Vintage Ceiling Fans Styles: Craftsman Ceiling Fans

What vintage ceiling fans should I use in my Craftsman-style home?

Interior designs in the Craftsman style (late 19th or pre-WWI 20th Century) work with Craftsman Style Vintage Ceiling Fans. Mission or Craftsman style ceiling fans work with interior designs of the following types: Bungalow,
Contemporary Craftsman,
Mission, or

Craftsman Ceiling Fans also may work in Prairie or Shingle style homes.

Erick, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Erick,
Expert on Ceiling Fans
at Hansen Wholesale

Not long ago, Steve talked about certain ceiling fans with vintage designs that didn't need changing. Last week, Andrew told us about Vintage Ceiling Fans of the Victorian Style.

Now, Erick explains Craftsman and Mission style vintage ceiling fans. When you keep your Craftsman home design intact, Craftsman style vintage ceiling fans are a beautiful addition. Erick knows which Craftsman style Vintage Ceiling Fans are best.

Some other types of Vintage Ceiling Fans include Retro Ceiling Fans, Rustic, and Victorian.


Vintage Ceiling Fans Styles: Craftsman Ceiling Fans

July 28th, 2017

Vintage ceiling fans of the Craftsman style match more than Craftsman-styled interiors. There are a few similar interior design motifs that can incorporate Craftsman touches.

Craftsman vintage ceiling fans work well with Contemporary Craftsman for obvious reasons. Bungalow style houses, and Mission or Prairie styles are compatible with Craftsman also. Depending on design details, Craftsman ceiling fans might also work with Mountain or Shingle style homes.

We are in California, there are a lot of charming Craftsman homes. Frank Lloyd Wright engendered parts of that style through his Prairie movement. Greene and Greene were also important names creating beautiful Craftsman styles.

We’re big on ceiling fan performance here at Hansen Wholesale. Luckily the manufacturers working within the Craftsman design concept create some of the best ceiling fans.


A few of my favorite Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans:

Minka Aire Lineage Vintage Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Lineage Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire’s Lineage is a great looking fan. The square light kit and iron look definitely work well in a lot of Craftsman style settings. On top of great looks, you have Minka Aire quality and one heck of a performer. The Lineage makes over three and a half miles per hour of air, which is plenty to help cool things on those hot, still days. The Lineage will work with just about any modern turn of the century interior design. In particular, it will work well with heavy wood treatments. Put the Lineage in Craftsman, Prairie, Bungalow and Mission style interior designs with wood interiors.


Modern Fan Period Arts Bodega Vintage Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Company Period Arts Bodega Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans

Modern Fan Company based the Period Arts Series on a fantastic fan motor. MFC makes a very high quality fan and this one pushes air up to three miles per hour. 3 mph is the magic number that most people I know need to feel the effect. The Bodega falls neatly into the Craftsman style with its hammered copper housing. It’s a minimalist style allows a lot of crossover and interpretation. It’s particularly well-suited for Shingle, Contemporary Craftsman and Mountain interior design spaces.


Minka Aire Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans

On the opposite end of the design spectrum is Minka Aire’s Craftsman, suitably named. It’s a bit like the lineage in materials but a completely different aesthetic. This Minka makes over 3 mph of air and gets a high quality rating from us. Fantastic quality, and beautiful design make this a great accent for the late 19th or early 20th Century home. The Craftsman works for many Mission, Craftsman, Bungalow, and Mountain interior design styles.


Modern Fan Period Arts Arcadia Vintage Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Company Period Arts Arcadia Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans

Mica and bronze make Modern Fans’ Arcadia a contender in Craftsman style vintage ceiling fans. It’s a great, distinctive design will make an excellent accent in many turn-of-the-Century home styles. Though it looks similar, the Arcadia pushes more wind than the Bodega. Modern Fan’s Arcadia works well with Shingle, Prairie, Contemporary Craftsman, and Craftsman styles.  In certain circumstances, it also may work with Bungalow interior styles.


Craftmade Deer Lodge Vintage Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Deer Lodge Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fan

The Deer Lodge is mainly a rustic ceiling fan, but it might work well in some Craftsman applications. This is an excellent quality vintage ceiling fan that makes well over three miles per hour of wind. Mahogany and iron give the fan a great old-fashioned look juxtaposed with modernist style. Craftmade’s Deer Lodge will work  well in Mountain and Bungalow interiors. It might also work with Craftsman and perhaps Shingle interior design homes.


Modern Fan Period Arts Prairie Vintage Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Company Period Arts Prairie Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fans

From its name, you know Frank Lloyd Wright designs inspired the Period Arts Prairie. Modern Fan Co. knows that stained glass makes an excellent bright accent for a lot of beautiful homes. Outperforming the Bodega and the Arcadia, the Prairie pushes air to nearly three-and-a-half miles per hour. The design motifs it works with are Prairie and Contemporary Craftsman. Perhaps Mission with the right situation.


Modern Fan Period Arts Library Vintage Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Company Period Arts Library Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fan

The Modern Fan Period Arts Library is a great looking bronze fan. This should be a pretty universal fan, making an attractive statement in many early-20th Century Interior designs. Like the Prairie, the Library pushes a lot of air. The Library works great in Craftsman, Contemporary Craftsman, Mountain, and Shingle style homes. Under the right circumstances, it may also work with Mission interior design.


Craftmade Timarron Vintage Ceiling Fan

Craftmade Timarron Craftsman Vintage Ceiling Fan

The Timarron is not a top performer, but if this is exactly the right look, this may be the fan you want. Craftmade is well-known for making good fans and this is one such quality fan. It makes a light wind, over two miles per hour. But the best thing about the Timarron for Craftsman applications is its coloring. Dark wood paired with dark hammered bronze give a great antiqued feel. The Timarron is great for Mission, Craftsman, Bungalow, and Mountain interior designs. It might work well with Prairie and perhaps Shingle homes, too.

These are some of the best vintage ceiling fans of the Craftsman style. But there are others. If you’re interested in seeing what else we have to offer, give me a call and we’ll narrow down your choices. I can get you set up very quickly.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

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