Ceiling fans are both central design elements and functional components of your home’s main living spaces. To work their very best, though, ceiling fans must receive adequate maintenance over the course of their lifespan. From weekly dusting to more thorough cleaning throughout the year, here is how to make the most of this household fixture.

Cleaning Ceiling Fan Blades

Modern Silver Ceiling Fan-Monte Carlo Butterfly

Before ever attempting to clean your ceiling fan, make sure that it is turned off, and the blades have stopped spinning entirely. Once the fan isn’t moving, climb a step ladder to get within reaching distance of the blades. Give each blade a thorough dusting either with a duster or a dry microfiber cloth. Be careful not to push down on the blades and bend the blade holders as this will cause your fan to wobble. This step should occur weekly to ensure that dust and dander doesn’t accumulate and circulate in your home.

If the blades are really dusty and need a deeper clean, use an old pillow case to prevent dust from flying in the air or falling to the ground. You can use a damp cloth with mild detergent to remove grime, but dry the blades thoroughly to prevent damage. Never use cleaning agents as they can damage the finish. Dusting regularly and applying an anti-static agent after cleaning can avoid excessive build up and make cleaning a breeze in the future.

Shown above: Monte Carlo Butterfly Ceiling Fan


Cleaning Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures

Man changing light bulb in ceiling fan

After once again confirming that the fan is turned off, remove the light bulbs and carefully remove the glass shades by unscrewing the mounting screws. Be aware that the number one most commonly requested replacement part for ceiling fans is glass that has been dropped and broken when cleaning, so be careful. Once dismounted, wash the glass shades in warm soapy water. Make sure that you dry them thoroughly to eliminate the possibility of water shorting out your light kit after you reinstall them on the ceiling fan.

Before putting the glass shades back, inspect the rubberized gasket around the base (if one exists) for wear and repair or replace as needed. This step ensures a secure placement of the shades, which eliminates any rattling or risk of falling and breaking when the fan is working. Then, replace the them back on the ceiling fan, secure the screws, and replace the lightbulbs.


Cleaning The Fan Body

Use a lightly damp cloth to clean the motor housing, and dry it right away to prevent any corrosion from moisture. If it has not been cleaned for some time, and there is a layer of dust and grime, try adding a little dish soap to your cloth. Just make sure you do not get any water inside the motor casing; this can cause an electrical short that could potentially ruin your fan.


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