As the weather turns cold this winter, a crackling fire in the fireplace can warm even the most chilled of bones. This critical element of a home gets a lot of use, which is why many homeowners invest in fireplace glass doors to enhance the style and optimize function. Easily customizable, from material to finish and even monogramming, fireplace doors come in a variety of choices to suit any design taste.

Fireplace Glass Door Options for Any Home

1. Wrought Iron

For a rustic complement to a stone fireplace, wrought iron doors are an excellent option. When rock material is involved, there are a particular means of installing glass doors within it. The doors are sized to fit inside the opening, then the gap between the frame and the stone is filled with mortar. What results is a clean and secure install of the door that suits the rugged façade of this material.

Stone Fireplace with Wrought Iron glass doors 1

Bifold Doors with Mini Crown Molding Outside Trim

2. Solid Brass

Interior designers consider solid brass the epitome of high-end materials, particularly for fireplace glass doors. Not only does solid brass outlast plated steel finishes, but it also has a look of elegance you cannot get from other metals. Beyond traditional polished or antique brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, bronze or even 24k gold plating or a gold leaf covering finishes produce a richer, more jewellike tone to the solid brass in your living space. These options are particular favorites for homeowners with antique fireplaces; solid brass plays perfectly to the traditional feel it brings to their home.

Stone Fireplace with Solid Brass DoorsMilwaukee Forge Armada in Natural Iron With Plain Bifold Doors


3. Mesh Curtains With a  Custom Frame Screen

Glass doesn’t have to be the only option homeowners can choose to have a stylish and safe fireplace. Simple mesh curtains offer excellent spark protection, while a custom frame screen can add an essential design element to structure this living room centerpiece. Homeowners that opt for this piece love the look of their fireplace both inside and out and want a decorative cover that can highlight its best features.

Fireplace with custom frame screen and mesh curtains

Custom Frame Screen with Half Oval Casting in Pewter Finish


4. Modern Lines

With modern design, the lavish or intricate offerings of previously mentioned glass doors won’t work with the clean lines and monochrome aesthetic of the space. For the more mid-century inspired living room, flush, modern glass doors do the trick. The look often imitates a flat-screen TV mounted above the fireplace, effectively disappearing when not in use, while a mesh screen behind the doors can protect the room from the flame while it’s burning.

Modern Fireplace Design

Odyssey Fireplace Glass Door in Rustic Black


5. Outdoor Durability

With an outdoor fireplace, it’s essential to consider how various weather conditions will affect its use. If a double-sided fireplace overlooks a lake, for example, there will be a fairly steady draft that will make lighting a fire very cumbersome. Sturdy aluminum or stainless-steel framed fireplace glass doors will resolve this issue by blocking the wind to protect the flame.

Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Blacksmith Outdoor Fireplace Door in Rustic Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel


6. Vents With Style

Heat circulating fireplaces will have vents on the opening of them to allow the hot air to flow through the room. While functional, they’re often a bit of an eyesore. A fireplace door can resolve this design flaw by covering the vents with a decorative cover. As a result, the vents can continue to circulate heat while the fireplace itself has a bit of a facelift.

Stone Fireplace with Functional Decorative Vent

Legend ZC Deluxe Fireplace Glass Doors Shown In Forged Iron


If you’re in the market for fireplace glass doors, our team at Hansen Wholesale will find the best option for your home. Give us dimensions, photos, and a vision for your fireplace, and we can render multiple choices on the images provided, so you have a visual understanding of the final product. For more information and to get started with your fireplace door project today, give us a call at (800) 201-1193.