What are the ceiling fan light kits that work best?

  1. Emerson LK180 Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit
  2. Fanimation FA-LKLP101 1-Light Single Globe Damp-Rated Universal Light Kit
  3. Monte Carlo MC228 Single Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit
  4. Some ceiling fan light kits are truly Universal - they work with most ceiling fans. Some are not. Call a professional before you buy to be sure.

Steve, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Steve,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Steve knows the real story behind ceiling fan light kits. He's been doing this for years, and he knows what light kits work with what fans. You can't always trust the word, "Universal" when it comes to ceiling fan light kits!

Ceiling Fan Light Kits -
How to Buy One that Works

April 21st, 2017

When you do an Internet search for "ceiling fan light kits", most of what you see relates to, "doesn't work."

This is because people bought cheap fans made with the cheapest components. Cheap materials. It happens. Many use the opportunity to replace their old fan with a new, more energy efficient fan that moves more air. Some like their fan and wish to replace only the light kit.

Choosing the right light kit for your ceiling fan can feel like rocket science to the uninitiated.

Luckily, I'm initiated. I actually know a little rocket science, too, but I won't bore you with my past life.

I can explain it to you here in a way almost nobody else will.

Most people selling you ceiling fan light kits will tell you that you have to get a light kit that matches your ceiling fan. Doing anything else will void the fan's warranty. And that's true. If you're buying a light kit for a new ceiling fan. If your fan is out of warranty, you have more options.

One thing to be wary of is the term "Universal". Not all Universal Light Kits are actually Universal. They can be universal to only that manufacturer. Which is not always helpful.

Casablanca and Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits are universal only to their own fans. When pretty much everyone else says "universal", they actually mean universal.

Also, you can keep things simple for yourself to stick to one manufacturer when it comes to finishes. But you don't have to. Some fan finishes mix and match just fine with other manufacturer fan finishes. We're not supposed to tell you that because the fan manufacturers want to sell more of their own stuff. But there are exceptions, and I know them quite well.

The next thing to consider when you're buying a light kit is lumens. It used to be that you bought light bulbs by wattage. Wattage defines the amount of energy bulbs use. It used to describe indirectly how much light the bulb gave off. Now, you buy them by the amount of lumens produced - the amount of light given off. Wattage is a secondary consideration because it's in flux. As LED lights and CFL light bulbs become more efficient, their wattage drops over time. At the same time, the lumens they make stay the same or increase.

So when you think about your ceiling fan light kit, think about the amount of light you want to get from it. There aren't many LED light kits that produce enough lumens in total for the average consumer - yet. But that is changing. Every year, a little bit more light comes from the LED light kits. But you have to understand LED light kits are very expensive. Especially when you compare them to typical bulb light kits. LEDs are often built into an array. If you want one, call me and I'll explain it to you. You won't find many LED light kits yet because of these complexities.

Side note: LED light kits are more efficient than Energy Star. You may not wish to be sold on the Energy Star name - it's up to you. Energy Star only means (almost always) CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs are more efficient than old-fashioned incandescents. Unfortunately they don't all produce as much light. And CFLs are nowhere near as efficient as LEDs.

After that, it just comes down to the style you want. There are Globe Light Kits that look like a single light source, and there are three and four light kits with bulbs. Pick the style and finish you want and give me a call to make sure it will go with your old fan.

Here are some of my favorite light kits. Most of these light kits are available in white, brushed nickel, oil rubbed brass and many other popular finishes. Call me and we'll figure out which works best with your fan.

Emerson LK180 Single Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Emerson, in general, makes the best light kits. All of Emerson's Universal light kits are "universal", and by that, I mean to most ceiling fans. A couple of manufacturers have their own idea of universal, which is universal only to them. So the Emerson Light Kit won't work on Casablanca or Hunter fans. This is a Single Bowl fixture that comes with four 13 Watt CFL bulbs. Each bulb is equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent bulb, so that is approximately 240 watts of light from a single light fixture... which is more light than any other single light on the market that I am aware of. Not only is it very bright, but it is quite efficient using only 52 watts. Emerson also makes the LK180LEDORB, which is the LED version that puts out the equivalent of 100 watts using an 18 watt LED array. If you want some other LED choices, give me a call and I'll talk you through the pros and cons.

Emerson LK65 Single Globe Ceiling Fan Light Kit
The LK65 uses two 60-Watt Candelabra bulbs, and is popular for indoor ceiling fans. This fixture comes in several finish options.

Emerson F490 4-Light Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit
The F490 is great because it can give you a lot of light, and pretty much however you want it. This is the Off-White version, which is popular, but it really depends on the fan you have whether it will match or not. You can use 60-Watt Incandescent Bulbs with it or LED Bulbs if you prefer. It comes with 4 CFL Bulbs. Again, several finishes are available for this fixture.

Fanimation FA-LKLP101 Single Globe Ceiling Fan Light Kit for Damp-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans
The Fanimation kit is popular with people seeking lights for their outdoor fan. This one is rated for Damp-Rated fans, so not for driving rain but some exposure to moisture is okay. Some people prefer damp and wet-rated fans indoors. They deal with salty or humid climates better and last longer. This Fanimation Light Kit uses one 100-Watt Halogen Bulb. Let me know what finish your fan is and I'll see if there is a fixture that is close enough to match.

Fanimation F423 Single Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Like the LKLP101, the F423 is damp-rated. This a the black version of a 3-Light Kit for single-bowl style ceiling fan lights. It uses 3 50-Watt halogens to light up your room.

Monte Carlo MC228 Single Bowl Fan Light Kit
This is probably the best of the Monte Carlo light kits. It's a great indoor fan light kit that uses three 50-Watt Candelabra bulbs.

Those are my favorites, but there are many more. Give me a call and I'll help you find just the right replacement.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Steve
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