Who makes the best Remote Control for Ceiling Fans?

Emerson may make the best remote control ceiling fans on the market. Fanimation is close behind. Hunter brings something new to the game with their Wi-Fi control Smart Home ceiling fans.


Felix, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Felix,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

There really aren’t any bad remote controls for ceiling fans. But, of course, some are better than others. Then again, a lot has to do with personal preference and, perhaps most importantly, which fan you like best. Felix gives us the run-down.

Summary of the Remote Control Ceiling Fans Market in 2017

July 7th, 2017


The Best Ceiling Fan Remote Controls are RF

High-end ceiling fan manufacturers use radio frequencies to control fans. RF Remotes have a maximum range of about thirty feet. Some even control dimming lights. Light kits with dimming lights include standard incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescents (CFL), and LED. Bulb type depends on the downlight kits available for their ceiling fans.
Some remotes are available with 3-Speed Control, but the best fans come with a 6-Speed control. I find most people think 6 speeds are too many when they’re thinking about purchasing a fan. Most often, they end up really liking the extra control over their ceiling fans’ speed.
Some remotes control the ceiling fan direction for seasonal use.
There are ceiling fan wall switches to install into the wall. Many ceiling fan remote controls are available as handheld. Some come with holsters to build into a wall switch outlet, while many holsters just hang on the wall.

The Best Remote Control Ceiling Fans Come with Optional Controls

Most high-end ceiling fan manufacturers ship their fans with remote or wall controls. Sometimes, you can upgrade your remote or exchange your wall unit for a remote at time of purchase. If your ceiling junction where you’ll install your fan only has two wires, a remote is likely your best option. If you have a third wire, you may wish to hard wire your controls into a wall switch.
In the past ten years, remotes do not control many ceiling fans at the same time. We tell people not to try to control many fans from a single wall or remote control. However, it is sometimes possible. If that’s something you’d like to do, contact the manufacturer.

Some of My Favorite Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Generally, the manufacturers don’t make universal remotes that work all their ceiling fans. So the following remotes only work with specific fans. The idea here is to give you an idea of what’s available. Each manufacturer usually makes many remotes for each of its fans. From this list, you can get an idea of what kinds of remotes to expect with the fans you like. You may wish to change or upgrade the remote that comes with your fan. You obviously don’t choose a fan based on its remote, but it can be a factor.
  Emerson EM-SR650 Ceiling Fan Remote Control
It is my opinion that Emerson makes the best ceiling fan remote controls right now. This SR650 is very capable but not too expensive. It gives you complete control over your Emerson Ceiling Fan. This remote controls six speed settings, direction change, and light control including dimming. This is an excellent ceiling fan remote that you install directly into your wall. If you wish, remove the remote control from the wall unit and take it with you.
Emerson Luray Eco Remote Control Ceiling Fan
Fanimation FA-CRL8TS Ceiling Fan Remote Control
This Fanimation remote is excellent also. The FA-CRL8TS has some timer functions in it that my customers find useful. From this remote, you control the three speeds of your Fanimation ceiling fan and its lights, as usual. You can also put a delay on your lights to turn on or off and only keep your fan on for a certain amount of time.
Fanimation Edgewood Decorative Remote Control Ceiling Fan
Monte Carlo CK250 Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Monte Carlo has done one better with the CK250 Ceiling Fan Remote Combo. This comes with both a wall unit and a standalone remote control. You have full control over fan speed and dimming lights of your Monte Carlo ceiling fan with this remote. It’s a great design, too. I have many happy customers using the CK250.
The CK300, a similar remote, works some of the same fans (not all) but also has can reverse the ceiling fan direction.
Monte Carlo Cyclone Remote Control Ceiling Fan
Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans that work with the Monte Carlo CK250 remote control:
Monte Carlo Ornate Ceiling Fan, Ornate Elite
Minka Aire RC400 Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Minka Aire makes not only great ceiling fans, but also great ceiling fan remotes. The RC400 is a great remote that does it all. Like some other remotes, this one can be wall mounted or taken with you. With the remote, you can change your Minka Aire Ceiling Fan speed, lighting, and direction.
Minka Aire Symbio Remote Conrtol Ceiling Fan
There are a few manufacturers making BlueTooth controls for their fans. None of them work as well as Hunter’s Wi-Fi SimpleConnect system. There are only three fans Hunter makes right now that use SimpleConnect. With SimpleConnect, connect your ceiling fan to your home Wi-Fi network. From there, control your ceiling fan from your smart phone. My colleague Andrew wrote about this technology earlier this year.
Hunter Apache SimpleConnect Remote Control Ceiling Fan
Hunter Ceiling Fans that work with SimpleConnect:
There are of course other ceiling fan remote control systems. It is my opinion that these represent the best available in 2017.
If you ever have any questions about what remote to get for your ceiling fan, give me a call! 1 800 201 - 1193. I’m Felix, and I’m here at Hansen Wholesale available at extension 136.
Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!
Remote Control Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale