Who makes the best Wall Mount Fans?

Matthews Fan Company makes the finest quality wall-mount fans. They are handmade with final hand-assembly in the USA. When you need a fan for a low ceiling room or other places ceiling fans just won’t work, wall mount fans are the answer.

Terry, Ceiling Fan Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Terry,
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There are a lot of people looking for ceiling fans for low ceilings. If you have a 7 foot or even 8 foot ceiling, you may not be able to fit a ceiling fan in because of law. Terry has the answer: Wall-mount ceiling fans are a great alternative.


The Best Wall-Mount Fans

Great Wall Mount Fans

Some of my favorite ceiling fan manufacturers also make outstanding wall fans. Matthews Fan Company comes to mind - they make the Rolls Royce of wall fans. Craftmade, Fanimation and Savoy House also make some of my favorite choices.

Why a Wall Fan?

Building Code dictates that there must be 7 feet from the bottom of your ceiling fan blade to your floor. When you have a 7 foot ceiling, you simply can’t have a ceiling fan.  If you have an 8-foot ceiling, there are Hugger Ceiling Fans (otherwise known as flushmount) that may work. Understand though, you sometimes compromise performance. To work best, ceiling fans are designed for some clear space between the ceiling and the fan blades. Some manufacturers design Hugger Ceiling Fans specifically for flushmount applications. These perform brilliantly.

For some people, the best answer is the wall mount fan.

Wall Fan Placement

There are places a Wall Fan will simply work better than a ceiling fan. Because of their smal form factor, they often fit in places ceiling fans don’t. Many wall fans are available in a damp-rated version. These work well where indoor-rated ceiling fans aren’t a good long-term option. Wall-mounted ceiling fans can work great in small restrooms, for example. They also work perfect in galley-style kitchens, and hallways where air stagnates.

You would never put a damp-rated wall fan outside where rain can get at it. But, if you have a protected outdoor area, they work great. They can keep the bugs away or ensure a breeze where it might not otherwise be possible.

So with this in mind, understand you have more options available to you than just a ceiling fan.


Here are my personal recommendations:


Matthews Fan Co Atlas Kaye

matthews fan co atlas kaye wall mount fan

Matthews Fan Co. makes the Atlas Kaye, an outstanding oscillating wall fan of high quality. Like many of our wall mount fans and almost all our ceiling fans, this fan comes with a remote control. This small (13”) wall fan pushes air up to over 6 miles per hour, giving it a high breeze rating. Many of Matthews’ Fans come coated, giving them an outdoor damp rating. You wouldn’t want to get this fan wet, but as long as it’s not exposed to rain it’s fine. This is my favorite wall-mount fan. One thing I really like about this Matthews fan: it’s hand assembled. Most of the parts are handmade. Final assembly happens in the United States. The blades hand-balanced by a real artisan, a skilled craftsman - not some computer. As a result, these Matthews Fans are often perceived to be in a different league.


Fanimation Old Havana Wall Mount

fanimation old havana wall-mount fan

For character, the win has to go to Fanimation and their Old Havana. It ha a classic quality that may give your room a traditional feel. Or, if you couple it with some modern design elements, it’s the perfect steampunk accent. Another outstanding wall fan made by an outstanding company.


Craftmade Bellows I

craftmade bellows i in aged bronze wall-mounted fan

I have to mention Craftmade because they have a discount promotion going at time of writing and they make an excellent fan. It’s a stylish piece, too. This Bellows I in Aged Bronze has a bit of that Old World feel to it. This is a charming wall-mount fan.


Matthews Fan Co. Atlas Melody Oscillating Wall Fan in Textured Bronze


matthews fan co atlas melody oscillating wall fan

The parts are hand-crafted in Brazil and the fan is hand-assembled in the United States of America. It’s one of the last fans that is truly handmade. Exceptional design and craftsmanship make this a great wall mount fan.


Craftmade Faraday

craftmade faraday wall fan

Craftmade makes a more contemporary wall fan called the Faraday. This is a nice fan, too. Craftmade knows how to make fans! This caged wall fan also has a great breeze rating. The metal finish is attractive, timeless and modern all at the same time.


Matthews Fan Co Michelle Parede Metal

matthews fan co michelle parede metal wall fan

The great thing about the Michelle Parede is that it comes in a bunch of colors. If you don’t like the black (pictured here), give me a call and we can order exactly the color and finish you want.  Actually, a lot of the fans here come in a lot of colors. You know it’s always best to call me when getting a fan because I have a lot more information than any website.


Craftmade Bellows IV

craftmade bellows iv stainless steel wall-mount fan

Similar fan, different mount. This is about the same size as the Bellows I I mentioned above, but the Bellows IV a slightly different design. Perhaps more important, the mount is simpler. This is a great fan that you can position how you wish. This is yet another damp-rated wall fan, meaning you can mount it outdoors away from rain.


Savoy House Skyy II

savoy house skyy ii wall-mounted fan

You may already know that Savoy House makes some good fans. This is one of their best wall fans. Simple and attractive. And again, the Skyy II comes in some different finishes. It pushes a decent amount of air.


We have more excellent wall mount fans, too. These are just a few of my favorites. Have a look at our site and when you have questions just call me. I can answer your questions better than any website because I’ve dealt in these wall fans for years and years. I have a lot of experience to back up my words here.


These wall mount fans do well for rooms with low ceilings, often when hugger ceiling fans just won’t work. If you have a room with a 7 or 8 foot ceiling, one of these just might do the trick.


My number here at Hansen Wholesale is 800-201-1193, extension 134. If you don’t remember my extension, just ask for Terry. We can get you a law abiding fan as quick and easy as 1-2-3.


Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!


- Terry
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