What's the best way to shop ceiling fans?


  1. Go to HansenWholesale.com.
  2. Shop Ceiling Fans by browsing the site.
  3. Call 800-201-1193. Ask for a Ceiling Fan Expert.
  4. Tell the expert what kind of ceiling fan you want.
  5. Click “Shop with Expert”. Enter your Expert’s Code.
  6. See what they help you choose!


Terry, Ceiling Fan Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Terry,
Ceiling Fan Expert and Personal Shopper
at Hansen Wholesale

Terry loves using the “Shop with Expert” feature to help his customers find the right product.

Shop Ceiling Fans with a Real Ceiling Fan Expert

May 12th, 2017

Look, we’re here to be helpful. We’re here for you. If you like, we can use our expertise to help you shop ceiling fans. You have the top ceiling fan experts in the business at your disposal. All of us at Hansen Wholesale all here for you in the United States.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you have no idea, I can help you. I know each product we sell extremely well. Call me up and describe what you’re after. I can show you many excellent choices to fix your problem. Whether your fan is broken or you’re just no longer happy with it, I can find you a fan that will keep you happy for years.

Wrong Fan! Fixed Quick
A couple of weeks ago, a gentleman called me, let’s call him Herb. (I’m using a fake name to protect the innocent, don’t you see?) He’d spent a lot of time researching on our site, looking for the right Casablanca fan. He told me he wanted the Casablanca Heathridge, but from his description, it didn’t all add up to me. He showed me a couple of other brands, including the Vaxcel Lighting Sebring, which he liked but wasn’t right. When I showed Herb the Casablanca Heritage, he said, “That’s it!” He was close before, but couldn't quite find what he wanted without my help. He had heard about the Casablanca Heritage ceiling fan, but had forgotten the name.

We sell all great stuff here. We have everything good to help you shop ceiling fans. But there are always situations where some products are better for your needs. Perhaps you have a different look you’re after. When you describe it to me, I know exactly what ceiling fans to recommend. I can also help you determine the best size for your room.

You may want a fan that moves a lot of air, but you don’t expect it to cool the room off. There are fans for that. We also have fans to cool you that don’t disturb the air much when they’re on the right setting.

Just Right for Her Bedroom - with a Little Help
Not long ago, I was talking to a lady about a fan for her bedroom. She knew she wanted a white fan in about 52 inches. I talked to her about the size of her room and confirmed that was the right size. The problem she was having is that with over 800 fifty-two inch ceiling fans on our site, she had no idea where to begin. She was considering the Modern Fan Pensi or the Quorum Daystar. Unfortunately, she was not quite sure if either was the perfect ceiling fan for her room. So after a brief conversation about the style and furnishings in her bedroom, I showed her some fans. I had some ideas of what would work for her, so we used our handy “Shop with Expert” feature. When I showed her the Monte Carlo Lily ceiling fan in white, she fell in love with it instantly and screamed in “That’s the one!” She told me that she had been shopping online for over 2 weeks. She was very impressed that I was able to help her find the perfect fan in less than 10 minutes using “Shop with Expert”.

Maybe you want a fan that will work well both in Summer and in Winter. I can recommend fans that work well in both seasons, and give you the look and feel you want, too.

If you live in a humid area, you might want a damp or wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan, even if the fan will be indoors. If you’re putting your ceiling fan outdoors, you want either a damp-rated or one that can handle the wet. I can show you the best, longest-lasting choices in that situation, too.

Found Better for their Outdoor Space
Actually, that happened just the other day. A gentleman called in and was looking at the Fanimation Odyn and the Fanimation Levon. These are both great outdoor fans! But when I explained that the sizes he wanted might not push air fast enough for him, he relented. Using "Shop with Expert", I was able to show him the Kichler Zseplo II, a fan he hadn’t considered. I knew it would be better for him, and he ended up liking that fan much better.

You open up all these possibilities when you use “Shop with Expert.” Call me, tell me what you want and I’ll have you enter my code: 111. Our "Shop with Expert" feature only works when you’re on the phone with me. When you describe what you want, I’ll pull up some recommendations on my computer and you can see them. You tell me what you like and what you don’t like and I can make different recommendations until we narrow it down. It’s a great feature!

I’ve been selling ceiling fans for many years. I know which ones work best and which ones have made my customers happiest over the long term. I also know all of the manufacturers and based on the customer service calls we get, I know which brands are best.

So next time you’re thinking about buying a ceiling fan, call me. Let’s use “Shop with Expert” to help you shop ceiling fans. We’ll get you what you want.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Terry
800-201-1193 x134
Ceiling Fan Personal Shopper and Expert, Hansen Wholesale