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    How do I find the best Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

    1. Choose between Damp or Wet-Rated. (Think about the weather at its worst - usually wet-rated is best.)
    2. Choose the appropriate size.
    3. Verify electrical connections.
    4. Select the lighting and control options you want.
    5. Choose a style that fits your outdoor home design.
    6. If you need help, call an expert make sure you are getting what you need, and can get you a better deal.
    7. You have an incredible array of choices when you look for an outdoor ceiling fan. Spend time choosing carefully to get the best fan for your area.

    Terry, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Terry,
    Outdoor Ceiling Fan Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Terry knows all there is to know about Outdoor Ceiling Fans. Today, he takes you through the steps needed to find the perfect one for you.

    The Quest for the Perfect Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    March 3rd, 2017

    You have a beautiful outdoor area, but you don't use it as often as you'd like. It's hot and buggy.

    Ding! It comes to you in a stroke of genius:
    If you get an outdoor ceiling fan, you can cool the area with a light breeze. Which might drive the bugs away, too!

    With some trepidation, you begin your quest. How hard can it be? "I can find a ceiling fan," you tell yourself, "no problem." But it's not that easy. You don't want just any ceiling fan. You need... The PERFECT Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

    So, you go to and get lots of ideas. Great start! This is another good idea you had.

    You start working through the options, but there are so many to choose from! It's a little overwhelming. What to do next?

    I'm here to help.

    1. Choose Either Damp-Rated or Wet-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans:

    The first thing to consider for your outdoor ceiling fan is its protection from weather. If your fan will be in an uncovered or only partially covered area that exposing it to rain, it must be wet-rated. If it is a covered area and not exposed to rain, you can install either a damp-rated or wet-rated fan.

    I usually recommend wet-rated fans for any outdoor area because they're more durable. Wet-rated fans are resistant to a greater range of weather conditions.

    Some Wet-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan Options:
    Casablanca Charthouse -
    Matthews Donaire -
    Minka Aire Traditional Concept

    Some Damp-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan Options:
    Casablanca Duluth -
    Matthews Fan Atlas Irene Hugger -
    Emerson Luray Eco

    Okay, that narrows the choices. On to the next step!

    2. Figure out the best Size or Number of Outdoor Ceiling Fans:

    Choose size. Once you get more than two feet outside the edge of the fan blades, the breeze from the fan drops off a lot. So if you have a large area, you may need one big fan or two or three smaller fans. You might want to lay out a measuring tape to get an idea of the area you need to cover.

    Some Outdoor Ceiling Fans of Varying or Configurable Size:
    Casablanca Panama -
    Minka Aire Slipstream -
    Kichler Szeplo II LED

    3. Ensure Sufficient Electrical Connections:

    Next, and this is important: Do you have the electrical connection(s) that make your plan work? Can you safely get the electrical connections you need where you want them? Or are you okay with the restrictions already in place?

    You've chosen your size and number of ceiling fans! Well done, intrepid outdoor ceiling fan explorer, well done.

    4. Lighting and Controls:

    The next consideration: lighting.

    If you're using your outdoor area at night, you might want a ceiling fan with lights. Many popular fans are being re-released this year with energy efficient LED lighting. Also, do you want the light and speed control on a remote, or is a wall-mounted control okay?

    Some Outdoor Ceiling Fans of Lighting and Control Options:
    Casablanca Caneel Bay -
    Quorum Wesbrook Patio -
    Fanimation Belleria

    5. Style:

    And yet you still have many choices.

    You're on to your last great decision on your own. You are now learned in the subject of Outdoor Ceiling Fans, and if you are wise...

    Call me. I can help you decide what style works best for you. I may know things about fans that you don't - pieces of information I've gained through experience. Information that may somehow not be on the site. We quickly narrow it down to two or three fans on our site, including some you didn't see before. We have so many fans to choose from.

    And it's good you called me, because I may get you an even better deal than the low price listed on the website!


    After you called me, you finished the job. You've chosen your fan. Good. You've purchased your fan. YES! Now you've received and properly installed your fan, and it's everything you hoped. Incredible, my friend. This is a great day. A Great Accomplishment: you have found the PERFECT Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

    You are happier. There is no need to second-guess. You've done your research. You know you have The Best.

    Now, you and yours can use your outdoor area any time you like. There's so much more you can do now that you have the perfect outdoor ceiling fan.

    Relax on your outdoor furniture - perhaps with a brewski - and enjoy the beautiful evening. You've now managed to increase your home's real living area. Better, you've improved your home's value to you.

    It's time to enjoy. How about some nachos and some friends? Ah, but the friends may eat the nachos... Hm. Maybe just nachos this time. Friends later.

    Yet another wise decision.

    The End... For Now

    You've improved your outdoor living area... so now, maybe it's time to upgrade that barbecue. It seems you either get still-mooing or charcoal bricks instead of perfectly cooked food. I can help you with that, too. There is much we can do together - when you are ready to begin your next great journey.

    But first, have a look at the website, then give me a call and I will assist you on your Quest for the Perfect Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

    Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

    - Terry
    800-201-1193 x134
    Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale