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By Steve,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

For sizing ceiling fans and downrods, there are few in the world better qualified than our man Steve. He's worked with vaulted ceilings for a long time. He will help you get on the right track to finding the right ceiling fan in the right size for your angled ceiling.

Ceiling Fans For Sloped Ceilings - Important Considerations

March 17th, 2017

The first thing you need to know about ceiling fans for sloped ceilings is that you'll have to put the fan up.

We had a problem. One of our sales folks a few years ago... We insisted that to sell ceiling fans, he needed to know how to install one.

But he hated heights. He wouldn't go up the ladder. He helped with the assembly over in the corner while we hung the fans.

You can't sell a ceiling fan until you've been in the customer's shoes. So we made him go up the ladder. Eventually.

You can put any of our fans on an angled or sloped ceiling except for a hugger fan, which only work on flat ceilings. Besides having to go up the ladder, there are a couple of other things you need to consider.

How many fans will you need?

How do you choose the correct size fan or fans?

What is the right size downrod?

If you have a sloped ceiling, do you need a special angled ceiling adapter?

The first thing you should know is that there are lots of great ceiling fans for sloped ceilings. I'll talk you through these considerations.

Let's start with the number of fans. How many ceiling fans do you need? One or two? Or three? That depends on your room dimensions. As there are so many larger fans available today, if your room is about square you may need just one fan. If your room is twice as long as it is wide, you might need two fans. If it's really long or L-shaped, you may need three!

The other consideration the location of your junction boxes. If you have one box, stick with one fan unless you are willing to pay an electrician to wire more boxes.

As for size, with vaulted ceilings I like to say bigger is better. But in general, a small room with a vaulted ceiling should take a 42-44 inch fan. You may get away with a ceiling fan as large as 60" depending on ceiling height and room layout. For a large room with a sloped ceiling, there are choices all the way up to 96 inches. I want to help you decide what ceiling fan will look and perform best in your room.

Do you need any special mounting hardware? For vaulted ceilings, most fans come with mounting hardware that will hang flat, or at an angle up to 30 degrees. It differs a little between brands. Some brands (like Fanimation and Minka Aire) have angled ceiling adapters that allow their ceiling fan to hang at over 45 degrees. So it is best that you call me so I can make sure the fan you like will work with your angled ceiling.

So when choosing ceiling fans for sloped ceilings, there are a lot of things to consider. But as you can see, it is a very doable project.

Next is downrod length. The length of downrod you need depends on the height and angle of the ceiling where you plan to hang the fan. To get the best airflow for cooling, the ideal height to hang any fan puts the blades 7 to 8 feet from the floor. You must also keep at least 8 inches between your fan blades and the ceiling. More is better. If the blades are too close to the low side of the ceiling, uneven airflow may cause the fan to wobble or move less air.

If the ceiling is really high, you may not like the way your fan looks at 8 feet from the floor. In this case, you may compromise airflow for aesthetics and put it at 10 feet from the floor. If airflow is important to you, this is almost as important as the style. There are plenty of styles of ceiling fans for sloped ceilings available.

Remember wondering why you had to learn geometry? Have you ever wanted to give your kids a reason for having to learn it other than, "because"?

Well, now you have a concrete answer:

To get a downrod length for your ceiling fan on a sloped ceiling!

So, have your kids calculate the slope of the ceiling! It's a great school project. Don't forget to include any fan accessories in your ceiling fan calculations.


Call me! With a few measurements, I won't even require your first-born. Still, you may have to go up the ladder.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Steve
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Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale