Who makes the best Unique Ceiling Fans?

The top ceiling fan manufacturers produce both traditional and unique ceiling fans. Ceiling fan companies make unique fans for unique people who treasure their own style and homes. Look to the top ceiling fan manufacturers for the best in uniquely styled ceiling fans.

Erick, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Erick,
Expert on Ceiling Fans
at Hansen Wholesale

Erick has sold a lot of unique ceiling fans to a lot of unique customers through the years. They all have their own beautifully unique reasons and stories. Erick now knows how to connect them with the right unique ceiling fan.

June 23rd, 2017

Start with the Best Ceiling Fans (And Their Manufacturers)
It’s actually not hard to find great, unique ceiling fans. Start with the best ceiling fans. Every manufacturer makes great traditional fans because they have to. But they also want to express creativity through their designers. When they can, they unleash their most creative designers with the task of creating something different.

Unique Modern Ceiling Fans
The Modern (or Contemporary) Ceiling Fan Category is a great place to start. Designers carte blanche to create the unique. Building on the lessons learned making traditional ceiling fans, designers can spread their wings.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Minka Aire Artemis LED

Minka Aire Artemis LED

The Minka Aire Artemis is simply a beautiful modern fan. Minka builds this fan in many unique finishes and with different numbers of blades. I like this 3-bladed version. LED lights make the Artemis an efficient choice.

Fanimation Torto

The Torto is a unique ceiling fan that has a beautiful organic quality about it, coming to life as it spins. It’s almost a piece of art on its own. Fanimation also makes a fan called The Avaston that is similar in style and uniqueness.

Fanimation Odyn

Fanimation Odyn Wet
By now, you all know the Odyn is one of my favorites. It is a bold and beautiful large ceiling fan. The Odyn has enough gumption and quality to produce a breeze for a large outdoor space. It certainly makes a statement, too.

Tropical Ceiling Fans
A subset of the modern fan is the Tropical Ceiling Fan. Often, when people think of unique ceiling fans, they’re thinking of a fan they saw at a resort somewhere. If you want to bring that island feel to your home or vacation spot, we have that.

There are a huge number of blade combinations that, when paired with a strong fan motor, will do a great job. Keep in mind that using a heavy ceiling fan blade will definitely compromise performance. A traditional, sleek, lightweight blade will work best. But also keep in mind, the manufacturers designed their motors specifically to work with these blades.

These are a few of the Tropical Ceiling Fan combinations you might not have seen:

Fanimation Palmetto

Fanimation Palmetto
While more traditional tropical ceiling fans exist, the Palmetto takes uniqueness to another level. Imagine yourself a tropical King or Queen lounging in the breeze with the Palmetto obediently fanning your Highness. This is definitely something not everyone has.

Fanimation Palisade

Fanimation Palisade
Like the Palmetto, the Palisade is a smaller but more playful tropical ceiling fan.

Unique Classic Ceiling Fans
If it suits you, you can keep a steampunk look going with the addition of some Victorian style fans. There are some phenomenal ceiling fans that have modern engineering and efficiency, but a classic old-timey look.

If that idea tickles your fancy, here are a few of my favorites you might like to look at:

Fanimation Bourbon Street Long

Fanimation Bourbon Street
The Fanimation Bourbon Street is a Victorian take on the ceiling fan, and it uses a belt drive. This is certainly a unique style you won’t see in every house in America - or New Orleans, even!

Fanimation Single Brewmaster Long Neck Belt Drive

Fanimation Brewmaster Long Neck Belt Drive
Another belt-driven ceiling fan by Fanimation, the Brewmaster has charm and more simplicity in this two blade design. Classic dark iron is reminiscent of ye olde times, when beer was a healthier alternative to water.

Ceiling Fans You May Not Have Considered
And now for something completely different. A ceiling fan with two fans.

There are many non-standard ceiling fans available for purchase. Some perform beautifully. Here are some of the ones I suggest looking at:

Matthews Fan Ar Ruthiane Metal Damp

Matthews Fan Co Ar Ruthiane Metal Damp
When is a ceiling fan not a ceiling fan? When it’s two ceiling fans, of course! The Ruthiane has two heads that push air and themselves around. If you don’t want the whole machine moving, you can pin the main axle in place. Or you can let them spin and distribute air around the room. Either way, it’s a great fan that comes in so many colors that you’re ensured a unique look. Matthews Fan Co. took things a great step forward with this one.

Meyda Tiffany Tall Pines Chandelier Fan

Meyda Tiffany Tall Pines Chandelier LED Fandelier
When else is a ceiling fan not a ceiling fan? When it’s a fandelier!

Meyda Tiffany and Savoy House have made a business of producing beautiful chandeliers with built-in ceiling fans. The moniker these unique devices earned is thus “fandelier.” You know Tiffany Lighting is always among the most exclusive and high quality there is. The Tall Pines Chandelier is gorgeous, and not many households have it.

Choosing a Unique Ceiling Fan
Some people obsess themselves with keeping up with the Joneses. Others are the Joneses. Others still want to stay as far away from the Joneses as they can. You, too, can be the anti-Joneses by choosing a great and unique ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan performance should definitely be a factor, which is why I chose only high-performing ceiling fans that are also unique. It doesn’t matter how unique your ceiling fan is if you can’t feel the air coming off it! Unique ceiling fans can reduce the strain and cost of your A/C system while giving your home a style all its own.

If you’re not sure yet, that’s okay. Now you know what I’m here for! Give me a call, I’ll help you narrow it down, and I may be able to suggest something you haven’t looked at yet. The corollary is, if there are unique ceiling fans you like but you’re not sure how they perform, I can tell you everything there is to know. So give me a call at 800-201-1193, extension 110 or ask for Erick. We’ll get you the unique ceiling fan you want and that works in no time.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Erick
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