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The Haiku and i6 ceiling fans from Big Ass Fans are "Assembled in the USA". Each one is assembeld to order in Lexington Kentucky and tested for perfect smooth operation before being shipped. It takes about 30 days to process your order, but if you want a high quality ceiling fan Assembled in the USA, it is well worth the wait. The Haiku L models are made in Malaysia. They are in stock and ready to ship if you cannot wait. These models do not have all of the high-tech features as the models assembled in Lexington KY, but they still among the best ceiling fans on the market.

Big Ass Fan Models

SenseME™ Technology

Big Ass makes the smartest ceiling fans in the world. Their SenseMe™ technology uses sensors for motion, temperature and humidity, combined with a learning processor to adapt to your personal life-style and enhance your level of comfort. Once you set your preferences, your fan will automatically manage the airflow and light necessary to enhance your comfort level. Of course, you can always override the settings or make changes manually from your app or included remote control. SenseME™ is standard on indoor models of premium Haiku and all models of i6.

SenseME Features

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Haiku Exploded

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Haiku Control

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