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How do I find the best gas grills?

The easiest way to find the best gas grills is to come to our site, then give us a call and have us configure one for you. We make it very easy to have the best built-in gas barbecue grill delivered to your home so you can get grilling great.


Andrew loves food. So Andrew loves barbecues. That means Andrew is the person to talk to when you want the best gas barbecue grill in the business:

The high power Peterson Fire Magic Gas Echelon Series Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill.

Andrew, Best Gas Grills Expert at Hansen Wholesale

Andrew, Smart Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Andrew,
Barbecue Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Finding the Best Gas Grills

August 25th, 2017

I know the story. I’ve heard it many times.

You Versus Your Old Barbecue Grill

“TSssssssss…” Ah, the sound of a perfectly grilled steak. Wine is poured, sides all set, perfect weather. Grill cooling after a job well done.


“Honey, I don’t think mine is done.”

You look at her steak, a beautiful piece of meat she’s just cut into.

It’s blue.

“AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!” you quietly exclaim to your exasperated self. In your brain, you scream.

Not pink. Not red. Blue. Bluer than Grandma’s new perm on BINGO night.

And now you look particularly foolish because you’re already taking a bite - fork in mouth - and your steak is perfect. You give your honey a sheepish look as you try to stop your moans of pleasure while you consume YOUR perfect steak. Even though hers is blue. She prefers medium or maybe medium-well. Her steak is not perfect.

You don’t mind rare, even though yours is that perfect medium rare. On one half. But her’s isn’t rare, it’s blue. As in, cold. You can tell by the look on her face. Yes, that look. If you don’t act quickly, it’s doghouse time.

Now you have to get that danged grill going again. That danged, hot-spotted, cheapo bbq. That danged, hot-spotted, cheapo, rusty, good-fur-nothin’ bbq. The one you got at the local chain store just a couple of years ago. The one you’ve been meaning to replace with your dream Pitmaster’s Outdoor Kitchen of Magnificence. But you didn’t get around to it. I know, I know. And now the season is almost over.

You know what’s not over? The hard time you’re going to get over this steak unless you fix it. The doghouse. You’d better make sure it never happens again.

So, wisely, you leap into action. Before you get in trouble. Before you stick yourself with Fido for the night. You get the grill fired up and get that blue steak a little more done. And you begin hatching your plan while you wait: time to replace this old rat with one of the best gas grills on the planet.

When hers’ is perfect, you go back to yours. Which isn’t that juicy anymore now that it’s been sitting for 10 minutes while you got the grill heated back up. And then you find the other half of your steak is quite a bit overdone. Gray. So her steak was blue, and part of your steak is gray. It’s a danged civil war. All because of your stupid, rusty, good-fur-nothing eyesore of an old ratty barbecue.

After the perfect dinner gone awry, you leap into your desk chair to do some Internet browsing. It’s time to find the permanent fix to this here problem.

You Versus the Internet

You search for the best grill, and your favorite search bar rewards you with … 2.06 million results. You try reading reviews. That one is $100. It’s the best grill? 5 star reviews in the jungle! But wait, that’s the piece of garbage you have in your backyard!

That other one is $15,000. Holy mackeral! And that’s just for the main burners! Well, if that’s the best there is… But there aren’t many reviews, so who knows if you’re going to get hoodwinked?

And then, down the page a little bit, you find what you were looking for: Hansen Wholesale.

Andrew Saves the Day

“Ah, here we are. Here’s this guy Andrew who seems to understand my situation. And he’s going to get me fixed up. These barbecue grills look great!”

And so it’s time to begin planning. You’re going to unleash it: your dream Pitmaster’s Outdoor Kitchen of Magnificence. Hansen Wholesale has everything you need. We have all the best gas grills. And I, Andrew can help you get exactly what you want.

There are still a lot of choices. But you give the site a browse. You figure out the best gas grill you think you want for your Pitmaster’s Outdoor Kitchen of Magnificence. It probably looks something like this:

The Best Gas Grills

E790i best gas grills built-in

Stainless Steel 93,000 BTU Peterson Fire Magic Echelon Series E790i

with Magic View Window (pictured above without, but I suggest you get it),

configured with the Rotisserie Back-burner,

and comes with a smoker box included.

That’s a great place to start. The E790i is one of the most powerful gas burning barbecue grills on the market. With 93,000 BTUs on tap you can get that grill up to temp quickly. It’s made for putting the perfect sear on your meat. It’s always easy to turn the heat down, but when you don’t have it and you want it, you miss it.

