Wood ceiling fan on vaulted ceiling

A ceiling fan is a home staple, both for its air conditioning abilities and its residential charm. While a standard five-blade iteration is what typically comes to mind, there are a wide variety of styles and features available for this overhead fixture. Here are a few types of ceiling fans that can fit any homeowner’s style needs.

Finding a Ceiling Fan for Your Needs

1. Ceiling Fans With Lights

For a duo of overhead lighting and air circulation, ceiling fans with built-in lights are a useful choice. This type of ceiling fan has diverse options to suit a vast spread of design visions, from drum shades to lantern lights and chandeliers. Some fixtures will have uplight options, meaning that they have lighting facing the ceiling as well as towards the room. This option can become a stylish accent to amplify a warm glow in a room. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can even custom build a fixture to align with your vision.

2. Hugger Fans

When you have a room with a low ceiling, ceiling fans can become a hazard in the low clearance. To remedy the issue without sacrificing air circulation, consider a hugger fan to come to the rescue. As a low-profile option, a hugger fan mounts as flush with the ceiling as possible by sacrificing a standard downrod. As a result, the blades are just a few inches from the ceiling rather than a typical 12 to 14 inches. If you need light, consider a hugger fan with an integrated LED to get as much headroom as possible.


3. Tech-Savvy Fans

When you add multiple functions to a ceiling fan, the wall switches can add up. From uplighting to overhead lighting, fan functions, and more, remote control can have all personalization at your fingertips. A remote can offer custom fan speed and dimmer settings at the touch of a button, simplifying an elaborate panel of switches on a nearby wall. For an even more technologically advanced option, some fans on the market now have Wi-Fi connectivity, which can turn on the fan with a simple request to your smart device.

4. Belt Driven Fans

Belt driven fans offer a retro feel to a living space. As the first iteration of ceiling fans at the turn of the century, this technology was once powered by a water wheel rather than electricity. While belt driven ceiling fans now rely on the latter to run, they are an aesthetically pleasing accent, especially when used in tandem with other belt driven fans in the room. While used primarily in commercial settings, this option can also find residential applications, though they won’t have high airflow capabilities like other fans on the market.

5. Fandelier

As its blended name suggests, a fandelier is a fan and chandelier combined. The mission of these fixtures is to create a ceiling centerpiece that masks its role as a fan. Fans in this form often exist caged around a metal design, sometimes with lighting incorporated. That way, if you don’t enjoy the look of a ceiling fan, you still receive the benefits of air circulation without the visual setback.


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