What are some white ceiling fans that blend in well?


    1. Monte Carlo Minimalist White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor and LED Lights
    2. Quorum Proxima Patio White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor
    3. Monte Carlo Avvo White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor and Dimmable LED Lights


Felix, Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Felix,
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Sometimes you don't want your ceiling fans to make a design statement. Sometimes you just want them to keep the air moving and your place cool. Felix, as always, has you covered.

White Ceiling Fans that Blend In -
Interior Design Trends

April 14th, 2017

There is a definite interior design trend that is pushing our industry. I'm talk about the introduction of larger ceiling fans. This also means white ceiling fans are becoming even more popular. It used to be that for a fifteen by fifteen room (about 200 square feet), you'd want a 52 inch fan.

Well, things have changed.

The biggest change is the introduction of the DC motor to the ceiling fan industry. DC motors are far more efficient and provide more torque using less electricity. Manufacturers that have adopted DC Motors can design ceiling fans that are much larger than before. DC Motors handle the extra torque necessary without the motor overheating.

So the design statement now is definitely that bigger is better!

These larger fans spread airflow over a larger area using less electricity, and their size can also make a statement. Some of the styles that have been recently introduced are in fact quite nice to behold. But if you do not want your fan to make such a dynamic statement in your room, you can still garner the benefits.

Take advantage of the added functionality provided by installing a larger fan. If you prefer, choose a fan that blends in with the ceiling!

White Ceiling Fans Can Blend In

If you have a white ceiling, choose a white ceiling fan so it blends in with the ceiling. A white fan on a white ceiling will be less imposing on a room regardless of the ceiling fan size. There are large stylish fans in contrasting finishes that will make a statement in your room. But if you want the focus to be on other areas of your room design, pick a fan that blends in with the ceiling.

Here are some of my favorite white ceiling fans that blend in:

1) Monte Carlo Minimalist White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor and LED Lights
As you can see from the graph on the Minimalist Ceiling Fan's page, this one pegs all the ratings. This is a great fan for a lot of reasons. It is stylish, but in white, it's not a fan that jumps off the ceiling at you. If you want lights, you can get those ultra-efficient LED's. The 56 inch fan also makes almost four miles per hour of wind, which is plenty.

2) Quorum Proxima Patio White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor
The Quorum Proxima is a nice big fan that is neutral, style-wise. It's not overly bombastic, but it does a great job as a fan. This Patio version I picked is outdoor wet-rated, meaning it can see some rain without issue. It will work indoors, but there's also an indoor version also that is a little less expensive. I'd recommend that one for people that don't live near any kind of water or salt. Otherwise, the Patio should last you longer.

3) Monte Carlo Avvo White Ceiling Fan with DC Motor and Dimmable LED Lights
Another fan pegging all the metrics in our graph is the Avvo. The only rating it doesn't get a five out of five is wind speed. It makes a very respectable 3.3 miles per hour, so that's not an issue for most people. It's an attractive, modern-looking fan that doesn't stand out too much in white unless you want it to. It's damp-rated, which means it's likely to last longer than an indoor fan because it's built a little tougher. The other great thing about the Avvo is that it has dimming LED lights - this isn't common yet on most ceiling fans.

4) Fanimation EdgeWood White Ceiling Fan Wet Rated for Outdoor Use
Fanimation makes the Edgewood, one great fan. It's pictured without lights, but you can configure it to have some different light kits. The Edgewood is efficient and wet-rated, meaning it will do well outdoors. This is a transitional design - the classic silhouette and look of a ceiling fan. The best part of the Edgewood may be its power. It will move a lot of air at high speed, great for a 60 inch class fan.

5) Monte Carlo Cyclone Energy Star Wet Rated White Ceiling Fan
The Monte Carlo Cyclone is a lot like the Edgewood, but it is also Energy Star qualified. That is important to some people. It is quite efficient and again a transitional design. The Cyclone is a modern twist on the classic ceiling fan look. I have sold a lot of Cyclones to a lot of happy customers. It's just a great fan. This one is wet-rated. That means the Avvo is more corrosion resistant than indoor fans designed for a dry climate.

6) Casablanca Academy Energy Star White Ceiling Fan
Casablanca's Academy Ceiling Fan is another transitional fan. This one is a lot like the Edgewood and the Cyclone. The choice between these three may be down to name recognition for you. These are all great fans, it's down to which brand you prefer. Casablanca makes a great fan. This one is rated for indoor only. You can get any number of light kits for this ceiling fan if you want them. Casablanca also has a great remote for this fan (as most modern fans have). In white, this ceiling fan isn't all that noticeable if you place it well.

7) Emerson Loft Energy Star Damp Rated Industrial Look White Ceiling Fan
The Loft is a really great deal right now. This is a good-looking, modern, and simple design. It moves a lot of air, too. In white, it kind of looks in place up against the ceiling. This fan isn't wet-rated, but it is damp-rated, which is helpful to some folks who want a more durable fan. It's also Energy Star certified. I've found a lot of people like the way the blades look. As such, they opt for a contrasting color to make them stand out. The whole fan looks great in blend-in white, too.

If you like those, give me a call and I'll help you get yours specced out just the way you want it. My number is 800 201-1193, extension 136.

Some of these fans come in many sizes. With some measurements and room details, I can tell you how to get the most bang for your buck. Some ceiling fans have LED Light kits, and some do not. Some are indoor, while some are outdoor wet rated, so they can work in any situation. I'll guide you and we will pick something you will love. We'll get you something you will hardly notice, except for the calm cool breeze that keeps you happy.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Felix
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