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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  1. You Might Need a Ceiling Fan If...

    There are many obvious reasons for needing a ceiling fan. Most often, it’s because your old ceiling fan isn’t worth fixing. But there are many other, non-obvious reasons to need a ceiling fan, and Steve has heard over 20 years of excuses.

    Steve, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
    By Steve,
    Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Steve has heard every reason in the book for needing a ceiling fan. And yes, there is a story behind each and every one of these. Give Steve a call to talk about them. (ed.)

    All the Reasons You Might Need a Ceiling Fan

    May 26th, 2017

    1. If your wife snores too loudly, you might need a ceiling fan. (But not one of ours.)


    1. If you live South of the Mason-Dixon Line, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. BTW, If you live North of the Mason-Dixon line, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If your husband has a man cave, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If you just can’t relax, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If you like to race sailboats in your bathtub, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If you have an old-style tube TV, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If your ice maker is broken, you might need a ceiling fan.


    1. If your A/C costs too much, you might need a ceiling fan.
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  2. The Best Ceiling Fan Blades for Keeping the Bugs Away (and everything else)

    How Do I Find the Best Ceiling Fan Blades to Keep the Bugs Away?

    1. Go to
    2. Select outdoor wet-rated fans with wind speeds of 3.5 mph or more.
    3. Call Felix.
    4. Ask if the ceiling fan has the right blades and downrod to keep away the bugs.

    Felix, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Felix,
    Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Felix is a connoisseur of outdoor barbecuing.  He knows what outdoor ceiling fans and which ceiling fan blades work best for keeping the bugs away.  Preach, Brother Felix!  Teach us the way...

    The Best Ceiling Fan Blades for Keeping the Bugs Away (and everything else)

    May 19th, 2017

    I was just visiting my Mother for Mother’s Day. Everyone else went on vacation to some island, and that means I got to go to Texas to take care of Mom.

    I’m kidding. I love my Mom, she’s a wonderful, beautiful woman. Texas wasn’t bad, vacation was good, and my Mom was great.

    You know what’s not great? Texas bugs. Some of those flies could down a Cessna 152.

    One night I wanted to cook some of my legendary barbecue for Momma. She has an outdoor ceiling fan. Travesty of travesties, her Ceiling Fan Expert Son hadn’t made sure she had the right ceiling fan or ceiling fan blades to keep the bugs away!

    So let me help you fix that, Mom. And everyone else.

    First of all - and this may seem silly - but it’s important to get a ceiling fan with blades! Many of our competito

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  3. How to Shop Ceiling Fans with a Real Ceiling Fan Expert

    What's the best way to shop ceiling fans?


    1. Go to
    2. Shop Ceiling Fans by browsing the site.
    3. Call 800-201-1193. Ask for a Ceiling Fan Expert.
    4. Tell the expert what kind of ceiling fan you want.
    5. Click “Shop with Expert”. Enter your Expert’s Code.
    6. See what they help you choose!


    Terry, Ceiling Fan Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Terry,
    Ceiling Fan Expert and Personal Shopper
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Terry loves using the “Shop with Expert” feature to help his customers find the right product.

    Shop Ceiling Fans with a Real Ceiling Fan Expert

    May 12th, 2017

    Look, we’re here to be helpful. We’re here for you. If you like, we can use our expertise to help you shop ceiling fans. You have the top ceiling fan experts in the business at your disposal. All of us at Hansen Wholesale all here for you in the United States.

    Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you have no idea, I can help you. I know each product we sell extremely well. Call me up and describe what you’re after. I can show you many excellent choices to fix your problem. Whether your fan is broken or you’re just no longer happy with it, I can find you a fan that will

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  4. A Brief Tour of the New

    After months of planning, listening to customers, trying new things, testing, re-testing, and testing more, we launched the new

    Though Hansen Wholesale has been a successful company since 1976, had been around in various iterations since 1994. It was the culmination of a lot of work, testing, and constant improvement.

    But, it was aging. The platform was old, and it seemed everything was taking too long.

    So we opted for a complete redesign. The first thing you will probably notice is that the new site is considerably faster - up to 5 times faster. And that start makes everything better.

    It also works better on phones and tablets. It is what we call in the trade a responsive design - a shift that was overdue. So let's have a look around. I'll show you how easy it is to find everything.

    Just like the old site, the page is very long.

    The New Hansen on DesktopThe New Hansen on Desktop

    On the left, here is the website as it should look on your computer.  On the right, about as it should be on a phone.

    Up in the top left, you see our logo. You can click on that logo to get back to the home page, no matter where you are. In the top right, you can log in to your account, find pieces you put in your wish list, and check your shopping cart status.

    There's also our Energy Saving Tips page and our extremely helpful Buying Guides. And if you're curious about any of the real people behind Hansen Wholesale, you can check

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  5. Always Call When Shopping Ceiling Fans Online

    Should I Buy a Ceiling Fan Online or Call First?

    Call before ordering when shopping ceiling fans online. A U.S.-based Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fan Expert may get you a better price over the phone. They suggest ceiling fans that meet your needs and style. They help you get correctly sized blades and downrod for your room.

    Erick, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Erick,
    Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Erick is one of our best Ceiling Fan Experts here at Hansen Wholesale. He has saved thousands of people substantial sums of money through the years. When his customers are willing to take a minute to call him before they place an order, it pays off.

    When Shopping Ceiling Fans Online, Always Call!

    May 5th, 2017

    During my years at Hansen Wholesale, I’ve prevented a lot of catastrophic mistakes of people shopping ceiling fans online. I’ve also heard from customers who didn’t call first and then wished they had. A lot of people shop ceiling fans online, but few know to call. I always do my best to help you get what you really want and need.

    I’m an expert based here in the United States. I’m available over the phone (extension 110) to help you get exactly the right fan for the best price.

    Many of our phone calls come from customers who simply got the wrong thing. They bought a great product, but it’s not right for their situation.

    This isn’t their fault! They don’t know. They’re not a ceiling fan expert.

    I am. I am a ce

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