It could be argued that bedroom ceiling fans are the most important ceiling fans out there. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the temperature at which you sleep is important, and sleeping at a cool 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit can help you rest better. Why? The experts say that your body temperature actually lowers when it’s ready to sleep, so keeping your bedroom on the cool end can help you fall asleep faster. With this in mind, how do you know which ceiling fans are best for the bedroom? Here are a few things to know before buying a bedroom fan.

minka aire artemis ceiling fan

Minka Aire Artemis XL5 LED

They Should Cool You Down

There’s nothing worse than trying to fall asleep when it’s hot in the bedroom. A good bedroom ceiling fan should provide a quiet cool without weighing down your utility bill. One of the ways we determine the cooling capability of any given fan is through what we call the Wind Speed Factor. The factor is calculated based on the width of the fan and the CFM (cubic feet per minute of airflow). Look for fans with a higher wind speed factor (measured in miles per hour) if your primary goal is to get the best cool-down possible in the bedroom.

Shh…They Should Be Quiet

While many people enjoy the soft whirr of a fan at night—in fact, its white noise can effectively lull you to sleep—you don’t want something so noisy that it’s going to keep you awake. Thus, it’s imperative that your ceiling fan be relatively quiet. Not only do you need a fan that doesn’t have a clunky, loud motor, you also need one that runs smoothly so that you don’t hear any distracting clicking or tapping sounds while you’re trying to fall asleep. We recently published a guide to finding the best quiet ceiling fans which will be especially useful in your search for a near-silent ceiling fan.

They Shouldn’t Require You to Get Out of Bed

We think that all ceiling fans should be low-effort, but especially the ones in the bedroom. The last thing you want is to finish reading your book for the evening only to have to get out of bed to turn off the light, and you need to be able to easily adjust temperature settings while you sleep for the right amount of cool. Therefore, the only option is a remote ceiling fan. These fans let you adjust the lighting and fan speed without disrupting your relaxed state.

They Should Match Your Décor

Just because you prioritize performance doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good looks. Today, bedroom ceiling fans come in all sorts of stylish options, from ultra-sleek contemporary fans to unique chandelier ceiling fans (otherwise known as fandeliers). You can find a good-looking, high-quality and efficient ceiling fan at Hansen that matches your particular décor style, no matter if it’s modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, tropical or glamorous. Additionally, a good majority of our bedroom fans can be ordered in a range of different finishes and blade colors to match your furniture and décor.

hunter dempsey ceiling fan

Hunter Dempsey 44 Light 

They Should Provide Light

If you’re replacing a ceiling light with a ceiling fan, you’ll need to make up for the loss somehow, so choosing a ceiling fan with a light is the best option. Even though you might have several wall sconces and lamps in the bedroom, there is no substitute for quality overhead lighting, especially if you use the bedroom for things other than sleeping, like reading, folding laundry or drawing. For the lowest cost and maintenance, we always recommend choosing ceiling fans with LED lights that have amazingly long lifespans. Replacing light bulbs within fans can be a chore that requires the ladder, so an LED that lasts up to 50,000 hours (that’s nearly six years of continual light) is an awesome compromise.

They Should Be Efficient

Every new gadget you bring into your home should pack on the performance without sucking up tons of energy. Make sure that your bedroom fan is EnergyStar certified and has LED lights to ensure that it doesn’t add to your energy costs. Note that we rate our ceiling fans based on their efficiency, so you can always be confident you’re getting a good-quality product when you shop with us.

emerson luxe fan

Emerson Luxe ECO LED

Need personalized advice on which bedroom ceiling fan is best for you? The fan and lighting experts at Hansen Wholesale are happy to personally assist you with your purchase. Use our Shop with an Expert for a more tailored shopping experience!