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Monthly Archives: March 2017

  1. LED Ceiling Fans - Energy Efficient and Beautiful in So Many Ways

    What is a good LED Ceiling Fan?

    LED Ceiling Fans:

      1. Emerson Luray Eco LED Ceiling Fan
        Brightest LED lights. Dimmable. Efficient DC Motor.
      2. Casablanca Stealth LED Ceiling Fan
        Among the most popular. Dimming LED lights.
      3. Savoy House La Salle LED Ceiling Fan
        Another great option - powerful and efficient. LED lights dim.


    Andrew, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Andrew,
    Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    When you look for an efficient Ceiling Fan, you want the latest options to keep your energy costs down. You want to keep as off that grid as you can muster. LED Ceiling Fans are a great option because old light bulbs are real energy suckers. Not to mention they put off heat, which is probably not why you want a ceiling fan! Andrew knows all this and he knows what fans can work best for you.

    LED Ceiling Fans - Energy Efficient and Beautiful in So Many Ways

    March 24th, 2017

    Imagine that ideal life.

    It's a beautiful day. A bit humid, but your trusty ceiling fan keeps a nice breeze blowing. You enjoy some much-needed rest.

    Then the heat hots up and... maybe your trusty ceiling fan isn't so trusty! You watch the blades slow and slow. They give away speed inexorably to oblivion.

    They stop. You are betrayed!


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  2. Ceiling Fans For Sloped Ceilings - Important Considerations

    Steve, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Steve,
    Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    For sizing ceiling fans and downrods, there are few in the world better qualified than our man Steve. He's worked with vaulted ceilings for a long time. He will help you get on the right track to finding the right ceiling fan in the right size for your angled ceiling.

    Ceiling Fans For Sloped Ceilings - Important Considerations

    March 17th, 2017

    The first thing you need to know about ceiling fans for sloped ceilings is that you'll have to put the fan up.

    We had a problem. One of our sales folks a few years ago... We insisted that to sell ceiling fans, he needed to know how to install one.

    But he hated heights. He wouldn't go up the ladder. He helped with the assembly over in the corner while we hung the fans.

    You can't sell a ceiling fan until you've been in the customer's shoes. So we made him go up the ladder. Eventually.

    You can put any of our fans on an angled or sloped ceiling except for a hugger fan, which only work on flat ceilings. Besides having to go up the ladder, there are a couple of other things you need to consider.

    How many fans will you need?

    How do you choose the correct size fan or fans?

    What is the right size downrod?

    If you have a sloped ceiling, do you need a special angled ceiling adapter?

    The first thing you should know is that there are lots of great ceiling fans for sloped ceilings. I'll talk you through these considerations.

    Let's start with the number of fans. How many ceiling

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  3. Replace Your Ceiling Fan: Win the Battle for Peace and Efficiency

      When to Replace a Ceiling Fan

    • If you've cleaned your fan but it still makes noise,
    • your fan is older than 10 years old,
    • you have a pull chain but want a wall or remote control,
    • your fan uses incandescent lights rather than new, efficient LEDs,
    • or if your fan does not have an efficient DC electic motor.
    • Modern fans have energy efficient, quiet DC motors. Many with ceiling fans with lights are now made with LEDs which are brighter and much more efficient.

    Felix, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Felix,
    Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Felix knows when to replace a ceiling fan. Today, he tells you the story of you. Your story is not so different from many other like you. They have called Felix. They have won the battle for peace and efficiency. Felix takes you through the when and how of replacing your ceiling fan.

    Replace Your Ceiling Fan: Win the Battle for Peace and Efficiency

    March 10th, 2017

    "Wob wob wob wob wob wob," the incessant churn of your aging ceiling fan. It keeps you awake at night. You cannot sleep. You cannot rest. When exhaustion finally catches you and you slip away to slumber, you dream of a quiet evening with a ceiling fan that does not terrorize your family. You must replace your ceiling fan.

    In the morning, he comes to you. "But I cannot sleep, my master!"

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  4. The Quest for the Perfect Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    Shop Outdoor Ceiling Fans

      How do I find the best Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

      1. Choose between Damp or Wet-Rated. (Think about the weather at its worst - usually wet-rated is best.)
      2. Choose the appropriate size.
      3. Verify electrical connections.
      4. Select the lighting and control options you want.
      5. Choose a style that fits your outdoor home design.
      6. If you need help, call an expert make sure you are getting what you need, and can get you a better deal.
      7. You have an incredible array of choices when you look for an outdoor ceiling fan. Spend time choosing carefully to get the best fan for your area.

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