Who makes the best Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans?

Hunter (and soon, Casablanca) make the best Wi-Fi Smart Ceiling Fans for the home. They integrate with Homekit, are easy to install, and Hunter keeps them competitively priced.

Andrew, Smart Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Andrew,
Smart Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Andrew is one of our resident techno-geeks, so it was only a matter of time before he told you about Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans. There aren’t many out there yet, but we have some great choices! Andrew gives you the rundown.

Getting Your Smart Home Connected
with a Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan

June 2nd, 2017

You’re now able to do a Smart Home Conversion that includes a Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan. This is a rather large step in the slow-moving Ceiling Fan industry. If you're thinking about a Smart Home conversion, Hunter has three beautiful Wi-Fi ceiling fans for you.

You can start your ceiling fan from your phone wherever you are. You could be at the office, away from way home, or even traveling. Turn the LED lights on your smart ceiling fan to the desired brightness so you come in to a well-lit, welcoming home.

So, say you’re in China on business and you can see from your home surveillance that Fluffy looks hot. Your pretty little fluff ball is panting on her bed. Well, you can turn the fan on from China to cool Fluffy down and keep your puppy happy while you’re away.

Program Custom Scenarios including your Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan for Ultimate Home Automation
Another option is setting up Custom Scenarios so they are one tap away. This makes your smart ceiling fan even easier to use. With Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect, it’s easy to get your fan connected to set up Custom Scenarios. Use your Android or Apple iOS 10 device to control everything your ceiling fan offers.

With one tap on one of your Custom Scenarios, you can have your shades up and music at the right volume. Now, you can also have your ceiling fan lights on medium and your smart ceiling fan speed set to low. Once you set up your scenario, press the icon on your Android or Apple Device (like your iPhone) and everything happens for you.

As home automation systems become more capable, they will use sensing to make decisions for you. For example, if a room goes above a certain temperature, your fan may work in concert with your air conditioning. As the sun goes down, the lights on your fan may come up in brightness. You can keep your lighting at your desired level, counteracting the loss of light from the sun. Your smart home may read the weather or ambient light to know if it’s cloudy or a blue sky day. It will change the settings for you to compensate for temperature fluctuations.

Standard Remote Option
For those who do not yet have a smart home, the Hunter Smart Ceiling Fans come with a normal hand-held remote in the box. You can also get a standard wall control. But in a smart home environment, there is no need to have a remote or wall control at all. It’s all on your phone, tablet, Smart Watch or even voice control with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Of course, you can still use the included hand-held remote control along with your smart stuff if you want to keep one foot in the dark ages.

Hunter’s Line-up of Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fans
Hunter’s Apache, Signal, and Symphony are all secure Wi-Fi enabled Smart Ceiling Fans. Your home Internet router connects to your smart ceiling fans as your phone talks to your smart home.

All these modern style fans have their own unique character. At the same time, they have a few things in common. They’re all 54” inch ceiling fans. 54” is a very popular size! All are indoor only. They all use LED lights, which are of course economical, never need to changed and super efficient. You can download the SIMPLEconnect App for free from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.

Let’s have a look at each one.

Hunter Apache Wi-Fi Enabled Energy Star Smart Ceiling Fan
First up, in alphabetical order, the Hunter Apache Smart Ceiling Fan.

This fan has a modern yet classic look to it all at the same time. Twisted faux wood blades come from a beautifully crafted metal body with bright, flat LED lights on the bottom. The Apache uses 52 Watts to push 4200 Cubic Feet per Minute of air. The Apache is EnergyStar compliant, too. Pretty impressive!

Hunter Signal Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan with Reversible Blades
Hunter’s Signal Smart Ceiling Fan has a lovely wood and metal look, still modern, yet more traditional than the Apache. You can flip the blades on the Smart Signal over for a completely different look, if you prefer. Reclaimed Walnut (shown) appear a medium brown wood color. On the other side of the blades is Burnt Oak, a very dark - almost black - wood look. The Signal uses only 51 Watts to push nearly 5000 CFM.

Hunter Symphony Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan in White
The Hunter Symphony Smart Ceiling Fan is available in an elegant white. If you’re looking for a fan that blends in a bit more, this one might be for you. Then again, if you have a dark ceiling, this beautiful smart ceiling fan makes a statement all its own. It’s not quite as efficient or powerful as the Apache, but it is still plenty capable for most situations. The Symphony uses 83 Watts to push almost 7000 CFM, which is plenty to feel a difference.

These are all great fans.

Wi-Fi enabled Smart Fans really are a pretty cool option, and one I’m pleased we have at Hansen Wholesale. If you have any questions about Hunter’s Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Ceiling Fans, call me and I’ll help you plan your Smart Home conversion.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Andrew
800-201-1193 x137
Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Expert, Hansen Wholesale

P.S.: There aren’t many fan companies making Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Fans at the moment. Right now we have only Hunter, and soon Casablanca. But keep an eye on this growing market by checking in on our Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans Page from time to time.