A fireplace insert is a self-contained box that contains everything and goes into an existing hole in the wall for a fireplace. A Gas Log Set also goes into a fireplace, but it consists of parts: a gas burner (natural gas or propane), a non-wood log set, and possibly an ignitor for the burner.

Felix, Gas Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Felix,
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Hansen Wholesale has a helpful tip for you today. Felix, one of our longest-running Gas Logs Experts (he's been here 18 years!), addresses the often-confusing difference between a gas log set and a fireplace insert. There are some important distinctions, and Felix spells them out for you so you have the right information as you finish your project.

Gas Logs or a Fireplace Insert - Which Do You Need? Felix Explains

December 23rd, 2016

"Do I need gas logs or a fireplace insert?" I hear that question a lot! Sometimes people think they want a fireplace insert, but what they really want is a set of gas logs.

I will explain the difference.

A gas log set consists of non-wood logs (made of ceramic, cement or some other non-combustible material), stacked on a fireplace grate, set up over a gas log burner. The burner sits on the floor of the fireplace and usually has some glowing embers covering it. This setup easily connects to the gas line in your fireplace with very little effort. When you light the burner, flames come up through the logs giving you a very natural looking open fire that best imitates burning real wood. Gas logs are easy to install and relatively inexpensive compared to a gas fireplace insert.

A fireplace insert is a metal box you install, or "insert" into your fireplace. It is a complete, self-contained unit with a burner system, artificial logs and often times a blower to circulate heat. Fireplace inserts have a controlled combustion chamber and are more for heat than they are for looks. Some fireplace inserts have an airtight sealed glass front, so you cannot enjoy an open fire. Most gas inserts require you to run ducting from the insert to the top of your chimney, so installation is not a typical DIY job and the overall cost are often three to five times more expensive than gas logs.

As legislators around the country outlaw wood burning for environmental concerns, people need to learn how to replace their wood fireplace logs with a gas system and it's important to distinguish between the two. And some people just no longer enjoy dealing with wood, ash, and the mess of cleaning! Gas logs require very little maintenance.

Primarily, we sell gas log sets here. We have the choice to sell any gas logs from any company, but we prefer R. H. Peterson because they offer a premium product at a great value. Call me at 800 201 1193 extension 136 and I'll show you and tell you about your options. We will determine if you want gas logs or a fireplace insert. If you need gas logs for your situation, I'll get you exactly the right ones that look and work best and last longest for your money. And I will get you the best deal period.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Felix
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Gas Logs Expert, Hansen Wholesale