5 Questions to Ask before your Gas Logs Installation


What questions should I ask before doing a Gas Logs Installation? Before your gas logs installation, ask your plumber: “What types of gas log burner have you installed in the last six months?” They are likely not qualified if they don’t answer with R. H. Peterson, vented and ventless. There are other questions (below).   […]

The Right Questions for your Ceiling Fan Installer


What questions should I ask my ceiling fan installer? The main question you should ask your ceiling fan installer: “What brands of ceiling fans have you installed before?” If your brand of ceiling fan isn’t in their top five, keep looking for a more experienced installer. There are other questions (below), but this is the […]

The Best Crystal Ceiling Fans


What are the best and prettiest crystal ceiling fans? In my opinion, the Minka Aire Cristifano with the Crystal Light Kit is best crystal ceiling fan. It’s also, in my opinion, the prettiest one on the market. There are many other excellent choices, too. By Felix, Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale Felix loves […]

Ceiling Fans To Save You Money on National Ceiling Fan Day 2017


A few years ago, one of our favorite ceiling fan manufacturers created National Ceiling Fan Day. With tongue-in-cheek, we celebrate this important and famous holiday that Fanimation created because, hey, it’s an opportunity to save you money! We got together here at Hansen Wholesale and picked our favorite ceiling fans to save you money for […]

Modern Gas Fire Place Inserts


What are the best modern gas fire place inserts? It depends what you mean. If you’re really looking for fire place inserts – self-contained units – it’s easy. You want the Peterson D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace Insert. If you want a modern gas fireplace and you don’t want the traditional log look, we have the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fireplace Logs


If you’re referring to ceramic gas logs, you want high-quality gas logs. Get fireplace logs that are long-lasting and carefully engineered. R. H. Peterson makes the best product by a large margin. I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of what to look for. By Erick, Outdoor Gas Logs Expert at Hansen Wholesale Erick […]

Finding Premium Barbecues, the Best Gas Grills


How do I find the best gas grills? The easiest way to find the best gas grills is to come to our site, then give us a call and have us configure one for you. We make it very easy to have the best built-in gas barbecue grill delivered to your home so you can […]

Contemporary Interior Design with Industrial Ceiling Fans


What are the best industrial ceiling fans for industrial interior design? Industrial ceiling fans make a fantastic statement in an industrial style home interior. make. Some of my favorite industrial style ceiling fans for the private home come from: Craftmade, Modern Fan Co., Matthews Fan Co., Emerson, Fanimation and, Savoy House. By Steve, Ceiling Fan […]

Vintage Ceiling Fans Style for Retro Interior Designs


What are the best vintage ceiling fans for a Retro Vibe? Retro Ceiling Fans, a subset of vintage ceiling fans, are a beautiful touch in contemporary and vintage homes. Retro ceiling fans complement many interior designs, including: Art Deco, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Modern, Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, and Steampunk. Retro Ceiling Fans also work in […]

Vintage Ceiling Fans Style: Rustic Ceiling Fans


What rustic looking vintage ceiling fans should I use in a rustic home? Interior designs of rustic style work with Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans. These Interior Design Styles include: Contemporary Craftsman, Farmhouse, Greek Revival, Log, Mountain, Southern, Spanish, Steampunk, and Tuscan. Rustic Ceiling Fans also work in Traditional or Modern style homes. They provide contrast […]