Modern Gas Fire Place Inserts

Updated: February 10, 2022

A fireplace is the center of the home, where friends and family assemble to talk, relax, and stay warm. However, traditional units are challenging to maintain, leading many people to allow the existing fireplace cavity to go unused. Now, modern fireplace alternatives can fit into your current masonry. These inserts offer the same cozy warmth and light while also being cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Learning more about the different insert options will help make your purchasing decision much easier.

What Are the Benefits of a Self-Contained Fireplace Insert?

Environmental Friendliness

A self-contained unit is inserted into an existing fireplace and can vent through a chimney with an approved flue liner. However, consumers have a choice. These fireplaces have both vented and ventless options to accommodate your heating needs and aesthetic preferences. While both variations are visually very similar to traditional fireplaces, there are significant mechanical differences.

Inserts use controlled ventilation and combustion to provide an efficient and effective form of supplemental heat in the room. While these modern gas fireplaces don’t burn traditional firewood, GAS LOGS can take their place without the negative environmental impact. The logs don’t actually burn and rarely need to be replaced. Instead, the fire emits from small spaces in the logs, creating a seamless recreation of a traditional fireplace.

Additionally, there’s little maintenance and cleaning to perform. The units are completely sealed, with no soot tarnishing the area around the fireplace. A professional will need to inspect the unit only once a year. During their comprehensive review, a technician inspects the fireplace’s glass seal, the home’s chimney structure, the status of the logs, and the gas ignition. They will also test the carbon monoxide detector and vacuum the interior area to ensure the insert’s fidelity, efficiency, safety, and cleanliness.

Air Quality

Since modern gas fireplace sets don’t actually burn wood, there are no odors or crackling sounds to contend with. Fireplace inserts can use either propane or natural gas, depending on your purchase model. The R.H. PETERSON GAS FIREPLACE INSERTS offer direct venting, which fully contains the fire, and any chemical reactions are expelled outside the home through their two-pipe system. No smoke, soot, or gas will enter the home, keeping the air fresh and clean.

Direct vent gas fireplaces have a hollow area that surrounds the logs and BURNER SYSTEM. The air in the room gets drawn into the hollow area by the insert’s fan, where it’s heated, and returned into the room. Since the air never has direct contact with the fire, no fumes enter the house.

Reliable Heating

Manufacturers balance the safety of containment with the functionality of a traditional fireplace. Modern inserts still offer significant warmth while the unit remains affixed in the fireplace cavity. R.H. Peterson’s REAL FYRE DIRECT VENT GAS FIREPLACE INSERT can produce between 10,000 and 30,000 BTUs to enhance your comfort all winter long.

Complete Immersion

Additionally, manufacturers are aware that there is more to a fireplace than visual appeal and warmth. For many people, the sizzle and hiss that come from burning wood, along with the smoky smell, are part of the experience. They can make the home feel cozier or more festive during the holidays. Some people overlook fireplace alternatives because the recreation is incomplete without these immersive features.

Couple sitting by fire sipping wine

However, some modern gas fireplace inserts can emit crackling sounds and release smoky incense to complete the recreation. By adapting modern technology into the inserts, homeowners can use a remote to activate or deactivate the sounds and smell. In turn, they can use the insert’s catalytic filters to remove the smoky smell when necessary.

Customized Comfort

It’s difficult to adjust the temperature of a traditional fireplace, especially if the house becomes too warm. Modern fireplace inserts are different. By embracing modern technology, manufacturers such as R.H. Peterson provide you with COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE FIREPLACE. The unit comes with a remote to control the insert’s blower and burners, allowing you to adjust the temperature throughout the day or as people come and go. By adjusting the heat, you’ll use only as much energy as you need, which can help lower your utility bills throughout the year.

What Are the Modern Alternatives to Fireplace Inserts?

A person’s taste and style can change over time. For some people, the idea of a fireplace is still exciting, but the look of a traditional fireplace looks outdated. Insert manufacturers have changed with the times by offering the same remote-controlled cleaning-burning and energy-efficient gas fireplaces without the use of logs. These modern units provide the realistic and warm glow of a fireplace but add new design options to benefit your new style.

Instead of using gas logs and a rack burner, non-traditional fireplaces use a pan burner. This allows the flame to rise around whichever material you choose.

More people are purchasing non-traditional fireplace inserts, but maintaining a unique look isn’t difficult. Manufacturers offer many different colors and customization options. Since the choices can be overwhelming, we’ve collected the basic insert designs to help make the decision easier. From there, you can customize your insert to ensure it impresses friends and family alike. 

What Are the Different Design Options for Modern Fireplace Alternatives?

Coal Grate

Some homeowners enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace but also desire a different way of presenting one in their home. COAL GRATE fireplace inserts use lava rocks that look like coal and are kept in a classic coal basket, recalling attributes of old mining towns at the turn of the last century. The embers peek out from under the coals, adding to the fireplace’s authenticity.

While the design harkens back to a different time, coal grate fireplace manufacturers apply modern technology to benefit the environment. The inserts run on natural gas or liquid propane, allowing you to enjoy this novel and classical design without any unpleasant orders or ecological damage.

Fireball Spheres

FIREBALL SPHERES are a unique design insert, where heat-resistant ceramic balls replace gas logs. Once the insert is activated, the display looks like cannonballs blasting from a pirate ship. While some feel the spheres provide excitement to the room, others find the insert very peaceful. The spheres have a smooth geometry that can feel relaxing whether they’re stacked or kept in a single layer.

Fire Glass

FIRE GLASS is one of the most popular non-traditional fireplace designs. It’s used to cover up the gas fireplace’s spigots, replacing the logs and making the fire appear to emit from the glass itself. Manufacturers polish and tumble tempered glass, forming them into heat-resistant and odorless pebbles. The pebbles will not burn the way traditional glass would when exposed to heat. Additionally, they won’t create smoke or soot regardless of how long they’re in use. The pebbles are often used with natural gas fireplace inserts, making the glass less likely to discolor.

Fire Glass - Modern Gas Logs Fireplace Alternatives

However, the fire glass pebbles may accumulate dust over time. Scoop out the dirty pebbles and wash them off with dish detergent to return them to their original shine.

Fire glass is also highly customizable. The pebbles come in A VARIETY OF COLORS, allowing you to choose which ones will work best with your home decor. Many people mix fire glass colors for an exciting, colorful display, while others adopt a monochrome style. Fire glass is easily moved, allowing you to change the colors on a whim or after a painting or remodeling project.

River Rocks

RIVER ROCKS are similar to fireball spheres, offering a calming and smooth geometrical design. R.H. Peterson uses the same materials to create their gas logs to form the smoothing river rocks, balancing beauty and long-term resilience.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped our customers increase the beauty and comfort in their homes. Before purchasing a modern gas fireplace or alternative designs, reach out to us at (800) 201-1193. We’ll work with you to determine the measurements of your fireplace cavity and match you with an insert that fits in seamlessly.