If you own a traditional wood-burning fireplace, then you already know that it can add beauty and elegance to your living space. You also probably know all too well that they can take a lot of time and hassle to maintain.

After years of dealing with the expense and upkeep of a traditional wood stove, it makes sense to consider converting your wood-burning stove to gas by using gas logs. If you want to know more about what benefits gas logs can provide, read on:

1. They’re realistic

One of the primary concerns that homeowners have over gas logs is their visual appeal. Many people mistakenly believe that all gas logs look fake and will ruin the ambiance of their room.

While it’s true that some gas logs can look fake, modern gas logs can look incredibly realistic. Gas logs now come in a wide array of wood types such as oak, aspen and birch.

logs in fireplace with black background

If you’re worried about your gas logs looking realistic, just be sure to buy high-quality gas logs like the ones made by R.H. Peterson. They make some of the most beautiful, authentic-looking gas logs on the market. The Real Fyre Charred Oak logs you see below are one of our best sellers!

burning logs in fireplace focus

2. Gas logs can save you time and money

If you’re concerned over the expenses associated with wood-burning fireplaces, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners are looking into gas-fueled fireplaces because they are tired of spending both time and money to maintain their wood-burning fireplaces.

Although natural gas prices have surged, the cost of firewood has also spiked recently throughout the country. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a heavily forested area, firewood prices can be steep due to high demand during the winter.

If you’re using natural gas over liquid propane gas logs, you stand to save even more money. Natural gas is a relatively inexpensive form of energy, making it a desirable choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

3. They’re eco-friendly

Another benefit to using gas logs is their impact on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas logs produce fewer emissions because they burn natural gas or propane.

Comparatively, wood-burning releases more carbon dioxide than gas, oil and even coal to produce the same amount of heat. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, switching to gas logs is the smarter choice.

4. Gas logs are safer than wood-burning

When you think about it, wood-burning fireplaces come with a lot of safety risks. If you have children and/or pets, even adding a fire screen may not fully protect them from potential fire hazards.

Fire screens won’t magically reduce the amount of smoke in the air caused by traditional wood-burning fireplaces. These pollutants can trigger asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing and other health problems.

The risk of a fire spreading is also a concern. A lot can go wrong with a wood-burning fireplace, from a build-up of creosote in the chimney to sparks catching on your mantel décor.

5. They’re simple

With gas logs, there is no hassle of getting a fire started. Gas logs are incredibly simple and can be lighted with just the touch of a button or lighting a match.

Additionally, they’re easier to maintain. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, you don’t need to constantly be cleaning out your fireplace and chimney.

Keep in mind that while gas logs are simplistic, they will require some maintenance. Don’t forget to get your fireplace inspected every year to ensure that it’s in working order.

6. You have options

When it comes to choosing the right gas logs, you have a lot to consider. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you want vented gas logs or vent-free gas logs.

If you want your fireplace to generate more heat, vent-free gas logs will help you achieve a greater heat output.

stone fireplace burning in home living room

For fireplaces that are more decorative and visual, vented gas logs are a smart choice because they produce yellow flames that make your fire look more realistic.

Of course, there is much more that you’ll need to take into consideration. If you have questions about gas logs, our gas log experts are happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to save money, improve your heating efficiency or make an eco-friendly choice, a gas log fireplace can help you achieve all these things and more. Just keep in mind that not all gas logs are created equal. Finding the right gas log professional and keeping your fireplace regularly maintained is key to a safe and effective burning.