Modern Gas Fire Place Inserts

What are the best modern gas fire place inserts?

It depends what you mean. If you’re really looking for fire place inserts - self-contained units - it's easy. You want the Peterson D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace Insert. If you want a modern gas fireplace and you don’t want the traditional log look, we have the best choices. Some of the options available include glass, geometric shapes, and gems.


Terry, Ceiling Fan Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Terry,
Ceiling Fan Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Terry knows gas logs, fire place inserts, and modern gas fireplace options. Today, he expounds upon some of your favorite subjects.


Fire Place Inserts

R H Peterson D1-30 Fire Place Inserts - a modern gasfireplace

Are you looking for a self-contained unit? That is, your installer installs the entire fireplace in one piece? If yes, the D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace by R. H. Peterson Real Fyre is an outstanding choice. My colleague Erick did a review of it here. If you’re unsure if you want one of our gas logs (whether vented or ventless) or fire place inserts, my colleague Felix talked about the differences.

I like the D1-30 because it’s so customizable. If you want a fireplace insert for your place, you can set it up just about however you want. It makes a great fire, warms your home, and looks great. The remote control takes the whole system to another level. It’s incredibly simple to use and maintain. Peterson’s Fireplace Insert will go for years with very little upkeep. Of course, you need to do the regular maintenance with a licensed technician. But that’s true of any gas fireplace.

One of the custom options available with D1-30 is the choice of propane or natural gas. There are many gas fire place inserts that do not come with a propane option. So if you’re searching for propane fireplace inserts, Peterson’s D1-30 is an excellent option. It’s an outstanding option no matter your gas, but this is even better news for people seeking propane.


Modern Gas Fireplace

If there’s a place in your home for a modern gas fireplace, you might want to go the gas logs route. To avoid the traditional gas logs look for your fire, you need to get a modern replacement for your gas logs. Fireplace inserts are self-contained, so you can't change the logs. Once you've chosen at the time you install, you cannot replace the logs with a modern alternative.

As long as you have a vented gas fireplace system, you have many options open to you. Some choices: fyre glass, glass gems, geometric shapes, fireball spheres. And there are other modern gas logs replacement options.

So long as your fireplace is set up for vented gas logs, you can replace the logs with modern alternatives. This gives your fire a unique look - something not everyone has. You may need to replace the burner, also. Especially if you’d like to go with fyre glass or glass gems, you’ll need a pan burner for the gas to burn through. You can’t effectively use the rack type of burner designed for gas logs.


Traditional Gas Logs

For some people, when they say modern gas fireplace, they still mean a traditional-looking fire. But they mean wooden looking logs, just with the convenience and cleanliness of gas. Of course, we have plenty of that. Look under our Gas Logs section to find a myriad of choices to fit those needs.

Burners for traditional gas logs look like racks for burning traditional firewood. I talked about my favorite burner, the Peterson G46, not long ago. The G46 gas logs burner is, of course, available in both a natural gas type and a propane type.

It is pretty great to have a clean burning fire, started by remote, for which you never have to haul firewood.

But, if that’s not what you mean…


Modern Gas Fireplace Alternatives

All the above remain true for the following options. These choices retain the simple beauty of remote operation, clean burning, and never needing to haul firewood. But they also have the benefit of a non-traditional look. These are things you don’t see every day.


Modern Gas Logs Fireplace Alternatives


Glass Fires

A lot of people like glass fires for their modern alternative to gas logs. They look great! I have one friend that got a white sharp glass that looks like ice - so she has fire coming from what looks like ice. It’s a fantastic effect. But the fire glass comes in many colors to match whatever mood or interior decorating style you want.


Geometric Shapes

Others like the geometric shapes. Whether you enjoy Egyptian Revival or Euclidian Geometry, there are options to make your fire different from anybody else’s. The shapes come in a lovely orange terra cotta color, ivory (close to white) or slate, which is dark. They can stand out or blend in to your fireplace walls as you please.


Fireball Spheres

Not long ago, fireball spheres became all the rage. Some people like them because they look like cannonballs from a pirate ship. Others like the pleasing smooth ball shape. It’s so unexpected sitting there with fire going around it. Out of place, but perfect at the same time. I have to admit, they look pretty neat to me.


River Rocks

Some people like river rocks. They’re like the fireball spheres because they have a satisfying smooth shape. Very soothing. They look like something you’d see on the floor of a lake or the shore of a river, but there they are in your fire. It’s a very cool option.


Coal Grate

I find some customers enjoy our coal grate system. It looks very traditional, like something straight out of an old mining town. Railroad and train enthusiasts like the coal look, too. It's a great contrast as this is a very clean-burning gas or propane system. It behaves completely different than it looks. This is a neat looking fire for your place.


Pan Burners

Most of these modern gas fireplace look alternatives use a pan burner, rather than a rack burner. This allows the flame to rise around whatever is on top of it. In this way, the flames appear to come through whatever material you choose. My colleague Felix did a piece about these alternatives and the burner that works with them.


So if you’re looking for fire place inserts (natural gas or a propane fireplace insert), go with the D1-30. If you’re unsure if Peterson’s D1-30 works with your fire place, give me a call and I’ll help you figure that out.

And if you’re looking for a modern gas fireplace, I can help with that, too. I'm very familiar with the many alternatives to the traditional gas logs look. I am, of course, also an expert on all the gas logs we sell. So if you have any questions, I’m here to help answer them. I know the right questions to ask to make sure you don’t have any trouble once you receive your upgrade. I’m Terry, and I’m available over the phone at 800-201-1193, extension 134.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!


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