The E790i comes with a smoker box included. Which is handy when you need it. It also gives you the option to up your barbecue grill game. I prefer the Rotisserie Back-burner because it adds a lot of versatility. It gives you even more options. Options are what you get with the best gas grills. The Peterson Fire Magic E790i has enough space for me to treat one side as a back burner if I want. You’re welcome to configure as you please. If you’re cooking for a lot of people, maybe it makes sense to have another back-burner.

You don’t have to get the Magic View Window, but I highly recommend it. The window allows you to see your food cooking without raising the hood and letting all of the heat out. With the power available on tap, it’s not really a concern, but some people prefer it rather than lifting the hood regularly while grilling.

There are more than a couple of other things about the E790i that make it stand above the rest.

I love the backlit knobs. It’s a really nice touch of elegance. I also really like the Digital Thermometer. It’s backlit blue like the knobs. Again, an excellent touch so you know exactly what’s going on inside your grill. The whole grill is engineered around an outstanding grilling experience. Stainless steel burners, heat zone separators, flavor grids - it has it all. No question this is the best gas grill.

By the way, even the hood is engineered for excellent cooking. Again stainless steel, and it’s round to optimize convection cooking.

I’d encourage you, based on my experience, to get a few other accessories:

Echelon Power Burner Side Burner

Echelon Power Burner for best gas grills

The Echelon Power Burner puts off 60,000 BTUs on its own. It’s phenomenal. If you want to get side dishes going, it really can’t be beat. This side burner on its own could be one of the best gas grills.


Motorized Hood Kit

Motorized Hood Kit best gas grills

I like the Motorized Hood Kit just because I like the ease of pressing a button. The Echelon Stainless Steel lid is well-weighted and easy to open and close. That said, if you’re like me, you want the best gas grills. Pressing a button is a great crowd pleaser. It also keeps you from putting your face in smoke for a split-second you open the grill after initial sear.



Built-In Grill Cover for best gas grills

Even though the E790i is 304 stainless steel, I want to keep mine looking pretty. I always recommend a cover for it to keep the weather off. I also clean it with R. H. Peterson's Fire Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner for barbecue grills a couple of times a year to make sure I keep it looking beautiful.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner best gas grills


Trash container

Echelon Fridges - best gas grills


Two extra Grill Lights

R. H. Peterson Fire Magic Halogen Grill Lights for best gas grills


The extra grill lights are great for night cooking - you can never have enough light! Especially with 93,000 BTUs of flame. If you want to see the texture on the top of your meat, a grill light is a great help.


Vent Hood

Vent Hood best gas grills

The Vent Hood is important for your dream Pitmaster’s Outdoor Kitchen of Magnificence. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, this is not needed.


Insulation Liner

Insulating Liner best gas grills


The Insulation Liner is most important if you have a thin-walled outdoor island. It helps keep the grill up to temperature so you use less heat keeping things going. No matter if you have thin walls, stones or bricks, insulation regulates the temperature inside the grill. It’s even more helpful if you don’t have stone or brick. If the interface between your grill and island is wide or not snug, it's important. Also, if you have combustible materials around your grill, the insulator is a must-have.


Now, all up, this built-in baby is going to cost you between $6 and $10 Gs. And that may not include shipping. But, it’s also going to last forever - which is what you want with a built-in. It’s not going to rust out as long as you take care of it. We’re talking 304 Stainless Steel for a long, beautiful life. And this baby makes so much heat, you won’t know what to do with it. Masterfully engineered, for even heating across the huge surface. So EVERY STEAK is cooked just as you want it - perfectly.

Once it’s trucked to you and installed, it’s perfect: the best barbecue grills.

You & The Best Built-In Gas Barbecue Grills

R.H. Peterson Fire Magic Echelon best gas grills

Now, you set the table for dinner. “TSsssssss….” The perfect steaks are coming.

After your first bite - AND your wife’s, “Ahhhhhhh…” No surprises. Just a great dinner.

I’m glad I could help you out! Here’s my number: 800-201-1193, extension 137.

Let’s get you exactly the perfect gas barbecue grill to make cooking enjoyable again. And tasty. And fun. And to make you the hero of your backyard. With the Dream Pit Master's Outdoor Kitchen of Magnificence. So you can focus on other things, like enjoying a beautiful steak.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Andrew
800-201-1193 x137
Premium Barbecue Gas Grills Expert, Hansen Wholesale