When you’re shopping for ceiling fans, you’ll find that they’re divided into many different categories—standard mount, flush mount, dry rated, wet rated, the list goes on. These designations may seem confusing, but they exist to help ensure that you get the ideal fan for your space, no matter its limitations and your precise preferences. Today, we’re going over one of the most popular types of residential ceiling fans on the market: the flush mount ceiling fan.

Emerson Curva Sky LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Curva Sky LED Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is our No. 1 overall pick for best hugger ceiling fan.

What Is a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan? Also called hugger fans or low-profile fans, flush mount ceiling fans are mounted directly to the ceiling, with no downrod (pole), chain or extra attachment suspending them. The fan’s motor housing (the circular unit above the blades) is typically mounted flush to the ceiling instead of hanging from a rod, with the blades suspended from about 5 to 10 inches from the ceiling.

Do I Need a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan? The recommended distance from the bottom of the fan’s blades to the floor is 7 feet. Most standard mount fans position the blades about a foot below the ceiling, so they work in rooms with ceilings that are 8 feet and higher. The closest the blades will ever get to the ceiling with a flush mount fan is about 5 inches, so they are appropriate for rooms that have ceiling heights of 7 feet 5 inches or more. Note that if you have a room with ceilings less than 7 feet 5 inches high, any ceiling fan installation would be considered unsafe.

What Are the Benefits of a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan?

Of course, the primary reason why a person might install a flush mount fan is because it provides extra clearance space in the room. But, again, note that these types of fans work best in rooms between 7’5” and 8 feet fall. They may also provide additional safety in smaller spaces, especially if the room is made to cater to a tall person. However, it’s important to note that installing a hugger fan when it’s not necessary can come at a compromise of performance and efficiency (more on that below).

Another major benefit of hugger fans is that they can be quite attractive and can help play down the smallness of a space. We have stylish flush mount ceiling fans to suit a wide range of home décor styles, including contemporary, traditional, rustic, transitional, tropical and others. Compact and low-profile fans can provide some aesthetic intrigue and airflow when there are serious space limitations, but caution must be taken to ensure that the room lends itself to any ceiling fan installation at all.

Craftmade Universal Hugger Ceiling Fan

The Craftmade Universal Hugger Ceiling Fan is one of our hugger fans that sits the closest to the ceiling, with blades that are 5.5 inches from the ceiling.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan?

The main downfall of the hugger fan is that it doesn’t move as much air as a standard mount fan. Blades that are mounted closer to the ceiling reduce air volume, so they won’t provide the same level of breeziness as those that are mounted 8 or more inches below the ceiling. For this reason, hugger fans may work harder than standard mount fans and may be less efficient.

There are a couple more things to consider before going the flush mount route. Note that hugger fans generally cannot be installed on angled ceilings, so they provide additional mounting limitations compared with regular fans. You’ll also notice that there are fewer high-efficiency and EnergyStar flush mount fans out there. This is because the EPA just recently began to require fan manufacturers to test and publish the efficiency of these types of fans, and most hugger fans simply do not meet the EnergyStar qualifications.

Hunter Cranbrook Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Cranbrook Low Profile Ceiling Fan proves that this type of fan comes in many unique styles and options.

Choosing the Right Hugger Fan

Although not right for every scenario, there are certainly some times when hugger fans are the best choice. If you decide to take this route, let Hansen Wholesale help pair you with the perfect fan. Be sure to reference our guide to the best flush mount ceiling fans or give us a call at 1-800-201-1193 to talk to an expert who can provide advice on finding the perfect fan.