Combining stylish looks while maximizing utility can be a tricky balance to find in household fixtures. However, the fandelier manages to both give the elegance of a chandelier while also cooling a room. These fixtures come in various styles and can fit well in any space in your home, adding a chic look to air circulation. While you will need to consider the height and size of the room where you will be adding the fixture, the range of styles and designs ensures that no space is too small or too big to add a fandelier. There is a perfect option for each room in your home as long as you consider a few elements.

Fandelier Options for Every Room

1. Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private space and reflects who you are and what makes you unique. Choose a fandelier that fits with your overall aesthetic. Because bedrooms are often more contained spaces, choose a less wide design to accentuate the room without making it feel cluttered.

bronze fandelier with lights

Maxim Ambience Fandelier in Bronze


Choosing the size and position of your fandelier follows the same rules as any other ceiling fixture. Add the room's length by the room's width in feet, and then change that to inches. For a space that is ten feet by ten feet, the ideal fixture width would be 20 inches.

2. Kitchen

Between cooking and baking adding heat, heavier foot traffic, smoke, and other smells from food, kitchens tend to be the rooms with the most need for improved air circulation. Depending on your kitchen style, choose a simple fandelier for a homier feel or one that uses LED lights for
bright and focused task lighting with a streamlined appearance.

satin nickel fandelier with lights

Maxim Corona fandelier in Satin Nickel


Modern styles are often the perfect fit for a kitchen as they offer a more minimalist design with hidden but effective lighting. Choosing a white or brushed metal design keeps the kitchen looking clean and bright.

3. Dining Room

Being overheated can cut short an enjoyable meal and conversation. Adding a fandelier to your dining room will ensure that everyone stays comfortable while enjoying some delicious food. Dining rooms are the perfect chance to incorporate a fancy touch into the overall aesthetic. Choosing a fandelier with glam crystal accents or a bronze or gold build adds elegance to any space.

Chrome fandelier with crystal light kit

Savoy House Taurus Ionizing Fandelier in Polished Chrome

For selecting the height of the fixture, consider the size of your space. The ideal height clearance is around 7 feet to ensure that no one is hitting their head. So, if your room is 9 feet tall, you'll want to avoid fandeliers that hang lower than two feet down from the ceiling. Unlike typical chandeliers, they offer many contained options that fit rooms with less ceiling clearance.

4. Living Room

The living room is often the heart of the home, where guests are entertained, and your family goes to gather at night. The addition of a fandelier can create a space that is as comfortable as it is inviting and stylish. Living rooms tend to be more open and spacious, which means that a wider style should be chosen to ensure maximum air circulation.

silver fandelier with metal accents

contemporary fandeliers often take a classic or more antique style feature and add updated features and textures, such as a sleek chrome finish.

5. Utility Rooms

When decorating a home, rooms created for utility, such as laundry rooms, are often overlooked when it comes to stylish additions and maintaining a home’s aesthetic appeal. However, adding a fandelier can ensure that these rooms are as beautiful as they are functional.

Dark metal fandelier with light and reclaimed wood fan blades

Savoy House Alsace Fan d'Lier in Reclaimed Wood


An excellent choice for this type of room is one with retractable blades. In this style, the blades come out when the fan is in in use and retract to create an elegant and simple light fixture when you turn off the fan. Look for industrial style fandeliers, that use metal, wood, and other raw materials to create a fashionable but sturdy look that molds design with function.


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