How Do I Find the Best Ceiling Fan Blades to Keep the Bugs Away?

  1. Go to
  2. Select outdoor wet-rated fans with wind speeds of 3.5 mph or more.
  3. Call Felix.
  4. Ask if the ceiling fan has the right blades and downrod to keep away the bugs.

Felix, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Felix,
Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Felix is a connoisseur of outdoor barbecuing.  He knows what outdoor ceiling fans and which ceiling fan blades work best for keeping the bugs away.  Preach, Brother Felix!  Teach us the way...

The Best Ceiling Fan Blades for Keeping the Bugs Away (and everything else)

May 19th, 2017

I was just visiting my Mother for Mother’s Day. Everyone else went on vacation to some island, and that means I got to go to Texas to take care of Mom.

I’m kidding. I love my Mom, she’s a wonderful, beautiful woman. Texas wasn’t bad, vacation was good, and my Mom was great.

You know what’s not great? Texas bugs. Some of those flies could down a Cessna 152.

One night I wanted to cook some of my legendary barbecue for Momma. She has an outdoor ceiling fan. Travesty of travesties, her Ceiling Fan Expert Son hadn’t made sure she had the right ceiling fan or ceiling fan blades to keep the bugs away!

So let me help you fix that, Mom. And everyone else.

First of all - and this may seem silly - but it’s important to get a ceiling fan with blades! Many of our competitors advertise the same ceiling fans we offer, but without ceiling fan blades. By selling fans without blades, our competitors are able to show lower prices. But what good is a ceiling fan without ceiling fan blades?

Some fans are customizable. You can change the color and ceiling fan blades to have the look you want. As such, manufacturers sell these ceiling fan motors without blades included. The intention is that you'll buy blades to go with it. But some of our competitors don't emphasize that you have to get blades as they want to show you the lowest price.

When you go to our website, our fans come pre-configured (and pre-priced) with blades and a downrod. For ceiling fans that come from the manufacturer without blades, we specify the most popular ceiling fan blades. You can change them if you like.

So first of all, people, buy a ceiling fan with blades.

It’s always best to call us to go over your order with you to make sure everything is right. And we'll usually save you money.

Keep the bugs away so you can enjoy my delectable barbecue cooking goodness without irritation nor distraction. Pick a beautiful night to be outdoors. And do so with a great ceiling fan that will keep those annoying bugs off your food. Because my barbecue is good! Since you’re not going to want to stay off it, I guarantee you those stupid flies will not want to stay off, either.

And the right outdoor ceiling fans to do this have to move the right amount of air the right speed.

When you’re trying to decide what ceiling fan blades to get, there are a few things to consider. These are: ceiling fan blade length, pitch, blade area, and blade weight.

Ceiling Fan Blade Length
Ceiling fan blade length is the thing you must consider most often. When you increase the blade length, you increase the blade area hitting the air and the blade mass. This means your ceiling fan motor has to work harder to get those blades moving. Even once they ceiling fan blades up to speed, your ceiling fan must use more energy to compensate for the added drag. You have to use more energy to keep the fan moving the same speed with a shorter ceiling fan blade. This means that the ultimate cubic feet per minute of air your fan pushes will be higher. This also means that the wind speed your ceiling fan generates is lower. That may mean MORE BUGS.

Generally speaking, the manufacturers optimize the blade pitch. You don't have to worry about that these days.

Ceiling Fan Blade Area and Mass
A lot of people like decorative blades that are in the shape of a leaf or a giant hand fan. And these are very pretty. They might even have a shorter ceiling fan blade length. But they are also almost always much heavier. These blades tend to have a higher ceiling fan blade mass. And again, that means your ceiling fan motor needs to use more energy to get and keep those blades moving. This means the ultimate wind speed the fan creates is down. Again, that may mean MORE BUGS.

So choose your ceiling fan blades carefully. And do make sure you choose them! If you don’t get fan blades, I guarantee you your ceiling fan will not work as well.

Choosing the right ceiling fan blades is important.  It's the difference between enjoying my delicious gourmet barbecue ribs or gnats pestering you. Gnats who keep trying to eat my ribs while they’re on the way to your mouth, all night long. You choose!

And by the way, if you’re looking to buy a new barbecue, we have fantastic high-end outdoor grills.  I am an expert on these,too, and happy to help you with them.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Felix
Ceiling Fan Expert, Barbecue Expert and Personal Shopper, Hansen Wholesale