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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. How to Properly Size Gas Logs

    How to Properly Size Gas Logs

    Sizing Gas Logs properly is extremely important and can be a little tricky. The main consideration is the size of the burner you have, and what space is required for your ignition system. A common mistake is getting gas logs that are too large for your fireplace, and this will cause your gas log system to malfunction.

    Steve, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Steve,
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Hansen Wholesale is back today with more helpful advice. Gas Logs Expert Steve will guide you through the steps to properly measure your gas logs so he can size what you want for you. Steve has been at this for a very long time! Knowing exactly which of your 5000 choices will fit in your fireplace is his business!

    Gas Logs Sizing and Measuring:
    Gas Log Pro Steve's Best Method

    November 25th, 2016

    It's important to properly size gas logs. Just about the most common mistake people make when ordering gas logs is they get them too big. They think that getting nice big gas logs that completely fill their whole fireplace will look impressive.

    In truth, it ends up looking awkward - and worse: it can cause your fireplace to stop working.

    You actually need a little space around your logs to breathe. It sounds funny to some people, but you can make your fire too hot for your fireplace. It happens easily when you get the wrong size gas logs. More importantly, your fire may get too hot for your gas valve. Replacing the gas valve in

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  2. Do You Need Gas Logs or a Fireplace Insert?

    A fireplace insert is a self-contained box that contains everything and goes into an existing hole in the wall for a fireplace. A Gas Log Set also goes into a fireplace, but it consists of parts: a gas burner (natural gas or propane), a non-wood log set, and possibly an ignitor for the burner.

    Felix, Gas Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Felix,
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Hansen Wholesale has a helpful tip for you today. Felix, one of our longest-running Gas Logs Experts (he's been here 18 years!), addresses the often-confusing difference between a gas log set and a fireplace insert. There are some important distinctions, and Felix spells them out for you so you have the right information as you finish your project.

    Gas Logs or a Fireplace Insert - Which Do You Need? Felix Explains

    December 23rd, 2016

    "Do I need gas logs or a fireplace insert?" I hear that question a lot! Sometimes people think they want a fireplace insert, but what they really want is a set of gas logs.

    I will explain the difference.

    A gas log set consists of non-wood logs (made of ceramic, cement or some other non-combustible material), stacked on a fireplace grate, set up over a gas log burner. The burner sits on the floor of the fireplace and usually has some glowing embers covering it. This setup easily connects to the gas line in your fireplace with very little effort. When you

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  3. How to Choose the Best Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

    How to Choose the Best Gas Logs for Your Fireplace

    This piece has been modified and updated on 11/21/19.

    A vital component of a cozy home during the colder months is the fireplace. While the heat and comforting glow of a wood fire can aesthetically feel ideal, the effort and clean-up involved have many turning to the convenience and charm of gas logs. To ensure you choose the right option to fit your needs, from look to size to vented versus ventless gas logs, here are a few factors to consider in the buying process.

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