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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  1. 3 Ways Shopping Small Business Benefits the Community

    Starting a small business isn’t easy. It takes courage, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, the benefits are worthwhile, as the founder helps their entire community to thrive. In fact, nearly 50% of jobs are created by SMBs, making them the lifeblood of the American economy. Here are a few more reasons to buy from a small business, whether you need new furniture or a ceiling fan.

    Two happy young women working together while two men shaking hands and smiling

    How Shopping at a Small Business Helps the Community

    1. Entrepreneurship

    By starting a venture, a small business owner creates jobs for those who live nearby, helping members of the community to move from low-wage gigs to the middle class. In fact, SMBs are so vital to local economies that many cities and towns create organizations to encourage entrepreneurship, providing resources and loans. Additionally, small businesses help create vibrant commercial centers, as employees will eat at local restaurants and enjoy bars in the area. This leads to a tight-knit, socially active vibe and keeps money within the community.

    2. Community Involvement

    Small businesses understand the impacts they have on their community, and they consider that when making decisions. For example, they typically put in extra effort to protect the environment and work with other vendors in the area, stimulating the local economy. Also, they often get involved in the lives of the community, including sponsoring little leagues, raising money for charity events, and contributing to local non-profits. Some SMBs even donate products to those in need, whether it’s clothing, computers, or ceiling fans.

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  2. How to Balance a Ceiling Fan

    Ceiling fans should run effortlessly and quietly. However, a wobbly fan creates noise that will disrupt the peace of whatever room it’s in. Knowing how to balance your fan will keep it running smoothly and restore the tranquility you deserve at home.

    Why Do Ceiling Fans Wobble?

    Poor quality ceiling fans are more likely to wobble and make noise than higher-quality versions. Low-quality manufacturers may not take the time to ensure the blades are flat and that each blade weighs the same amount. When the blades are warped or don’t share the same weight, wobbling will occur. Manufacturers of high-quality ceiling fans use blades that are electronically matched to ensure balance. The components—like the blade holders—could also be loose when not made with careful accuracy.

    Balanced Ceiling Fan in Master Bedroom - Haiku Ceiling Fan

    Shown above: Big Ass Fans Haiku – Perfectly balanced for a silent night…every night!

    How Do You Balance Your Fan?

    First, inspect the screws for tightness. Check the screw that’s located on the ball at the top of the downrod that’s mounted to the ceiling. If that screw is tight, check all of the others, particularly the screws holding the blades in place. In some cases, especially with lower-quality fans, screws will loosen repeatedly and need to be retightened occasionally.

    Since imbalanced blades are a common source of wobbling, inspect them next. The issue could be as simple as

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  3. 7 Lighting Trends for 2020

    Lighting in your home is more than just a functional necessity. When used right, it can be a standout design choice and a focal point of any given room. In recent years, lighting design has shifted to trends that can endure the test of time, opting for modern twists on classic fixtures. Here’s what interior designers are leaning towards in 2020.

    Illuminating Options for 2020

    Geometric Design


    Black modern lamp with geometric design wire base

    Shown above: Pedregal 1 Table Lamp In Matte Black — EG-202131A

    Lighting design is taking a leaf from a geometry textbook for fixtures in 2020. Featuring lamps and chandeliers comprised of intricate collections of shapes, interior designers are incorporating this style as a way to give statement lighting a more casual feel. From hexagonal table lamps to rectangular candelabras, this design choice provides a versatile option for your home.

    Oversized Fixtures

    White pendant hanging light
    Shown above: Graham 1 Light Pendant In White with Silver Leaf — SV-7-800-1-123

    The mission of light fixtures in 2020 interior design is to create a centerpiece and a lasting impression. Going big in your home with oversized overhead lighting is a popular iteration of this mentality, particularly in open-concept spaces. Whether used in pairs over a kit

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  4. 4 Home Décor Ideas for Creating a Warm, Inviting Space for Family & Friends

    If you’re hosting the festivities this holiday season, you want your home to feel as inviting as possible for your guests. When you don’t know where to start design-wise, though, you may be concerned that your space is lacking that crucial “cozy” feel. With a few inspired home décor ideas, though, you can convert any space into a welcoming abode.

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  5. How to Fix Common Ceiling Fan Issues

    Ceiling fans are highly effective at keeping homes cool, lowering energy bills, and providing extra lighting. Plus, they can last for a decade or longer. Still, even the most expensive, high-quality models malfunction occasionally. Fortunately, most issues can be easily fixed—as long as you have the necessary knowledge. Here’s what you need to know.

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