Combining stylish looks while maximizing utility can be a tricky balance to find in household fixtures. However, the fandelier manages to both give the elegance of a chandelier while also cooling a room. These fixtures come in various styles and can fit well in any space in your home, adding a chic look to air circulation. While you will need to consider the height and size of the room where you will be adding the fixture, the range of styles and designs ensures that no space is too small or too big to add a fandelier. There is a perfect option for each room in your home as long as you consider a few elements.

Fandelier Options for Every Room

1. Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private space and reflects who you are and what makes you unique. Choose a fandelier that fits with your overall aesthetic. Because bedrooms are often more contained spaces, choose a less wide design to accentuate the room without making it feel cluttered.

bronze fandelier with lights
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