What are the best industrial ceiling fans for industrial interior design?

Industrial ceiling fans make a fantastic statement in an industrial style home interior. make. Some of my favorite industrial style ceiling fans for the private home come from:
Modern Fan Co.,
Matthews Fan Co.,
Fanimation and,
Savoy House.

Steve, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Steve,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Steve is partial to Industrial Ceiling fans. He likes the industrial style because it has a purposeful, mechanical look. Industrial ceiling fans set a great atmosphere in a non-traditional home.


Contemporary Interior Design with Industrial Ceiling Fans

I like industrial ceiling fans. Interior design with an industrial style is very popular right now. And with my engineering background, the aesthetic appeals to me.

Imagine a ceiling fan in a distillery or brewery, or an old factory. If you’re designing your home interior in an industrial style, that’s exactly what you’re going for. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite ceiling fans that look great in this setting and perform beautifully, too.

Some of these are my favorite fans - not only with regard to their industrial style. These are some great ceiling fans, among the best.

Typically, industrial interior design features considerable metal and visible hardware detail. They look mechanical in a functional way.

Without further ado...


My favorite Industrial Ceiling Fans:


Craftmade Colossus Industrial Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Colossus 96 Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Craftmade Colossus is the prototypical large warehouse fan. This one, at 96”, moves a huge amount of air, but it doesn’t move it very fast. Some people struggle to feel the air movement, but it is definitely happening. There are laws that dictate the top allowable speed of large fans in residences. Nonetheless, this is close to the definition of industrial ceiling fan. At least, this is as close as you can get in your home while remaining legal. There are also smaller, but still very large sizes of the Colossus. I should mention that Hunter makes the HFC Industrial Ceiling Fan. That is quite an attractive fan and it has a contemporary industrial look.


Modern Fan Pensi Industrial Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Pensi Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Pensi is one of my favorite industrial ceiling fans and one of my favorite ceiling fans of all. It's designed as if there is a pole coming from your ceiling and there’s a fan that moves up and down the pole to adjust. It doesn’t actually do that, but the look is very mechanical and smart. Another four-blade industrial ceiling fan that didn’t quite make my full list is Minka Aire’s Spectre. I’d encourage you to look at it.



Craftmade Sonnet Industrial Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Sonnet Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Sonnet is best known as a ceiling fan in brushed metal with wood, but it also comes in chrome with wood. Then there’s this version with a chrome body and acrylic blades. I chose this style because it’s thoroughly contemporary and different. There is hardware showing around the case of the motor that gives it an industrial look. All these choices have that industrial ceiling fan style. And Craftmade has produced an excellent fan here.




Emerson Highpointe Industrial Ceiling Fan

Emerson Highpointe Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Highpointe comes in a different color than other fans here. Emerson makes the Highpointe in brushed metal, too. I feel this color is a little more distinctive. Also, the darker colors will blend in with a dark ceiling, if that’s the look you want. Again, this is an excellent fan, so it’s definitely one I wanted to include in my list. Emerson makes some of the best fans in the business. I like the flywires on this one - they’re a great industrial detail.



Minka Aire Groton Industrial Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Groton Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Groton has a fantastic industrial light that makes it one of my top choices. Minka Aire makes this industrial ceiling fan. The light is at home in an old warehouse, a boulevard of the 1930s or your industrial interior design home. There’s a lot of hardware showing, giving the fan excellent details and a great look. Minka makes the Groton in many colors and styles. There is definitely one that fits your place. It also pushes air well over 3 mph on its highest speed setting, so this is a fan you will definitely feel. The light kit gives off plenty of light. Overall, you’re looking at a great fan.


Savoy House Starling Industrial Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Industrial Ceiling Fans

Savoy House has a very modern industrial ceiling fan in the Starling. This fan looks straight out of a science fiction film, but you can get it for your home right now. (If this idea appeals to you, Modern Fan Co also makes the Torsion, which you should look at.) The Starling has a few contemporary industrial design cues. It’s an excellent performer, too, moving a lot of wind nearly 3.5 mph. In other words, plenty! So you can get a sci-fi style industrial looking ceiling fan for your home interior design. That’s a pretty cool option for a lot of people.



Fanimation Levon Industrial Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Levon DC Industrial Ceiling Fans

If you’re a fan of Fanimation fans and you want an industrial look, the Levon is most likely your fan. The Levon is one of Fanimation's best performers. It's a definite top performer in the large fan category. This one measures 63” and also gets air going over 3 mph. For ceiling fan nerds like myself, that’s nearly 8000 CFM - which is a huge number. The Fanimation Levon is a nice example of a large fan. It has a clean, contemporary look while having a bit industrial flair. It’s a great design to fit in excellent interior designs.


Emerson Loft Industrial Ceiling Fan

Emerson Loft Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Loft has a wonderful industrial and simplistic look. It’s almost minimalist, but with some industrial style flair. It’s an excellent performer, and it’s one of the more budget-minded options. Emerson is one of the oldest and best ceiling fan manufacturers. They’re one of the original DC motor manufacturers, too. What I’m saying is Emerson’s ceiling fans are solid. This industrial style Loft is no exception.



Matthews Fan Co. Duplo Dinamico Industrial Ceiling Fan

Matthews Fan Duplo Dinamico Industrial Ceiling Fans

Let’s have a look at the Matthews Duplo-Dinamico. What a great ceiling fan! This dual head design is quite exclusive - it’s not the kind of thing you see in everyone’s house. Matthews makes a fantastic fan, and this one has a great industrial look. It also moves a lot of air. With two fans spinning, you are sure to get excellent air movement. I really like the aged bronze look, too. It gives the fan a mid-century look that can’t be beat.



Savoy House Alsace Industrial Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Alsace Industrial Ceiling Fans

The Savoy House Alsace Fandelier has a rather distinctive industrial look. It’s actually almost medieval in styling. It should definitely work an industrial setting. It’s a fan on the smaller side but it moves air quickly, making it a great performer. It also doesn’t use much energy. This is the kind of fan that works in tandem well. You could have a few of these in a larger room to get air moving. The welds on the blades are a particularly attractive industrial touch.

I enjoy talking interiors. In particular, I like minimalist design. Industrial is almost a subcategory of minimalist by its nature. If you’re looking for a fan with an industrial look, but none of these quite do it for you, give me a call. My number is 800 201 1193, extension 114. My name is Steve, and I’ve been a Ceiling Fan Expert with Hansen Wholesale for over 20 years. I'll help you find exactly the industrial ceiling fan you want to complete your design.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Steve
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