As ornate and beautiful as custom fireplace doors can be, they aren’t just for show—far from it. In fact, fireplace doors play a critical role in keeping your family safe while you relax and enjoy a cozy, fireside experience.

Living Room Carolina Fireplace Door White

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for novice fireplace owners to make mistakes when it comes time to order new fireplace doors. Whether the problem is immediately apparent (wrong fit, bad quality) or takes longer to make itself known, there are many missteps that are entirely avoidable if you know what to watch for.

What should you be on the watch for when ordering fireplace doors? Here are the most common mistakes to avoid:

1.) Buying low-quality fireplace doors

Fireplace doors don’t come cheap. You probably know this if you’ve done a cursory search of fireplace doors online.

But searching for “cheap fireplace doors” will only come up with low-quality options that aren’t worth your money. Why purchase $400 fireplace doors that can’t handle the seasons when you could invest in high-quality fireplace doors that look beautiful year after year?

2.) Buying from big box retailers

You just ordered some new fireplace doors from Lowe’s or Home Depot. The only problem? It shattered after a couple of months and they no longer stock the fireplace doors you purchased.

If you’re going to invest hundreds of dollars into your fireplace doors, it’s important that you research who you’re going to be buying from. At Hansen Wholesale, some of our fully-tempered glass fireplace doors feature lifetime wa

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