Vintage Ceiling Fans Styles: Victorian Ceiling Fans

What retro or vintage ceiling fans should I use in my Early American-style home?

Homes and interior designs in the style of Early American (pre-1830) often work well with Victorian or Fancy Style Vintage Ceiling Fans. Specifically, interior designs of the following types:

  • Colonial,
  • French Colonial,
  • Georgian,
  • Greek Revival,
  • Tudor,
  • Victorian

Victorian Ceiling Fans also may work in Mediterranean, Steampunk and Tuscan style homes.

Andrew tackles a particular type of vintage ceiling fan - Victorian Style Vintage Ceiling Fans. You could use many Fancy or Victorian Ceiling Fans in any home where you want a vintage ceiling fan look. But really, these are the best styles your ceiling fans will compliment. Last week, Steve gave a different take on Vintage Ceiling Fans - he presented some ceiling fans whose designs have stood the test of time. Felix tackled Retro Ceiling Fans, another kind of vintage, another kind of ceiling fan. Terry took care of Rustic Ceiling Fans.

Andrew, Smart Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Andrew,
Vintage Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Vintage Ceiling Fans Styles: Victorian Ceiling Fans

July 21st, 2017

Vintage ceiling fans of Victorian style don't only match Victorian-styled homes and interiors. They can actually complement many beautiful interior home designs.

So you’re looking for a vintage ceiling fan for your beautiful antique style home. I can help with that. Is your home Colonial, French Colonial, Georgian, Greek Revival, Tudor or Victorian style? If so, you’re likely looking for a Victorian Ceiling Fan. Some people call these Fancy style fans.

Some of these architectural styles are still very popular with home designers today. Many relate to historical buildings from Early American History. If your interior design is ornate, Victorian Ceiling Fans may be the vintage ceiling fans you seek.

Here's an important piece to consider. I have a lot of experience working with homeowners and interior designers. Usually, if they're looking for Fancy Ceiling Fans they're not concerned with performance. In my experience, usually they’re seeking the right look to match their interior design. This is counter to most ceiling fan buyers, and it’s absolutely okay. But, you have to understand, the ceiling fan manufacturers know this. So they focus more on ornate design than performance.

We try to rate all the ceiling fans we sell at Hansen Wholesale for performance. If you’re unsure about a fan I mention, please give me a call and we can talk about what you want and need. There are dozens of Victorian Ceiling Fans at Hansen Wholesale. I may well know of something better-suited for your needs than what I list here.

A few of my favorite Victorian Ceiling Fans:

Emerson Crown Select Vintage Ceiling Fan

Emerson Crown Select Vintage Ceiling Fan in Venetian Bronze

Emerson’s Crown Select is a great choice for many looking for a more subdued style vintage ceiling fan. The Crown Select works for a lot of my customers because it has a traditional ceiling fan silhouette. On top of that unimposing design, it has Victorian accents that are not over-the-top. People looking for a ceiling fan to blend in with their vintage interior style like this fan. Configure it with different blades and contrasting accents to make it stand out if you like. It’s also a top performer, so if airflow is important to you, check out the Crown Select. It will work well in almost any vintage interior or home design setting.



Monte Carlo Strasburg Vintage Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Strasburg Vintage Ceiling Fan in Tuscan Bronze

Monte Carlo’s Strasburg is on the other end of the spectrum for looks. It’s a much more ornate design while remaining a high performer. If you want something with a bit of panache while it moves the air, have a look at the Strasburg. This might provide your vintage ceiling fan look. It should work well in a Georgian, Greek Revival, Victorian. This vintage ceiling fan may also work for Tudor or French Colonial interior designs. It may be a bit too ornate for a Colonial, but it should definitely work in a Steampunk room.



Kichler Corinth Vintage Ceiling Fan

Kichler Corinth Vintage Ceiling Fan in Burnished Antique Brass

Like the Strasburg, Kichler’s Corinth is a great performer with a bit more audacious look. It will work in many of the same settings: French Colonial, Georgian, Greek Revival, Tudor and Victorian. On top of that, Kichler has interior lighting that matches up with this design very well.



Minka Aire Cristafano Vintage Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Cristafano Vintage Ceiling Fan in Belcaro Walnut with Crystal Kit

If ornate crystals are your thing, the Minka Aire Cristafano is your vintage ceiling fan. Unfortunately, this is not a fan I’d typically recommend as it doesn’t move much air. This ceiling fan is more about form than function. Still, it’s Minka Aire quality, so you know it’s going to last. And it’s downright beautiful. This fan works particularly well in French Colonial, Georgian and Greek Revival settings. This is one that works well in Tuscan, too. It’s so lovely it could probably work anywhere.



Emerson Cornerstone Vintage Ceiling Fan

Emerson Cornerstone Vintage Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The Emerson Cornerstone is one of the original Steampunk fans. But in a historical setting, the Cornerstone works well, too. The Cornerstone moves some great air, and I mean, come on, it’s an Emerson. Great fan. And, you can get your Cornerstone with two or four blades, depending on your taste. This vintage ceiling fan works great with Victorian interior design settings.



Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Vintage Ceiling Fan

Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Vintage Ceiling Fan in Midas Black

Hunter’s 1886 Limited Edition is a pretty neat and quite unique fan. This is not the kind of ceiling fan you see every day. A lot of customers like the Hunter name, so if you have to have Hunter, this is the vintage ceiling fan for you. This vintage ceiling fan is Perfect for Steampunk and Victorian. The 1886 Ceiling Fan might also work in a Mediterranean setting. It’s great for French Colonial, Georgian, or Tudor Interior Design. Another thing about this vintage style ceiling fan, it moves a surprising amount of air. At nearly 3 miles per hour, you should feel it.



Vaxcel Lighting Dynasty Vintage Ceiling Fan

Vaxcel Lighting Dynasty Vintage Ceiling Fan in Forum Patina

Vaxcel Lighting makes the Dynasty, a solid Victorian Ceiling Fan. It’s a good performer, and it’s perfect for Greek Revival. The Dynasty could also work in Georgian, French Colonial, Steampunk, and Tuscan interior designs.



Quorum Le Monde Vintage Ceiling Fan

Quorum Le Monde Vintage Ceiling Fan in Aged Silver


Quorum’s Le Monde vintage style ceiling fan has a great three-blade design. It comes in a couple of different finishes depending on how much you want it to stand out. The Le Monde is a decent performer, too. The Le Monde is tailor made for French Colonial. It works in Georgian, Greek Revival, Tudor, Tuscan and Victorian settings.

If you’re interested in fans for any other interior design motifs, please call - I have suggestions. These fans are a teaser to get you going.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Andrew
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