. This is an excellent fan for those who need great looks, durability, convenient operation and a strong breeze.

All Modern Forms Ceiling Fans are Wet Rated and Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use them with your Alexa or Google Home automation commands. The entire line is among the best outdoor ceiling fans you can buy, so they all meet our "Best Outdoor Fans" criteria!

The Best Selling Outdoor Fan - 2018-2023

Minka Aire Simple

The Minka Aire Simple has been one of our best selling outdoor fans since 2018 and continues to be a top seller. The name suits the look, plain and simple. The super efficient DC motor is wet rated for any outdoor location covered or uncovered and is available in 44" and 52" versions with or without the LED light. The 52" size produces 5,670 CFM with a Wind Speed Factor of 3.28 MPH, which is great for a fan this size. It comes in several finishes to suit your outdoor setting in a price range that is affordable making it one of the best values for an outdoor ceiling fan!