What is a good LED Ceiling Fan?

LED Ceiling Fans:

    1. Emerson Luray Eco LED Ceiling Fan
      Brightest LED lights. Dimmable. Efficient DC Motor.
    2. Casablanca Stealth LED Ceiling Fan
      Among the most popular. Dimming LED lights.
    3. Savoy House La Salle LED Ceiling Fan
      Another great option - powerful and efficient. LED lights dim.


Andrew, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Andrew,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

When you look for an efficient Ceiling Fan, you want the latest options to keep your energy costs down. You want to keep as off that grid as you can muster. LED Ceiling Fans are a great option because old light bulbs are real energy suckers. Not to mention they put off heat, which is probably not why you want a ceiling fan! Andrew knows all this and he knows what fans can work best for you.

LED Ceiling Fans - Energy Efficient and Beautiful in So Many Ways

March 24th, 2017

Imagine that ideal life.

It's a beautiful day. A bit humid, but your trusty ceiling fan keeps a nice breeze blowing. You enjoy some much-needed rest.

Then the heat hots up and... maybe your trusty ceiling fan isn't so trusty! You watch the blades slow and slow. They give away speed inexorably to oblivion.

They stop. You are betrayed!

It wasn't that old of a ceiling fan! How could it have died so young? And what can you do to replace it?

Simple, go back to the local box store, where you got it in the first place. Right?

Your Quest Begins

The young man at the counter smacks his gum at you after typing away at the screen. "Naw, this thing's... it's not like... under warranty any more. Sorry. Next."

The little lady behind you shoves you with her purse and box of doomahickeys. She hasn't even set the box down next to her giant jug of red vines when she starts berating the oh-so-helpful young man, "I just bought this like two months ago and it stopped working already and I need...."

The drone of a high-pitched voice fades as you make the long, dissuaded yet determined walk. Through the maze you venture, finally to the ceiling fan section.

Ah, here's the same one. But why get the same one? It died quickly. Let's get something...


Looking around. So many fans. They all look cheap. You have a question, so you look for an apronned savior.

None to be found...

At last - HELP! "Hi, I have a question about th..." you start.

His voice is a surprising monotone, like the high school history teacher you were so glad you didn't have. "I'm sorry I don't work in ceiling fans but if you wait here I'll get you some help thank you have a nice day." The enthusiasm is overwhelming. No, really it is. Behind the facade of boredom, you believe there may yet be a spark in there. Somewhere.

Wating. You wait... and wait. And then it dawns on you. Goodness, what a fright. They sold you this dead piece of junk last time, why would they do any better today!?

A Grandiose Decision of Much Import

So many fans. So little help. "I can figure this out on my own."

Proud and vehement. The attitude that got you where you are now. With a dead ceiling fan. You can do it. You can do better!

Now you decide. You want LED lights. They're so energy efficient. So, let's find an LED Ceiling Fan that is energy efficient.

You look at the zoo of fans. Some whizzing, some silent. There are some lit up. Some with chains wobbling.

"First, I want something that will last." Gazing at the menagerie, you notice: they all look kinda the same. Kinda cheap. Hmph.

"I want something energy efficient!" You see this one wobble and bobble, and that one buzzle and fuzzle. Perhaps wobbling and buzzling is also wasting energy.

Looking around, there is yet no sign of help. No apronned saviors after a half hour of mulling.

Your Quest Ends

You return home, defeated to recoup your energy and prepare for another day.

Your Quest Begins - Again. And, better this time.

And then you remember Hansen Wholesale. "They have GREAT prices on fans. And they only sell excellent products!"

[Apparently my words are sinking in. I keep my job another day. -Ed.]

Typity tap it on in, dear hero, H-a-n-senWholesale.com. Ceiling fans, YES.

Oh, SO MANY FANS... Where to start?

"Ah, I can call? And get real live help from an expert human from Planet Earth? The good ol' U S of A, even? Well, by golly, I think I'll do that."

(Ask for me, by the way. I'm the smartest one here. And don't tell any of the others I said that.)

Some Help to Get You Started

Here, I'll give you a start. If you're looking for LED Ceiling Fans, we have a flat ton, but these four are my favorites.

First up, I'm a fan of the Emerson Luray Eco LED Ceiling Fan. It's got that fantastic Emerson DC motor that's super quiet and super efficient. The Luray also has the brightest LED lights in the industry. It's a nice, modern look but the styling doesn't overwhelm. A solid fan all around.

Another favorite, not just of mine but of our customers, is the Casablanca Stealth LED Ceiling Fan. The Stealth is one of the greatest selling ceiling fans of all time, and with good reason. Casablanca now makes the Stealth with an LED array. It is a quiet fan to begin, so this is a pretty unbeatable combination.

Also in my top list is the Savoy House La Salle LED Ceiling fan. This is a great fan. Savoy House does traditional looks in a fresh, new way. This La Salle is a beautiful fan with outstanding performance and dimming LEDs.

If you don't like those, you might consider the Minka Aire Light Wave LED Ceiling Fan. Pros like me around the world know Minka is the standard for excellent quality. The Light Wave is a really pretty fan a lot of people love. It's also extremely energy efficient, and again has those great LED lights that dim.

These LED Ceiling Fans are fantastic. They are the best in the business, made by quality manufacturers. These all also have the bonus feature that their LED lights dim. That's not common. And it's a great feature for a ceiling fan. Especially if it's in a bedroom or some other place where you want to control the lighting level.

You probably already have a favorite. You can call me and I'll make sure it's right for your situation.

Some Help to Get You Finished

Or, if for some reason you want to keep looking, we have lots of ceiling fans here that will do the job you're looking for. If you're not happy with any of these styles, looks, or price points, give me a call and we'll find the right fan for you together.

Give me a call. Once I help you get a great LED Ceiling Fan, you'll be able to return to your normal life. It will be back to lounging and lazing with a nice quiet breeze. And you'll also be able to do it with confidence that your fan will last. That's a nice feeling.

And its efficiency will cost you a lot less money than the old one. Your life will be so much better.

Let me help you get there. I'm Andrew. Remember, the smart one? I'm kidding of course - everyone here really knows their stuff. Give me a call, have a look at the site: 800-201-1193 x137.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Andrew
800-201-1193 x137
Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale