The Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

What are the best and prettiest crystal ceiling fans?

In my opinion, the Minka Aire Cristifano with the Crystal Light Kit is best crystal ceiling fan. It's also, in my opinion, the prettiest one on the market. There are many other excellent choices, too.

Felix, Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Felix,
Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale
Felix loves crystal ceiling fans. They used to be very, very popular. After a while on the sidelines, they seem to be becoming more popular with his customers.

The Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

September 15th, 2017

When you’re looking for an elegant bit of flash, nothing beats a crystal ceiling fan. Especially, crystal in combination with precious metal finishes. Add the contrast of a rich wood look, and you have a gorgeous crystal ceiling fan.

Crystal ceiling fans never seem to look old. The more the age, the more classic they become. I guess in that way a crystal ceiling fan is like a nice bottle of wine. Or perhaps more appropriate, a nice Tennessee Whiskey.

Often when people think Crystal Ceiling Fans, they think of old ballroom with crystal chandeliers. And we have some ornate chandelier fans decorated with beautiful crystals, too. But as ceiling fan styles evolve with interior design, the term crystal is taking on new meaning.

We’re not only talking cut or etched crystal anymore. Often, people refer to a clear glass look, as in a blown crystal vase. There's a move toward industrial and minimalist mid-century styles. A great example of this is the recently more popular Edison lightbulb. Ceiling fan glass now goes with that vintage crystal look.

Let’s have a look at a few of my favorite crystal ceiling fans. There are more, but these are the best all-rounders.


My favorite Crystal Ceiling Fans:



1) Minka Aire Cristifano Crystal Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Cristifano Crystal Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire makes some great fans, and the Cristifano is no exception. I used to sell a lot more Cristifanos, I’m not sure why people aren’t buying them as much now. I find this fan to be beautiful. It’s not a top performer, but it does well enough and the looks make up for it. If you’re trying to set a rich, elegant tone in your room, the Cristifano is an eye-catcher that makes that statement.

The Minka Aire Cristifano doesn’t move air quickly, but it does move plenty of air. Over 6000 cfm is quite respectable. Being a Minka Aire, it also gets one of our highest quality ratings. In my article about remote controls for ceiling fans, I highlighted a remote control much like the one that comes with this fan.

All in all, this pretty crystal ceiling fan wins the day for me with its elegant looks. But if you’re not sold yet, that’s okay. Keep reading.


2) Savoy House Coromell Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Coromell Crystal Ceiling Fan Chandelier - Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

Savoy House makes great Chandelier Fans. The Coromell Crystal Ceiling Fan is an elegant option. When you look at the Coromell, you are immediately struck by the elegant classic nature of the fan.

This fan, too, doesn’t move much air. But it is beautiful to look at and the air it moves is fresh. It gives off a lovely breeze that, while not strong, is clean and invigorating. 12 lights accent the fan and large crystals festoon the entire perimeter. This fan doesn’t move a lot of air, so if you’re looking for a tornado, keep looking. In general, crystal ceiling fans are more designed for looks than for punch. That is absolutely the case with this one.

Savoy House maxes out our quality rating system with this one, though. It should last you many, many years of beautiful enjoyment.


3) Craftmade Crystal Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Crystal Ceiling Fan - Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

I have to be honest. This isn’t my favorite. But if you like the look, then this fan has the performance no other has - this might be the fan for you.

One of the things that is not my favorite about this fan is the choice of fan blades. Which, by the way, these will definitely keep the bugs away. (Though this is not an outdoor fan, so…) But the great thing here is that you can change the blades if you want.

And maybe you don’t want to! And that’s fine. If you like this look, then great. But if I was going to get this fan for my house, I’d think about changing the blades. Though, I have to say, the rich look of the walnut texture blades is enticing.

But enough about that, let’s talk about what makes this Craftmade Crystal Ceiling Fan a real stand-out. Performance. Quality Rating 5. Check. Wind almost 3.5 mph. Check. Almost 6000 CFM. Check. Only 30 Watts used? Are you kidding me? What a great fan.

Craftmade really knocked it out of the park with this one. Putting a DC motor in this ceiling fan is a stroke of genius. This fan comes with a 6-speed remote, which I like a lot. All around, you’re looking at a great crystal ceiling fan.


4) Savoy House Phoebe Crystal Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Phoebe Crystal Ceiling Fan - Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

The Phoebe has that mid-century modern flair combined with a crystal drum light kit. I like the 60’s vibe this one gives off. It’s an attractive fan, and some people are thinking of this type of glass when they’re looking for crystal.

This is another solid performer. The Phoebe nearly tops out our Quality Rating with a 4 out of 5. It moves over 5500 CFM almost 3 mph and has a great efficiency rating. But again, fans like this often come down to look. If the look is what you’re after, you should be plenty pleased with the performance. This is one of those things that if you’re concerned, give me a call and we’ll discuss it.

Savoy House makes some of the most unique crystal ceiling fans, and the Phoebe is a great example. This is not your everyday ceiling fan.


5) Monte Carlo Diamond Crystal Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Diamond Crystal Ceiling Fan

The Monte Carlo Diamond is a more modern take on the idea of Crystal Ceiling Fan. It’s a solid performing fan, and a good looker. For contemporary ceiling fans with crystal look, the Diamond is a good option. It gets the conversation going.

Monte Carlo makes some of our most popular fans. We’ve assigned this one a 4 for Quality. The Diamond gets over 4500 cfm moving up to 2.7mph, which is respectable. Usually, I prefer a bit more than that, but if this fan has the look you want, that’s that. It’s good that it uses only 65 Watts, likely helped by LED lights. This is a fan that puts off a lot of light, if that’s important to you.

This fan comes with the CT150, a very similar remote to the Monte Carlo I featured not long ago. I mentioned the CK250 - a great remote. The CT150 is right in there with it, one of my favorite Monte Carlo Remotes for ceiling fans.


6) Savoy House Easton Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Easton Chandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan - Best Crystal Ceiling Fans

The Savoy House Easton is somewhat like the Coromell I featured earlier. It has a completely different look. But they’re both built around an ionizing chandelier fan motor. This fan is a better performer than the Coromell. It makes the bottom of my list because some may not consider this type of glass to be crystal. It’s my experience some people looking for crystal are looking for this. If that’s not you, that’s okay.

This fandelier fits into that industrial / victorian / steampunk look. It’s a good looking and effective fan. Savoy house created a fan that is very attractive in a different way than the Coromell, but under that price point. It also seems to push a bit more air than the Coromell, so if you're not sold on the others' looks, this might be the fan for you.

Crystal ceiling fans make a statement unlike most other ceiling fans. They set the tone of a room with elegance. If that's what you're after, give me a call and I'll help you find just the right ceiling fan. My name is Felix and my number here at Hansen Wholesale is 800 201 1193, and my extension is 136. Or just ask for Felix. They all know me well here.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Felix
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