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What Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

Updated: April 8, 2022

With so many different styles and specifications available in the outdoor ceiling fan market, finding the perfect unit can be a complicated process. To help you narrow down your search and pick a fan that meets all your needs, our team here at Hansen Wholesale has put together a list of the most important considerations.

4 Factors That Determine Which Outdoor Ceiling Fan Is Right for You

Quorum Galveston Model 13525-86
Quorum Galveston Model 13525-86

1. Moisture Rating

Not all outdoor ceiling fans are made to withstand the same conditions, and this is most apparent in a unit’s moisture rating. When installed outside, an appliance will always be subjected to some amount of atmospheric moisture or even rain. The moisture rating tells you how much water the fan can handle without taking damage. A fan with a damp rating can withstand high humidity but cannot be exposed directly to water. Such fans are perfect for covered locations, like sunrooms and garages. Wet-rated ceiling fans are made of water-resistant materials and have their sensitive electronic components protected in special casing. They can be exposed directly to rain and make ideal additions to pergolas, outdoor porches, and patios.

2. Environmental Considerations

 Casablanca Caneel Bay Model 59360

Casablanca Caneel Bay Model 59360

Other environmental factors, such as wind speeds and salty air, determine how well an individual unit can function. In coastal locations, salt spray can lead to quickened corrosion and decay. In these areas, a marine-grade ceiling fan will last longer and function better than a standard fan. If your area is also prone to high winds or gusts, you should look into fans designed for high-wind areas. These products are uniquely built to withstand high winds and ensure that parts don’t sway, break, or bend during extreme wind events.

3. Size 

Determining the ideal size of fan to install indoors is simple, only relying on the square footage of the room and the height of the ceilings. However, outdoor fans work in more complicated conditions, and you can’t rely on a fan sized for indoor air movement to make the breeze you need on your patio. It’s best to use a fan size calculator to narrow down units and then compare their breeze ratings to find the right unit for your needs.

Fanimation Crestford Model FP7954OBFanimation Crestford Model FP7954OB

4. Lighting Capabilities

The final factor to account for is if you need an outdoor fan with lights to make the space more accessible in the dark. If you’re using the space as an evening or nighttime gathering area, getting an outdoor fan with lights can save you space and money. Most units now come with energy-efficient LED lights that are easy to maintain and highly customizable to help you make the space uniquely enjoyable.

No matter what your outdoor space needs, Hansen Wholesale can make it happen. We stock a wide variety of outdoor ceiling fans for all conditions and uses. Our team of experts is always available to help you find the perfect unit to match your designs and desires.