Should I Buy a Ceiling Fan Online or Call First?

Call before ordering when shopping ceiling fans online. A U.S.-based Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fan Expert may get you a better price over the phone. They suggest ceiling fans that meet your needs and style. They help you get correctly sized blades and downrod for your room.

Erick, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Erick,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Erick is one of our best Ceiling Fan Experts here at Hansen Wholesale. He has saved thousands of people substantial sums of money through the years. When his customers are willing to take a minute to call him before they place an order, it pays off.

When Shopping Ceiling Fans Online, Always Call!

May 5th, 2017

During my years at Hansen Wholesale, I’ve prevented a lot of catastrophic mistakes of people shopping ceiling fans online. I’ve also heard from customers who didn’t call first and then wished they had. A lot of people shop ceiling fans online, but few know to call. I always do my best to help you get what you really want and need.

I’m an expert based here in the United States. I’m available over the phone (extension 110) to help you get exactly the right fan for the best price.

Many of our phone calls come from customers who simply got the wrong thing. They bought a great product, but it’s not right for their situation.

This isn’t their fault! They don’t know. They’re not a ceiling fan expert.

I am. I am a ceiling fan expert.

Listen, I know what you’re going through. When you call me, I can fix most problems before they start. This saves you time. It saves you money. And, I assure you, it may save you a lot of frustration. I’m here to make your life easier!

First of all, you understand that we can’t always publish our best prices on our website. Our manufacturers don’t allow it. So by calling, I may be able to save you $10, or maybe even $30, if you buy a top-rated fan.

This actually happened yesterday. A very nice lady called in to check out her order, and it was actually fine. But because she called, I was able to find a way to knock 7% off. Since she was buying an expensive fan, it saved her a lot of money! It doesn’t happen every time, but I always do everything I can.

I often hear that people have spent months searching for exactly the right fan before calling me. They are often ready to give up, frustrated by the search. As we offer over 1000 ceiling fans of all kinds from the best ceiling fan manufacturers, I’m know exactly what is out there. After a short conversation, I can usually find people exactly what they want.

Time Spent Self Research versus Calling a Ceiling Fan Expert The time people spend researching ceiling fans without expert help can be enormous! When you call me, the time is much shorter because I'm a pro. On the left, you see people often spend hours or even months shopping fans online. When people call me, I have them fixed up much better in less than a half hour. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

So far, calling saves you money and time. Save yourself some energy, give me a call.

Often, people just end up getting the wrong ceiling fan. They want a fan that moves air fast, but they buy a fan that moves a lot of air. Yes, there is a difference, and it’s big!

With a little research, most people think they need a fan with a high CFM to cool them off. Andrew went over this a little bit in his piece about Bedroom Ceiling Fans. But CFM only tells you how much air the fan moves, not the actual wind-speed - which is what cools you. I know how to compare CFM to wind speed and suggest the best fan for you. Sometimes statistics don't tell the whole story. Experience helps.

Here's a perfect example:
A gentleman called me the other day looking for an outdoor fan, and he had chosen a damp-rated fan. I showed him the wet-rated version of the fan. Even though it was a little more expensive, I was able to save him some money over the website price. Also, his wet-rated fan will last him a lot longer - especially where he’s from.

Don’t buy a ceiling fan on look alone. Where is the fan going? What is it there to do? Even if you think you know, giving me a call might lead to insight you hadn’t thought of.

Talk to me first while you’re shopping online for ceiling fans. I can look at the fans you like the best and usually make even better suggestions. This often includes fans you didn’t know existed! And it might well save you a lot of money.

Together, you and me also figure out what size ceiling fan you need. Our calculator is handy, but by talking through your room layout with you, we can narrow it down. We can tune your options to be just right for your situation. Getting the blade and downrod size right can make a big difference. It's the difference between an unhappy customer and the perfect ceiling fan.

A woman called a couple of weeks ago Monday - she wanted a huge fan. She was ready to hit the “checkout button” when a little voice told her to call in. She talked to me, and she had picked a great fan! But not for what she wanted. For what she wanted, a different fan with slightly smaller blades would run better. Since then, she’s had the fan installed. She called me back to tell me that after the change we made, it looks and performs exactly how she wanted.

Ceiling Fan - It Pays to Call a Ceiling Fan Expert While Shopping Ceiling Fans Online A very nice lady shopping ceiling fans online wanted a huge fan, but I was able to find slightly smaller one that worked much better for her.

Another thing a lot of people miss is the exact color. Sometimes the manufacturer’s pictures aren’t exactly the color of the final product. I know these fans and all their finishes. I can help you be sure you get the right color.

An Interior Designer firm I work with often was about to order a fan that listed as white. We talked it over and realized they wanted off-white, not bright white. Then, we changed the finish code on the order, then got the matching blades and downrod. After I was able to find a light kit that saved them a little money compared to what they had originally chosen. It was good they called in before ordering.

Craftmade Ceiling Fan Interior Designer Called a Ceiling Fan Expert This is what happened after an Interior Design Firm called me about Ceiling Fans. It looks beautiful, no?

There are all these things: price, application, fan type, blade type, light kit type, size, and color. And on top of those, there are many other things you might not have thought of. But I have. I do it every day, all day.

It only takes a minute. Give me a call when shopping ceiling fans online. Let me work for you. We’ll get your order exactly right before you hit the button.

Always, always, always call us first before finalizing your order. It could save you a lot of time, money and frustration. My number here is 1-800-201-1193 x 110. You know I’ll get you the best deal, too.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Erick
800-201-1193 x110
Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale