Vintage Ceiling Fans Style: Rustic Ceiling Fans

What rustic looking vintage ceiling fans should I use in a rustic home?

Interior designs of rustic style work with Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans. These Interior Design Styles include:
Contemporary Craftsman,
Greek Revival,
Steampunk, and

Rustic Ceiling Fans also work in Traditional or Modern style homes. They provide contrast to juxtapose on contemporary detail.

Terry, Ceiling Fan Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Terry,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Terry is a fan of Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans. It’s a pretty broad category within ceiling fans, so it can work with a plethora of architecture and interior design styles. It all depends on your taste!
Other types of Vintage Ceiling Fans include Retro,  Mission or Craftsman Style Ceiling Fans, or Victorian.


Vintage Ceiling Fans Styles: Rustic Ceiling Fans

Today let’s look at some Rustic Ceiling Fans. Immediately, I think of a log cabin in the mountains. There are a lot of places a vintage ceiling fan of a rustic style could make a great design statement. You can use a Rustic Ceiling fan for vintage flair in a modern setting, like a man-cave. You might prefer a toned-down rustic ceiling fan for any part of your home.

The term, “rustic” encompasses quite a few design inspirations. The dictionary defines the term as crude or simple. Rustic relates to country living rather than city-slicker contemporary. But understand this:

These fans may appear old-fashioned on the outside. But they’re made with the best components and work as well - or better - than a contemporary fan. You know performance is big for us, so if you’re in doubt look at the fan’s graphs.

So let’s have a look at some of my favorite fans. This should give you some new ideas you might not have thought about.


My favorite Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans:

Monte Carlo Great Lodge Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Deer Lodge Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

For me, one example of the epitome of Rustic Ceiling Fan might be the Monte Carlo Great Lodge. When paired up with the antler light kit MC116WI-L, this is a distinctive ceiling fan.  The Great Lodge is a wonderful performer, too, making well over three miles per hour of wind. Monte Carlo makes the Great Lodge for Log or Mountain style homes. It can also work in a Traditional setting, or in a Farmhouse or as an off-the-wall accent in a Steampunk room.

Hunter Original Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Hunter Original Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Another vintage ceiling fan that exemplifies the term “rustic” is the Hunter Original. This is the best fan that Hunter makes, and that’s saying a lot. The Hunter Original has been around, unchanged, for eons. That’s because it’s a great ceiling fan. The thing that’s great about The Original is that it works in just about every setting. There is no particular setting it works well. As the image that everyone thinks of when they imagine “ceiling fan”, it works. Everywhere.


Meyda Tiffany Tall Pines Chandel-Air Fandelier Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Meyda Tiffany Tall Pines Chandel-Air Fandelier Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Meyda Tiffany makes a great ceiling fan in the Tall Pines Chandel-Air. Being Tiffany, it is of course phenomenal quality and exquisite hand-crafted beauty. It’s a smaller fan at 44 inches, but those 44 inches power a cone of air up to about three and a half mph. If you want a hand-made touch for your home, the Tall Pines is a great and distinctive piece you won’t see often. It works great in Log and Mountain interior designs. It’s almost universal. It might work well in a Contemporary Craftsman, Farmhouse, Southern, or Traditional interior.

Casablanca Heritage Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Heritage Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking for something that will blend in a bit more than it stands out, you can’t go wrong with Casablanca. Their Heritage is a really nice design that’s almost too refined to consider rustic. You know Casablanca makes a great fan, so this might be the safe choice. Quality rating of 5 and breeze rating of 4 - over 3 mph. Another great feature of the Heritage is that it is Wet-Rated, meaning it can go outside exposed to the rain. Most vintage ceiling fans are for the indoors only. The Heritage should work in many interior designs.  It's best in Farmhouse, Tuscan, Log, Mountain, Southern, Traditional, Spanish and Ranch. It may work fine in Colonial or Steampunk architectures, also.


Quorum Windmill Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Quorum Windmill Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

The Windmill is just a great looking fan. This is one piece of interior design that will definitely make a statement. Funny thing though - it looks like it should produce a tornado, but it doesn’t earn our highest breeze rating. Quorum’s Windmill pushes a lot of air (nearly 6000 cfm!) but it only gets it up to 2.7 miles per hour. That said, it’s extremely efficient and uses a tiny amount of energy. You may be able to put the Windmill in Farmhouse and Ranch interiors. It might be fun in a Steampunk setting.


Kichler Harbour Walk Patio Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Kichler Harbour Walk Patio Outdoor Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

Like the Casablanca Heritage, the Kichler Harbour Walk Patio is an outdoor, Wet-Rated rustic vintage ceiling fan. Unlike the Heritage, it has a very distinctive style and character. It’s also a phenomenal performer, making three and a half miles per hour of wind. The Harbour Walk gets our top quality rating of 5. The Harbour Walk Patio is best suited for more contemporary applications. That said, it definitely has rustic appeal. It should work well in Contemporary Craftsman, Farmhouse, Tuscan, and Ranch interior designs. It might work for Log, Mountain, or even Shingle. Absolutely in Steampunk.


Fanimation Single Brewmaster Long Neck Belt Drive Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Single Brewmaster Long Neck Belt Drive Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

Here’s a rustic old-timey fan. Fanimation’s Brewmaster is a wonderful belt-driven rustic vintage ceiling fan. This fan garners attention. Fanimation makes great fans. They’re one of few manufacturers making belt-drive fans. The Brewmaster will work in a lot of rustic settings. It could work in Colonial, Farmhouse, Tuscan, Log, Mountain, Southern, Spanish, and Ranch. It may work in Georgian and definitely will work in Steampunk.


Quorum Lone Star Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Quorum Lone Star Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

Don’t mess with the Quorum Lone Star. This is a solid fan, and an attractive one. It gets our top quality rating (it better with a name like Lone Star) and it pushes over 3 mph. The Quorum Lone Star works very well anywhere in Texas.


Kichler Olympia Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fan

Kichler Olympia Outdoor Rustic Vintage Ceiling Fans

Kichler makes a pretty fan called the Olympia that has some rustic charm to it. It has the look and feel of a modern fan, but with references to designs of the past. It pushes over 2.5 miles per hour of wind and gets a solid 5 for our quality rating. The design cues on the Olympia mesh well with Contemporary Craftsman interior design. Also works in Colonial, Farmhouse, Tuscan, Mountain, Traditional, Spanish, and Ranch interior designs.


So these are just a few of my favorites. If you want to talk Rustic Ceiling Fans with an expert, give me a call. I can talk over the pros and cons of these and many more rustic vintage ceiling fans to get you exactly the look you want.

My number here at Hansen Wholesale is 800-201-1193, extension 134. If you don’t remember, just ask for Terry.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!


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